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R, M.
R, T
Rabey, George
Rabren, Kieth
ralph, frank
Ramsey, Phil
Ramsey, Ronald
ramsey, mike
Randall, Lee
Randolph, George
Randolph, George
Ransome-Const., Sammy & Connie
Ratcliffe, John
Ray, Donny
Rayfield, Jerry & Lori
Rayfield, Michelle & Tommy
Reader, Cajun
Reaves, Jonathan
Reaves, David
reed, chris
Reeves, John
Reid, Lacson
Renae, McCullough
Reynolds, Dawn
Reynolds, Fred
reynolds, bo
rice, jeff
Richard, Lisa
Richardson, Paige
Richmond, Rod
Ricky Barnes, Jeremy Barnes/
Rigsby, Ronny
Rinehart, Larry
Rines, Jeremy
rivers, diane
Roach, Joel
Roberts, Wanda
Roberts, Connie
Robinson, David
Robinson, William
Robinson, Jeff & Pam
Robinson, Brian
Robuck, Ken
Rodeheaver, Zane
Rodriguez, Silvia
Roe, Tony
Rogers, Jason
Rogers, Ned
Rogers, Mike
Rollo, Elaine
Rosenthal, Harry
Ross, Melvin & Melissa
rouf, andy
Royston, Thomas
Rozelle, Jr., Houston S.
Rucks, Andrew
rudd, dawn
Runyan, William
Rush, Mimi
Rushing, Lewis
Russell, Lavonn
Russell, William
Ryals, Rob, Brenda, Shawn & Shannon
Ryals, Brenda
Rybarczyk, Alfred

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