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MISSING SINCE 10/31/08 - MISS MILLIE THE BLOODHOUND- June 2008 - By: Lakes Online Member (SALESREP)

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11/13/2008 8:49:16 PM
I received a phone call saying that some kids saw Millie off of Castaway Road. The Dad said when the kids got off the school bus the previous afternoon they saw her and she ran down a trail behind the mini-storage buildings right there on the road. This doesn't make much sense because Millie LOVES kids and I find it hard to believe that she would have run away from them and not towards them.

Also, I received an email today from a person named Eliseo Valdez saying that they'd seen the MISSING MILLIE page and they not only knew here whereabouts but they had her in their custody. Said that if I would have to email them a description of how Millie looks and behaves to identify her if I wanted to have any "FORDER CONTACTION" with them so please bear with them during the identification process.

Unfortunately, I'm beginning to believe it's a hoax as I emailed her and asked them to PLEASE call me so I could describe Millie and I haven't heard one more thing...not to mention it was a yahoo email address that was traced back to a wireless internet connection from either an aircard or cell phone.

If anyone knows of a Eliseo Valdez or has seen Millie....please call me and let me know she's ok.....334-320-5781...

11/13/2008 10:29:49 PM
*BLOODHOUND STILL NOT HOME! - parker creek nascar
Im really sorry that someone did that to you if it was a hoax, that is just cruel. I work for Blue Creek Marina but my physical location is at Parker Creek Marina. I have to go by BCM every morning before I go to PCM. I am keeping my eyes open for Millie and I have some customers in that area who is doing the same. We all hope Millie comes home safe. Keep your hopes up.
11/13/2008 10:51:03 PM
Thank you. That really does mean alot. Strangers all over the country are searching for Millie at shelters, bloodhound rescues, flea markets, etc. It's amazing that sometimes a stranger can understand your pain better than those around you.

Her picture is in the LOST & FOUND section of the Bulletin Board this week so say a prayer.....

Thank you again for continuing to help bring Millie home.
11/14/2008 7:50:17 AM
*Why not email them description - Catherine
Worst case scenario, they try to get a finder's fee from you. Don't pay it until you are holding the dog.

While I agree that for the most part, people are horrible animals, there still are a few decent ones out there. Give them a chance.
11/14/2008 7:52:26 AM
*Why not email them description - SALESREP
Just rec'd the following email:

isaw ur mail thaxs for the mail ur description of millie show u are the owner she is in proper condition and shes eating, i gave her all she needs and take care of her becos i like her soo much and i will not beable to leave her, becos she is a nice girl but shes urs i will bring her back,she get lost so i found her.
pls give me ur adress and ur full details to return millie back.
Eliseo Valdez

Still feeling fishy to me......

11/14/2008 8:06:45 AM
*Why not email them description - Talullahhound
We are still praying for you and Millie to be reunited.

I would be very careful about giving your home address to a stranger. You should offer to meet them in a public place. I agree wiith you that it sounds fishy, but it's always possible that it's someone that is legitimate and just afraid that they will be acused of taking her.
11/14/2008 8:15:36 AM
*Why not email them description - SALESREP
I asked them to take her to Dr. Mitchell's Veterinary Clinic as they could help identify her and/or she could leave her there and that didn't seem to be a good idea...

I agreed to meet them any where they liked but because I live on a rural road, I have no real street address to give them.....

We'll see....
11/14/2008 9:18:10 AM
*I agree with ol blue - Catherine
I think this is going to turn out well for you, but be cautious. Meet them at a public place, and everything will become clear.
11/14/2008 8:12:07 AM
*Why not email them description - mbk
DO NOT give your address or full details. If you decide to follow this to satisfy yourself, meet her at a place you are comfortable - service station, corner store, etc - and safe!!! The person may be "for real" but not proficient in English. The sentence structure appears to be Asian but it could be a total scam. BE CAREFUL.
11/14/2008 8:30:54 AM
*Why not email them description - old blue chair
You know I just can't dare to believe that this won't be on the up and up. I have no idea why the cloak and dagger act but NOBODY can be that cruel as not to have her. If by some chance of sub human activity does happen please make sure we know and I promise that we will find out who was behind it and trust me they won't be happy when we do
11/14/2008 12:28:56 PM
*Word of caution - Webmaster
I want to hope that this is someone trying to help, but my involvement with the internet for 15 years has allowed me to see pretty cruel things. Think for a minute... They can meet you at a public place easier than they can find your residence. If this request escalates into asking for money (to pay for shipping her) then you need to be aware of a common scam. If they are on the up and up and local, there should be no reason for them to hide their identity and avoid contact with you either in person or over the phone. Read the below scenario just to be more informed... This is really a variation of the original Nigerian scam. I do hope for the best outcome for Millie though. Just don't want you to fall victim to something like this. The fact they are not native English speakers make it all the more suspicious. Keep us informed on this.

They’ve Found Your Dog!
Recently, your beloved pet and best friend somehow managed to stray from home. Your dog (cat,
bird or other family pet) has been missing for a few weeks and you’ve put up posters and placed
advertisements seeking anyone who can help you locate your pet. Finally your perseverance has
paid off. Your dog has been found!

It seems that the dog was wandering by the side of a highway and was picked up by a concerned
truck driver. With a tight schedule to keep, the driver hadn’t had time to search for the dog’s
owner and return him right away. So the dog is now with him on the other side of the country just
waiting to come home. The driver describes the dog and provides enough information to be

The driver has offered to ship your pet home via an airline. He seems very caring and concerned.
He isn’t even looking for a reward. All he needs is the money to put the dog on the plane.
Because he is on the road, he suggests that you send the money via a money transfer service.
That way he can stay on schedule, receive the funds wherever he is and get the dog back home
as soon as possible.

You send the money and wait anxiously at the airport. Unfortunately, your dog never arrives. In
fact, the “concerned driver” was a con artist who never actually had the dog. You have been the
victim of the Lost Pet scam.

Lost pet scam
As anyone with a four-legged friend can tell you, it’s difficult when they are lost or injured. The
Lost Pet scam is designed to prey on a consumer’s emotions. Distraught over the loss of a
beloved pet, consumers often post information including the pet’s name, distinguishing marks and
the area in which it was lost. Con artists use this information to convince a consumer that his pet
has been found.

The scam may vary. Sometimes the individual may try to claim any reward offered as well as
expenses to return the pet. He or she may claim that the animal has been injured and that they
need money to pay for veterinary care before the pet can be returned. They may claim that
someone they know has stolen the animal and that they can help you get it back – for a price.
The scammer may call back several times, inventing more and more expenses that must be paid
to retrieve the animal.

As emotional as these situations are, it is important to use caution and common sense when
dealing with anyone demanding money for the return of a pet. Below are a few ideas for avoiding
lost pet scams:

• Ask yourself whether the information used to identify the pet was included in an
advertisement or flyer. If so, use caution before sending funds to a stranger.
• Try to obtain information about the animal that was not posted publicly in order to be certain
that the individual is, in fact, in possession of your pet.
• Contact local law enforcement to determine if other people in the area have been victims of a
lost pet scam.
• Remember, Western Union does not advise using money transfer services to send money to
a stranger or someone whose identity you can’t verify.

Western Union takes the issue of consumer fraud very seriously. We value our consumers and
know that they work hard for their money. When consumers lose by becoming the victim of fraud,

11/14/2008 12:57:16 PM
*Great info, BUT.... - Swimmer27
... how did they post that pic?
11/14/2008 1:14:20 PM
*Great info, BUT.... - Webmaster
That is a new feature I'm working on... Forum photos will be linked to the gallery on this site. I was testing some things last night and found an opportunity to include a photo in this particular post. I've been doing most of the testing on the Alaska sites as to not bother you folks...
11/14/2008 1:19:15 PM
I have searched the humane shelters and they put me in touch with the Bloodhound Rescue and the lost and found division of AKC. They are who suggested i post a missing ad on Dog Detective. I've had a few calls from neighboring states saying a bloodhound had been found or was on their way to the local shelter, etc. but all of the nice people were headed to get a picture of the new incoming or found dog to see if it was Millie. They all called or emailed back to say for whatever reason (whether it was a male or red not black & tan) that it wasn't her.

And I have emailed a description of Millie to them, but it they have seen my ad they know her description...they also know my cell number (which they will not call)...

I'll just have to play this one out....but if my gut is right.....I won't receive another email until tomorrow (ONE PER DAY) and they'll want me to send some monetary amount to a third party escrow company that will hold the money to be sure they don't come all the way to meet me and I not be there or something similar....and when I tell them NO and offer alternatives.....I'll never receive another email from them and they'll move on to the next one.

I wish I weren't so suspicious and I truly hope I get Millie home.....but only time will tell and today is day number 14...
11/15/2008 8:30:10 AM
*We're making this harder... - Catherine
than it is.

I believe the person said they were local?

Ask them to meet you somewhere besides your home. Have them bring the dog. If its Millie, offer them something for their trouble/care, and take Millie home for a good meal.

While I agree you need to be careful, VERY careful, I have a feeling this is legit and you will soon be reunited with Millie.

No Millie, no money. If you stick to that, you'll know the entire truth very soon.
11/15/2008 8:41:03 AM
No more email has been received regarding Millie..... sigh.......
11/15/2008 11:03:18 AM
*HACKERS NEEDED - Kizma Anuice
What is the email address of the person who claims to have the dog. There are often ways to find a person via the email address. If you post it some of the people on this board have such capabilities and don't necessarily want to let such information be known.

I feel certain that someone can find the owner of the email address and the location of the computer from which the email was sent. That could lead to finding Millie or exposing a hoax
11/15/2008 3:27:35 PM
*HACKERS NEEDED - muddauber
You need the header info from the email.
11/16/2008 8:27:01 AM
It's a yahoo email address which, unfortunately, are the most difficult to trace. I've been able to track the IP address but only back to a wireless devide. So it's either come from an email capable cell phone or an aircard in a laptop computer. And honestly, you can get a yahoo email address and never give a real name or address....

They have not emailed me back though....

I still feel like a construction worker has picked her up and taken her back home, wherever that might be. The UPS man had seen her on Castaway Road where some contractors are building a house.....

I've asked but they say they haven't seen any dogs there.......
11/16/2008 8:30:15 AM
Sorry, I failed to include the email address: last email Friday at 5:22am.

Here is some of the backend email string if anyone knows what this means....

Received: from wendy ([]) by
with ESMTP
id <>
for <>; Fri, 14 Nov 2008 06:12:56 -0600
Return-Receipt-To: "WENDYLONDON" <>
To: <>
References: <> <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 06:12:47 -0600
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 11
In-Reply-To: <>
Thread-Index: AclGTTCv9WgAxs1jTVO6G3xrZ1xFDwABNB5A
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.3350
Disposition-Notification-To: "WENDYLONDON" <>
X-Authentication-Info: Submitted using SMTP AUTH LOGIN at from [] using ID WendyLondon at Fri, 14 Nov 2008 06:12:53 -0600

X-Cloudmark-Analysis: v=1.0 c=1 a=KenkbMKS8TgA:10 a=aop6su-uHmEA:10 a=CSg06S9yFOY5Owio6uJtEA==:17 a=lSR-5kQpsO1j12IcVukA:9 a=AJ3t84h0FnNbj_B-UIkA:7 a=TSYUOjdcAlcGhbvR3vWsj__B7LsA:4 a=ery15_9e2DwA:10 a=rC2wZJ5BpNYA:10 a=TlnOPt13aEMA:10 a=gi0PWCVxevcA:10 a=SSmOFEACAAAA:8 a=mQxKMB7TWm1GM97ruB4A:9 a=38Y47uQYrAYvDiGRUs0A:7 a=fH978QJxshoYP_kTvLUGE3wAcHQA:4 a=37WNUvjkh6kA:10

Reporting-MTA: dns;
Arrival-Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 23:36:51 -0600
Received-From-MTA: dns; wendy (
Final-Recipient: RFC822; <>
Action: relayed
Status: 2.1.5
Remote-MTA: dns; (
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 250 recipient <> ok

11/17/2008 7:38:23 PM
*HACKERS NEEDED - Freshwater Bay Girl
The MX in the remote code stands for mexico. I know this from my father-in-laws email address from mexico. It is also a yahoo account.
11/16/2008 12:03:09 PM
Well come on Kizma, you once claimed to have hacked my computer while I was out of town and the computer was sitting here, UNPLUGGED FROM THE WALL!!

I would say that makes you the greatest hacker of all time. Surely you can track one little wireless card to its GPS coordinates with all the info SALESREP gave you.
<sarcasm OFF>

But don't worry, your secret hacker status is safe among freinds here. We won't tell.................
11/16/2008 12:37:04 PM
*HACKERS NEEDED - Kizma Anuice
Is that you WOODY, I don't think so. If you were Woody, you would know that 420 is the real hacker.
11/16/2008 8:11:02 AM
*Why not email them description - Ulysses E. McGill
I hate to say it, but this looks like a hoax email; like others have said, be very careful.
11/16/2008 5:07:41 PM
It is incomprehensible to me that someone would be so cruel to you, but I know it happens.
Any number of things are possible and I have to say that I too have had a very strong feeling that you and Millie are to be reunited. If this is legit and if they are foreigners, they may be afraid to come forward to you because they may be afraid that you will accuse them of stealing the dog and call the police. Or they may have taken the dog, thinking it is a very valuable dog and that there would be a big reward.
I continue to pray and send positive thoughts that you get Millie back. If someone took her, thinking she is a hunting dog, if they have any heart, they will bring her back and release her when they find out she's not trained.
I think the worst thing is not knowing what happened.
11/16/2008 5:19:15 PM
I just want Millie back home so I know she's not cold, hungry or hurt.

She has a brand new toy waiting for her, if I ever get her back....

Guess tomorrow I will try putting an ad with her picture in the Tallassee Tribune, Eclectic Observer, Wetumpka Herald, Alex City Outlook , Dadeville Record and the Auburn-Opelika News along with both of the December issues of the Lake and Lake Martin Magazines.... maybe whoever has her will know that her family is looking for her.

She's good for nothing more than a pet....but because my only son is 18 now....Millie's my baby...she rides in my car, in the boat, sleeps beside my bed....

Surely someone out there has a conscience...

11/16/2008 5:20:55 PM

I just want Millie back home so I know she's not cold, hungry or hurt.

She has a brand new toy waiting for her, if I ever get her back....

Guess tomorrow I will try putting an ad with her picture in the Tallassee Tribune, Eclectic Observer, Wetumpka Herald, Alex City Outlook , Dadeville Record and the Auburn-Opelika News along with both of the December issues of the Lake and Lake Martin Magazines.... maybe whoever has her will know that her family is looking for her.

She's good for nothing more than a pet....but because my only son is 18 now....Millie's my baby...she rides in my car, in the boat, sleeps beside my bed....

Surely someone out there has a conscience...

11/16/2008 8:10:55 PM
My observations based on information you've posted says the person that emailed you is a hoax for the following reasons:
1. The collar had a tag with your contact info.
2. Most people who found a dog wouldn't go to the trouble of looking up lost dogs on the internet if the owner information is on the dog tag.

Good Luck,
11/16/2008 10:51:23 PM
*BLOODHOUND STILL NOT HOME! - parker creek nascar
I am so sorry for your sorrow. There are many people who think that this kind of thing is funny, but people like that do not know the true bond a person has with thier dog. I really hope she comes home, you and Millie are in my thoughts daily
11/17/2008 6:42:01 AM
Would love to be able to see Eliseo Valdez in handcuffs for preying on owners of missing pets!

I'm not that gullible, but some poor older person might be.....How to catch them????

From: eliseo valdez []
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 4:59 AM

hello wendy
i will like to tell u the actual amount u will pay for me getting millie back i spent more than enough on her so i iwill use it to get my own puppy my self not much is just 3000usd to get back millie, pls iwill be waiting for u, mail me back so i can give u the details on how to pay the money,
she needs u more than u do .

eliseo v.

11/17/2008 7:52:30 AM
What a pig.
11/17/2008 8:12:13 AM
Guess it's people like this that make me such a sceptacist!

11/17/2008 9:59:19 AM
People in the States don't usually put "usd" after the amount of money.
11/17/2008 11:25:54 AM
This is almost guaranteed to be someone in a foreign county. I know a person that got taken on eBay for some Sugar Bowl tickets. The request was to wire money to Western Union. After the fact, I asked why would someone with a Great Britain eBay account have Sugar Bowl tickets?

From what I understand, once money is wired into the Western Union network, someone can pick it up anywhere with a basic form of ID as long as it is under $12,000. For example, they say they will pick the money up in New York, but they can go to a Western Union office in Abuja, Nigeria just as well. Unfortunately, that is what makes these scams work.

I would suggest forwarding the email to because they probably have measures that can at least stop this particular email address from preying on other people with lost dogs. I bet that they have a rampant problem with this kind of activity going on. Because of the nature of the Internet, this kind of thing is impossible to police.

U.S. law enforcement doesn't investigate these things at all. They may take a report, but because it is mostly untraceable, they have better things to do.

11/17/2008 7:19:05 PM
*BLOODHOUND SCAMMER WANTS $3k - Freshwater Bay Girl
What a scum. Now this is the kind of service e kid in Tennessee could help with instead of hacking SArah Palin's yahoo account. We'll keep our eyes out. I would suggest a chip when you get her back. She is a bloodhound for goodness sake. There is hope!
11/17/2008 7:58:43 PM
Other than a chip is only effective if they happen to take her in to a vet or shelter ..... most thieves probably wouldn't do that.... Shame they don't make a gps chip!
11/17/2008 8:04:20 PM
*This is what I got - Freshwater Bay Girl
The IP address is listed to 842 Acacia Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 732-7519 I am no professional, but I got the same info twice from two different sites. IP for any of you that can do more with this.
11/17/2008 8:30:05 PM
*This is what I got - SALESREP
YOU GO GIRL! I did a reverse look up of that telephone number and sure shows the following:

Evaristo Valdez ACACIA AVE
SUNNYVALE, CA 94086 408-732-7519

Nancy Valdez ACACIA AVE
SUNNYVALE, CA 94086 408-732-7519

The Elmore County Sheriff's Dept. has the emails....I will forward this to them as well....

THANK YOU ... THANK YOU! It won't help me get Millie back but maybe it'l protect someone who happens to be more trusting that I am!

Thank you again...and keep your ears open - you'd be able to hear Millie before you would see her as she has a very deep bay not a choppy bark...
11/17/2008 8:50:28 PM
*This is what I got - NCSue
When I googled Evaristo Valdez it showed that he is a member of I didn't join, therefore couldn't view his profile.
11/17/2008 9:48:11 PM
*VET - joyrider
My daughter works for the HouseCallVet. I've printed out the picture and the dog detective flyer for them.
They've done a lot of business in the LM area. I'll tell them to keep their eyes and ears open for Millie.

I don't think this Valdez person is kosher, but I hope they find them and nail them for what they are trying to do!

Good Luck in finding your family member!
11/19/2008 7:13:39 AM
Someone called yesterday and said they thought they saw Millie on the road that crosses Hwy 9 at the flashing light in Central. Said she was walking down the side of the road and had her pink harness on but when she tried to stop and get her a car came up behind her and one in the other lane and she couldn't. Said she turned around and came back down the road and then couldn't see the dog. If anyone happens to live in this area - or know someone in this area, please keep your ears open for Millie. You'll surely be able to hear her ARRROOO sound...

I drove up and down the road last night until about 8:30 stopping every few feet and calling her. If it was Millie, she surely would have been inside somewhere by then as it was already down to 35 degrees.

Also, this is todays email from Eliseo Valdez, which unfortunately Law Enforcement is too busy to handle (even though we now have an address and telephone number confirmed for this sorry scum:

hi wendy
how far i sent u a mail telling u to give me the adress of u and informing me to give u the information on how to send the money for cash and u did not reply ,pls send me the addresss and telling me to give u the information on how to send the money to me.
millie miss u so much.
thans x
eliseo v.

11/19/2008 7:46:56 AM
you need to keep in contact with her...string them along. If you can get banking info on THEM, then the police might become interested.

I assume you're talking to the local police where she lives?
11/19/2008 7:51:06 AM
He actually lives in California.... He only wants Western Union wire transfer, which is NOT trackable.....
11/19/2008 8:32:47 AM
I wouldn't waist my time or my emotions on that scum. He is one of millions out there doing the same thing. If he writes again, just ask if he want the money sent to his home in sunnyvale, Ca. because the police wanted to deliver it in person. I guarantee you won't get another e-mail.
Maybe we should all email him a "you scum" letter. If he gets so many, I'm sure it would freak him out.

We'll keep our eyes out for Mille in the meantime. What part of hwy 9 was she spotted? I've said my prayers for her return. : )
11/19/2008 8:41:29 AM
This non-emergency number is 408-730-7180. This is the Sunnyvale Police Department. Number. You can make them aware of the situation. This pig may be working others locally and they will know where it is coming from. These type of people usually work more than one person at a time. It's like those who prey on the elderly.
11/19/2008 1:06:18 PM
Just call them and gave them all the info I had and they said, unfortunately, they cannot do anything unless the Elmore County Sheriff's Dept. calls and instructs them to do so since I live here in Elmore County that would have jurisdiction over the case....blah blah blah.....
11/19/2008 12:52:47 PM
seen twice - across 9 on the cross road at the flashing light in Central about 1/2 mile down on the left shoulder of the road headed back towards Central....and on Hwy 9 about 1/4 North of the caution light near a known dog thief - he drives a red truck with a dog box in the back and I understand he steals dogs & sells them at Collinsville (mostly small expensive lap dogs)....They say the police have caught him 2-3 times but because he's "not all together there" according to the store manager up there, they just let him go....

I'll be headed North towards Collinsville this Saturday.
11/19/2008 8:51:14 AM
*BLOODHOUND STILL NOT HOME! - old blue chair
I have a cousin that lives pretty close to there and just so happens he works in the FBI crime lab. Trying to get in touch with him
11/19/2008 5:42:00 PM
Strange of all the sightings,and no one can catch her.Not sure where you are.but highway 9 sounds like a long way for her to wander to. Just wondering,
11/19/2008 7:38:26 PM
My thoughts too. I honestly feel like if Millie is REALLY seen, someone would have been able to get her....
11/20/2008 12:13:11 AM
I've had a couple of dogs run off. When they get scared, they will run from anyone, sometimes even their owner.
11/20/2008 9:22:44 AM
I don't know about Miss Millie but my bloodhound, Cleo (who's eleven months old), is timid around most people...unless they have a dog with them or a treat in their hand. I hope you find her soon. You and Millie are in my prayers.
11/21/2008 6:12:57 PM
You and Millie are still in my thoughts and prayers. I go out that way often, so I'll continue to look.
Two weeks ago, I was on my way to art class in Wetumpka and I swear I saw a bloodhound on 9 right about where you describe. It was with another dog. As soon as I could, I turned my car around, but by the time I got back there, no dogs.
11/22/2008 8:05:03 AM
The story of my life!

Someone told me they heard there was going to be a "DOG AUCTION" today on Hwy 231 in Wallsboro. There's an old fleamarket type building on the right a couple of miles North of Tutwiler Prison. They have alot of stainless steel restaurant equipment and stuff in the outside fenced in area....

I rode past there last night to see if I could find a sign that said what time the auction would be but they don't have any exterior lighting and it was so dark I couldn't really see...but I didn't see any type of signs.

So if anyone knows....

Also got a call yesterday from a young man lwho was visiting his grandmother up off Hwy 9 in Equality - his bloodhould was taken from his grandmother's front yard...he was only inside less than an hour. Day-z has been gone for 2-months now.....
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