Sand Island

(Island at Lake Martin)

Alternate Name(s): Pine Tree Island









Sand Island is a small island near Willow Point Country Club and is a favorite for people of all ages. Although in recent years the island has been the recipient of weather damage from Hurricane Opal and a couple of tornadoes. During the drought of 2007, the owner, Russell Lands was able to drive equipment to the island to build a rip-rap wall around the banks.

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2/26/2004 3:30:04 PM
*Island camping - June Bug
what are the rules/guidelines re- setting up camp on an island (particularly the sand island near the dam) is it first come or is some type of permission needed
2/26/2004 7:11:18 PM
*Island camping - Lakeman
Firsta comma firsta campa.
2/27/2004 9:11:07 PM
*Island camping - roswellric
None. Just be a good camper and bury your CACA...Please.....
3/30/2006 10:50:22 AM
*For Jawjagal - LifeTime Laker
First off this is not a personal attack, just an attempt to bring another perspective the the recent issue of "big boats". I took the following from a post of yours back in February, the 15th I think, but it is on page 9. I was on one of my frequent breaks from the forum at the time, but went back just to do a little catch up.

"When I hear someone bought at the lake from, let's say, - Montgomery, I am comfortable. When I hear Atlanta, I question. (See my post on Destin....come in, sorta like rape the land, and then move on.....) I like the controlled growth of the lake forefathers....."

Those same "forefathers" are the same ones that are pushing the big boat ban because they have looked at other lakes around Atlanta and seen what uncontrolled "growth" will do the area. The growth ON the water is the same as the growth on the shores, they cant be seperated.

This is not personal. You seem like a very nice lady and I have no problem with you, or any of the others for that matter. I have benifitted more than you can imagine from the "growth" of late, but big boats are built for big water, open water. There were several others in that thread that basically expressed the same opinion as you, but you started the thread, so I focused on your message.

Once again, not personal. There are others that seem to be a little hypicritical on the issue. The control others, but not me crowd. Many of the ones affected by this 'ban' have no stake in this lake other than coming on weekends and using it as a playground. That is fine, but bring appropriate toys. I have personally witnessed a group of 6-8 of guys that pull up to a public ramp, launch their big, loud, expenisive 'cigarette' boats, thunder run the lake all day and then leave. Let them play elsewhere.

I hope to meet some of you guys this summer, but I don't get around to Sand Island that much anymore. I stay closer to home.
3/30/2006 8:38:31 PM
*For Jawjagal - jawjagal
That's Ok; I won't take it personally.

I have been a liscensed real estate agent for, lord, for you Atlanta folks, I hate to admit:
John Wieland.

I can understand the connection you made from individual property ownership to joint ownership of the lake.

I really don't know what to say next. I am a newbie when it comes to property ownership. We are only 5 years old. I don't think I can complain. I am sure, by my buying property on the lake, that I offend folks..."We were here first!." So, who am I to accuse and abuse the big boaters?

So, I was out of line to say that I worry about those who come after me concern me. But those who are ahead of me is something I can count on...I see them in action. It is what is it. I still bought at Lake Martin knowing what I knew. It's those who I don't know what they are going to do, that worry me. Just like I am sure I worried those who came before.

And if history repeats itself, then the Atlanta developers ARE a major concern...yes, they can improve the land. But, are they totally invested (in love) with Lake Martin or do they just want to turn a profit? I promise, my intentions on the lake are genuine, even as a newbie. I hope the same for those who make a living developing...that their intentions are just as pure.
3/31/2006 12:02:40 AM
*For Jawjagal - LifeTime Laker
I think you may have misinterpreted my posts. I am all for development. It has more than doubled my net worth in the last five years, SO BLING IT ON!!

I just think that it is hypocritical to praise the 'forefathers' for the forsight to try to control housing growth, yet bash the same 'forefathers' for trying to control the 'boat population'. I am glad that you and all the others have discovered our jewel. Yes I liked it in the 'old days', but I love it now even more. I just think that some boats are not appropriate for inland lakes, just as not all vehicles are appropriate for all roads. There HAS to be restrictions at some point.

Once again, it is not personal. I think you are a hoot, intellgent, witty (but you cant have wit without the intelligence now can you), a true wordsmith and from what I hear quite the looker also. :-)

Maybe we can meet at Niffers sometime. I will buy you a Nifferita and give you a kiss on the lips, cuz all you Atlanta transplants have made me a nice retirement nest egg. I have never posted this before but all of my siblings and their offspring live in Atlanta. My Mom even packed up at 70 years old and moved over there because I moved down here, and wasn't 20 minutes away from her. I have done a couple of short stints over there myself. Made good money, had LOTS of FUN and left.

Bottom line, I have nothing against you, Atlanta or developers (both foriegn or domestic). :<) JUST BIG GO FAST BOATS!!!

3/31/2006 12:08:10 AM
*And BTW.... - LifeTime Laker
just kiddin about the kiss on the lips. :-)
3/31/2006 10:56:44 AM
*Atlanta and Lake Martin - jawjagal
Well, I, too, have made money from development coming in. My dad was in commercial real estate. You'd think I'd be all for it. And I am to an extent. But I just feel when there is emotional ownership in a place, when a developer lives in the area, then there is an emotional investment and not just 'Wham Bam, Thank you, Ma'm."

The developer of my neighborhood now LIVES here. The way he develops PERSONALLY affects him...and yes, all in the pocketbook, but with his personal address.

There are 18 counties in Georgia that qualified for the fastest growing counties IN THE UNITED STATES in the last year. I don't have the article in front of me, but I think there were at least 2 or 3 in the top 10.

That's almost 20% !!!! Housing, developments, etc. WOW . Can Lake Martin be too far behind?
3/31/2006 10:57:33 AM
*And by the way - jawjagal
About that kiss......
3/31/2006 10:23:47 PM
*And by the way - LifeTime Laker
LOL... and now I must add shameless flirt to your long list of attributes.....;<)
7/24/2006 12:17:17 PM
*Sand Island - 4PAR
I was just wondering if anybody has ever heard any talk of APCO coming in and placing rip rap or something around Sand Island (I like to call it "One Tree Island) to keep it from completely washing away. I have a place over past Veazey's Marina and that island, especially at night, serves as a major navigational aid. It would be a shame for the island to wash away. I remember when it had several trees and a picnic table.

On a sad note, for those of you that knew him, I heard that Mr. Louis Veazey the owner of Veazey's Marina passed away this past week. I've been going to his marina for 30 years so I will really miss seeing him.
7/24/2006 12:54:41 PM
*Sand Island - ot
they should, you kinda think they would have already done that. that island is getting very small! certainly it should be preserved.
7/24/2006 2:43:58 PM
*Sand Island - LifeTime Laker
Back in the mid 80's the corps placed sand bags on the upstream side of Sand Island. It held for a few years but has since washed away. I too have been visiting Sand Island for 30 years or so, and it seems a shame to see it wither away to nothing. It is a MAJOR landmark, and a wonderful playground for families. I haven't been to it in a couple of years, but the last time I was there it was so covered in goose poop you couldn't even step off the boat. It was really depressing. I have picked up TONS of trash left behind by others from there in the past.

Is the sign saying "Property of Sand Island Yacht and Country Club" still up in the tree?
7/24/2006 2:51:32 PM
*Sand Island - 4PAR
It seems like there is a sign in the tree but I'm not sure. I haven't actually stopped there in 3 or 4 years but I pass by it several times every weekend and there are always people there playing. There was 8 or 10 people there yesterday afternoon.
I have talked to a friend of mine about possibly putting some type of solar light up in the tree for navigational purposes.
If the island ever completely disappears you can bet there will be quite a few unfamiliar boaters grounded there.
7/24/2006 7:55:42 PM
*Sand Island - F1Fan
I'm lost - can you tell me a little more specifically where this is?
7/24/2006 8:47:47 PM
*Sand Island - longtimelaker
It is between Willow Point and Kowaliga. Most lake maps show where it is.
8/2/2006 10:46:12 AM
*Corection of earlier post - LifeTime Laker
A while back I posted that Sand Island had been shored up by the Corps of Engineers back in the 80's. In this month's Lake Martin Living there is a story on the history of Sand Island. Very informative and interesting read, but it turns out is was not the Corps but private citizens that completed the task. They did use army surplus sand bags and I was told on the island that summer that the corps did it. I knew no better at the time and it seemed plausible to me. I think a lot of folks made the same assumption I did back then. Anyway I just wanted to set the record straight. Sorry to have passed on eronious info. Actually I am surprised some of the other 'Old Timers' hadn't already called me on it, since it seems that it was quite a public event at the time, but I was young and didn't get to the lake as much then.

And BTW- It was the most interesting thing I have read in LML since BAJ left them. But maybe I just have such fond memories of the Island that it was nice to learn more it's history. You will also learn that even in the 50's the winter draw down was still 30 feet!!
8/2/2006 10:53:16 AM
*Corection of earlier post - Feb
Thanks LifeTimer. I look forward to reading the article. I also love to hear about and read the history of the Lake.
8/2/2006 10:59:00 AM
*agreed - typoaa
That was a great article. Even more so because the young lady that wrote it is college age if I am not mistaken. Excellent writer and great subject matter. I hope she continues the series. The Gorees have been on the lake a long long time - before the lake or boating was cool. LM Living needs to keep her around.
8/2/2006 11:03:51 AM
*Corection of earlier post - 4PAR
I look forward to reading the article. I guess since you didn't mention it, there was nothing mentioned about any plans to shore up the island.
The shape it is in now it would be tough for a bunch of concerned folks like us to do much good. I sure wish APCO would get involved.
8/2/2006 11:50:50 AM
*Took a good look - PC Al
After reading the article in LM Living, I rode up there on Sea Doo, where I could get close and ride completely around it. It is sad. Somebody better do something this winter or it will be too late. One picnic table left, but one leg of it is down and in the edge of the water. That lone pine is a good marker at night coming back from Sinclair's. Would hate to see it gone.
8/2/2006 6:13:39 PM
*Corection of earlier post - longtimer
I'll have to pick that up; I'd quit reading it because it became nothing more than a whole lot of ads surrounding very few articles, most of which did not interest me.

You had to know that Lame Martin Living (Oops! That was a typo, but I think I'll leave it the way I wrote it!) was in trouble when they started repeating articles from past years. They get away with it by saying that it has something to do with it being their 20th Anniversary; thing is, they didn't start publishing until 1987, so it's NOT their 20th Anniversary. But they never were much for details or accuracy.
8/2/2006 6:19:34 PM
*Corection of earlier post - JIM
Great information in this publication.
8/2/2006 6:32:47 PM
*Corection of earlier post - LifeTime Laker
You are so right longtimer. The only redeeming quality for years was "Growing UP", but after seeing what they did to Bailey I have NO REGARD for them whatsoever. I usually pick it up anyway, it makes decent toilet fodder for a day or two. But this article is worth the read. It is all I have checked out so far, just came out out yesterday and I tend to be pretty regular with the daily

Years ago here on the forum the subject of LML came up. Somebody was claiming to have a collection of EVERY issue and wondered did anybody want to buy them. I responded "why would somebody pay you for something that was given away free, and was OVERPRICED at that".
8/2/2006 7:21:43 PM
*Corection of earlier post - JIM
Yeah, I bought the book "Growing Up", It`s not even a decent toilet folder. Most anybody can write about growing up.
8/3/2006 1:53:31 AM
*Corection of earlier post - longtimer
So YOU do it. Or are you not anybody... a nobody.

By the way, you need to be more consistent; it was easy to find this post from you about his book: "As for BAJ, purchased his book, good reading."
8/3/2006 2:02:28 AM
*Corection of earlier post - longtimer
I went out and got the new LML; that was a good article about Sand Island. There were a couple of errors, but like I said, LML never was a fan of accuracy. (The two errors I caught: the big drought was in 1986, and Hurricane Opal was in 1995. Considering the author's age, forgivable; considering the publication, to be expected.)

The rest of the mag was what I expected-- ad after ad after ad, with plenty of sucking up to Little Ben between the ads. Worst of all was that "Stewards of the Land" tripe; you can tell they were reacting to some of their critics (can you say And as usual, logic played no part in the article; they try to convince you that a "park" with "gazebos, firepits and benches" is somehow MORE natural than land without those things.

Stupid, stupid people.
7/10/2007 1:28:03 PM
*Issue for HOBO's - LifeTime Laker
Can the HOBO's pull together to try to save Sand Island? I realize this is not so important to some, especially on the east side of the lake, but it is a LANDMARK that should be saved. I live on the east side now but grew on the 'other side'. As I stated, 3 generations of my family have used it as a gathering spot since the 70's. I don't get over there very often now, but it is depressing to see its current state. It is without a doubt the best sandbar on the lake.

There was thread on this subject last year in regards to the last effort back in the 80's. I thought it was the CORPS that had done it, but found out it was just concerned lake dwellers. They used Army sandbags at that time. Even that would be better than just watching it slip into the waves to be gone forever, since it can not be reclaimed per the license agreement. I would show up to fill sand bags if that is what it came down too. Someone has put rip rap around Cemetery Island. Could that be an option for Sand Island? I realize that the two islands hold a different significance, but it just seems a shame to let one disappear.

I would join the HOBO just to get behind this issue.
7/10/2007 2:28:18 PM
*Issue for HOBO's - Kizma Anuice
I thought Kenneth Boone and Fred Dobbs had a plan to do this?
7/10/2007 2:47:01 PM
*Issue for HOBO's - PC Al
Who are Kenneth Boone and Fred Dobbs? I too would like to contribute to this cause. As I stated a couple of days ago, it would be a shame to let Sand Island disappear. I rode up there last week on the Sea Doo, where you can get up close, and it will about be gone with the waves of the next full pool. There are ruminants of one picnic table left and that is about it. For years, anyone leaving the old Cecil’s (now Sinclairs) at night needed Sand Island to navigate by. It will be a landmark missed.
7/10/2007 3:09:38 PM
*Issue for HOBO's - Kizma Anuice
Kenneth Boone owns many newspapers and his family owns even more.
Including all of the papers in Tallapoosa County.

Fred Dobbs owns Darwin Dobbs GM dealership in Alex City. His father or grand father is the person that provided the concrete "wooden Indian" that Hank wrote the song about. I believe that the Indian came from the Pontiac Dealership in Sylacauga.

Fred is the oldest teenager on lake martin. If he is involved, Ben R is probably also involved.

Any of these three guys have more of what it takes to get the job done $$$$ than all of the posters put together
7/10/2007 2:41:52 PM
*Save Sand Island - Maverick
LTL - I found this last night when doing some research on Sand Island. I to think the HOBOs should join forces with LAKE Magazine, APCO, Russell Lands and Mr Dobbs and others in a concerted effort to save a cherished landmark of Lake Martin.

While the HOBOs right now do not have the financial resources to support such an undertaking, we sure can supply some labor and make phones calls. Is that not what it is all about fostering long term relations for the preservation of the lake and this would be a great project to foster relationships with other potential HOBO members, other lake organizations and businesses.


Boats zoom by. Waves constantly beat its shore. And as a result, one of Lake Martin’s most recognizable landmarks, Sand Island, is quickly sinking. We think that’s a shame and we want to do something about it. LAKE Magazine has teamed up with Russell Lands and Alabama Power Co. to help save Sand Island. We’re in the planning stages, but we’ve already enlisted a number of companies to help. The plan is to build a seawall around the island, which will take some creative effort (like hauling tons of materials out there). We’ll need materials, labor and funding. If you’re interested in helping, please give us a call at (256) 234-4281 x24.

7/10/2007 3:44:27 PM
*Thanks Mav - LifeTime Laker
Count me in!! About all I can do at this time is labor, but I will GLADLY help with that anyway I can, whether it be phone calls or filling sand bags. I may can even get some contact names, numbers at APCO if you guys run into a beauracratic brick wall. But I know that APCO is always ready to help out in matters that can garnish good PR while helping the community. I am glad to hear that the 'big guns' are on board to help out. They are about the only ones with deep enough pockets to accomplish the task.

I agree that for the HOBO's to be associated with this effort will only mean good things for the organiztion. Now your job is make sure that the HOBOs get top
7/11/2007 12:48:12 PM
*Issue for HOBO's - 4PAR
I will also be glad to provide labor. My pockets are about as shallow as the sleugh my cabin is in, but I can probably get together several people to help. I have been coming to that side of the lake since I was old enough to swim probably around '69 or '70 and I would hate to see that island disappear. I call it "one tree island" but I know the official name is Sand Island. I'd have a hard time making it back to the cabin at night if that island was gone. After I get past Kowliga I use the island and the flashing light at Veazey's to get back.
7/12/2007 8:55:56 PM
*Issue for HOBO's - AC KT
So the question is, what is needed and where do we start? Who is in charge? I have signed up for the mission several times and never been contacted.
7/10/2007 4:15:19 PM
*Its a sad commentary - Carnac
Just two days ago Maverick posted a message about the annual Lake Martin Clean up taking place on Saturday from 8:00 - noon. There were no responses to his post but plenty of responses to other posts including saving Sand Island.

That is a worthy goal and will take a heck of a lot more time, money, and effort than participating on Saturday. How about WE ALL DO BOTH.
7/10/2007 4:31:25 PM
*Its a sad commentary - LifeTime Laker
I clean the lake EVERY time I go out on it. I participated one year way back, but was very disappointed in what went on. I thought we were gathering to clean the lake but instead were sent up and down county roads to pick up trash. Maybe that was the idea and I just misunderstood, but it left me with a not so warm and fuzzy feeling. I haven't participated since then, not in the organized clean up anyway. Like I have said many times, I clean up continuously.

I am sure it is a worthy effort, but I choose to clean up in my own way.
7/10/2007 4:37:20 PM
*Exactly. - MythBuster
For some of us, EVERY day is Lake Martin Clean-up Day.

Not that I think it's a bad idea to set aside special days for such a thing; obviously, LMC-UD is needed.
7/11/2007 1:21:29 PM
*and not just in and around - RidgeRider
but we get a lot of trash on roads leading to the Lake house. What's really sad commentary is that there are people who are so trashy they just dispose of trash in this manner. I pick up a lot of trash, but perhaps another item for HOBO's is whether APCO does anything to help with the problem. I know the lake is too large for them to take on full responsibility, but would like to see more visibilty to the issue
7/11/2007 2:02:17 PM
*and not just in and around - BigFoot
I usually find one or two bags of trash thrown out along or just off CR 34 after a big holiday. There is usually contact information in the bags..yes I have sifted thru the oogie mess just to be able to call them and give them a choice of returning to the lake and retrieve their garbage or have it turned over for enforcement of the $500 penalty.....they almost always claim it fell out of their vehicle somehow....needless to say they don't like me.....don't care, they're scumbags....usually wealthy scumbags.....
7/11/2007 3:18:14 PM
*Litter - Tallyman
It is a shame but a lot of the roads, as well as the lake, are littered badly. I do my part by retrieving some of it. We don't have many folks throwing their crap out of the window in Tallahassee.

(I still like the lake best!)
7/11/2007 3:31:36 PM
*Litter - Feb
You also probably do not see all the advertising and personal crap nailed to trees and every available pole on the public right of ways in Tallahassee or any other city or town. Most have laws which will prosecute you for such a crime.

I guess I would rather face a Court of Law than have to confront Big Foot on less than friendly terms.
7/11/2007 4:24:44 PM
*Litter - BigFoot
...funny, bark is much worse than my bite...BTW, was a pleasure to meet you and your wife after the last HOBO meeting..glad you were able to be here for that one...hope your house is coming along the way you want it..........
7/11/2007 4:44:38 PM
*Litter - Feb
Thank you BigFoot. It was also our pleasure to meet you. You are a gentle giant, and I want you on my side since I think Lakeman is going to get pretty angry when I out fish him. LOL
7/11/2007 3:33:30 PM
*feel about the same - RidgeRider
it's a pretty low life that throws their tash along the roads, the lake, etc. Makes me sick and at times, angry.
7/10/2007 4:51:42 PM
*Its a sad commentary - boataholic
With the lake down, I've been able to wade out and pull up all sorts of crap out of the lake that I wouldn't bother with in the cold of the winter. Everybody should take advantage of the low water to do a clean up.
7/10/2007 7:30:22 PM
*Its a sad commentary - mckaygmc
I dont live on the lake but my wife and i cary an extra trash bag with us when we go out on the weekends to pick up any floating debris we find.

I intend on being there saturday
7/10/2007 7:43:07 PM
*Thanks, see you there. - Osms
7/24/2007 9:43:06 PM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - Freshwater Bay Girl
7/24/2007 9:48:00 PM
Somewhere that is centrally located on the lake would be nice, how about one of the marinas? You could also post some pictures of it in viewer submitted pictures?
7/24/2007 10:00:53 PM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - Freshwater Bay Girl
7/24/2007 10:10:27 PM
Try this link, the user submitted photos is on the top right.

7/24/2007 10:52:32 PM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - Freshwater Bay Girl
7/24/2007 11:02:45 PM
7/24/2007 10:19:35 PM
I don't think we have to worry about Sand Island any time soon.
7/25/2007 9:24:07 AM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - estreetfan2
Save it from what?
7/25/2007 8:46:02 PM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - Freshwater Bay Girl
erosion. It is down to the one tree and the sandy beach. They are trying to get it preserves with a seawall of some sort from what I understand. I just do art for different charities around the lake.
erosion seems to be the problem with a few of these small islands. Like graveyard for example.
7/25/2007 10:14:17 PM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - Ulysses E. McGill
If we can get permission for a sea wall, I will be glad to help, although that may take away from the sand island we know. The answer may be a temporary sea wall (5-10 years) that allows more vegetation to be planted and to take root. Ideas welcome.
7/26/2007 9:09:34 AM
*SAVE SAND ISLAND - Freshwater Bay Girl
I was in Florida a few weeks ago and saw where they did erosion reinfourcement by placing the bags of quitcrete in layers to keep from loosing what was there.I. Has anyone checked with Alabama Power concerning what they would and would not allow. I thought there had been some decisions made, it was just about the funding. That is what prompted me to create the art as a fundraiser.
I felt the concrete bags layered could be place to stop the erosion around the base of the existing tree area. Rain whould cause them to setup. They were placed in the bag directly on the ground. Many of my neighbors said they would be glad to make some kind of event out of it and famlies bring the bags of concrete and place them around the remaining tree area. It would be alot easier than barges and loads of riprap I thought. So many people with a little effort could make something happen.
I have been creating some stain glass art that can be illuminated.I'm doing a piece for a cemetary in Alexander City that needs to be marked. I wanted to do one for graveyard Island next. They also help with night navigation. One of my crafty neighbors has been helping with the wood construction for the frame supports.
I too am open for suggestions.
7/25/2007 8:55:14 PM
*save SAND ISLAND-art - Freshwater Bay Girl
Thanks DC for the info on the picture site, but it didn't upload over night. I listed a picture of the art under the classified misc.
7/25/2007 10:38:10 PM
You want me to hold auction on my site? Just a thought.....
7/26/2007 3:42:26 AM
*save SAND ISLAND-art - DJ
Great, I went and looked at the picture, nice fish, what does something like that bring? Oh ya, who is DC? Or I guess for that matter who is DJ?
I wonder if since this is a charity thingy for the "lake" if the web guy might create a special forum for this event and let us do our bidding there, if not CAT'S idea is great, he has a pretty cool web site, we could even get him to throw in a free ride in his Bad-A$$ boat to the winner, what about it CAT?
7/26/2007 8:47:36 AM
Who's gonna drive?
7/26/2007 3:57:51 PM
*save SAND ISLAND-art - DJ
I guess you would send an email to the forum manager and ask if he would do this and if so then send him the pictures. I'd like to say I'd drive the boat CAT but I won’t be able to drive anything after 08-10 for at least three month according to my Doctor, it will take that long for my arm to heal after he splits it open from the elbow to nearly the wrist. I bet anyone would, but only a few could drive a boat that fast. Guess that leaves you, but would you really let anyone else drive it, I know I wouldn’t.
7/26/2007 9:14:43 AM
*save SAND ISLAND-art - Freshwater Bay Girl
Sorry I meant DJ. That sounds great. Let me know where to send the pictures to. Does anyone know who's in charge of the event on Saturday. I would like to call and get approval to have the art there. I know Greg would allow it @ Chuck's. I haven't been there in a few weeks and did not know what the water situation was there. Anyone know?
7/26/2007 9:17:19 AM
*save SAND ISLAND-art - Freshwater Bay Girl
The last one for the library @ Chucks brought $150. I've had a few go up to $250. It really depends on the exposure and where peoples hearts and wallets are. It's usually a tax deduciton donation for charity and the art is just the freeby.
8/21/2007 12:35:21 PM
*shark - flathead
has anyone heard about the bull shark spotted by sand island on Sun.??
8/21/2007 1:05:19 PM
*shark - BDGRIFF
Someone has been smoking some good sh!!!t.
8/21/2007 1:46:01 PM
*shark - CAT BOAT
That was just a rumor. It was a fresh water Hammerhead shark. At best it was only 4' long or so. They are no threat to humans that I know of.
8/21/2007 2:12:53 PM
*shark - BDGRIFF
Are you guys going to share what you been smoking. Puff Puff Pass!
8/21/2007 2:14:47 PM
*shark - ShoeFly
people, people people, everybody knows that the last shark sighting in Martin was in 2001. I am sure it was one of the dolphins or humpback whales that were released last year. <shaking head> whew!!!

8/21/2007 2:21:58 PM
*shark - BDGRIFF
Please share I want some.
8/21/2007 3:43:38 PM
It was at least 6 feet and had a full grown deer in it's mouth.....I heard it was trying to disguise itself as a gator.
8/21/2007 4:36:47 PM
My understanding is that it ran a brand new searay aground near blue creek and then got out and started asking for directions to some good barbeque restraunts. It was last seen going toward alex city looking for a working boat ramp. I'll keep you posted.
8/21/2007 5:32:15 PM
*shark - Maverick
So somebody finally located my 6 foot long remote control bull shark I lost last year?

Would you please return it.
8/21/2007 8:19:41 PM
*shark - mckaygmc
I saw ran up the bank and knocked a squirel in the water.. then a very big large mouth bass ate the squirel ...then the shark and bass high fived each other. when they noticed i was watching they flipped me off and disapeared in the
8/21/2007 10:52:23 PM
*shark-taxes - pontoon
Last I heard, it came from Destin FL
The Taxes ran that city into rampant vacancy -

It's looking for the people who want to raise your taxes

Knock Knock ....Land Shark

Pontoon out.......................
8/21/2007 8:48:40 PM
*shark - bug
I heard it ran a SeaRay 290 up onto an island! OOoohhh, scary!
8/22/2007 3:10:47 PM
*shark - ALSCN
That was just PP scuba diving...:0)
9/26/2007 11:30:01 PM

10/27/2007 8:18:12 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - mckaygmc
Rode around checked out some Islands found some old bottles and took some great pictures. I will soon send them to bruce to post.

Sand Island is now Sand Hill. LOL
10/27/2007 8:50:33 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - BoatsRFun
It was a very nice day, eat at Sinclairs, walked around on ground not walked on in a few years to say the least, saw febs house from a of Islands I have not seen before in places you would never imagine...yall go out if you have a chance, you will learn alot!!!!!Anchor Bay was shallow going passed the wet slips, about 4' , gas docks are grounded about half way down....can you say sure is... and I said it alot careful out there...peace
10/27/2007 8:56:20 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - Feb
I am half way down Boats R Fun. I will arrive tomorrow. PC AL sent me pictures from last weekend. Thanks to both of you.
10/27/2007 9:03:08 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - BoatsRFun
CG took lots of pics of your place from the water, feb, as close as we could get anyway... I'm sure he will e-mail them to ya..still a beautiful lake home I might add.
10/27/2007 9:23:11 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - Feb
I guess it is now considered water view vs. water access. We are looking forward to walking the shore lines.

Good chance to relocate the mine field. LOL
10/27/2007 9:33:58 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - mckaygmc
Watch out that you don't sink up to your knees in
10/27/2007 9:59:57 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - Feb
Yeah, Get up to my knees in mud and then fall on my face. LOL

Sounds like all of you had a wonderful day.
10/27/2007 9:50:41 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - BoatsRFun
Feb, we were headin up the slew and it got to 5' deep and I told CG lets turn around, them land mines could be soon upon got real close but he never hit one....we both got out of the lake without bent props....peace
10/27/2007 10:04:55 PM
*Excellent Day on the Water - Feb
CG is a brave soul, or did he have some liguid courage?
10/29/2007 12:07:52 AM
*Excellent Day on the Water - PC Al
Water depth is reason I went to FEB's house on Sea Doo. I was able to go on up to a depth of less than two feet. Did stir up some mud though. For those up that way, I still can not believe how deep it is in the Bolton Cove area. Could not even see the bottom. But, there still is no sign of any house construction that you can see from the water.
10/28/2007 3:43:13 AM
*Excellent Day on the Water - Steveacan
Know anyone that can take a couple guys fishing on Watts Bar on the 15th of November? Email
10/28/2007 11:09:17 AM
*Excellent Day on the Water - mckaygmc
I am sure there was maybe a little liquid courage
12/13/2007 9:10:23 PM
*Saving Sand Island Today - PC Al
Report just in. My neighbor who hunts on the land near Sand Island reported that Russell was in there today with big equipment (trackhoe, dump trucks, etc.) and installing rip-rap around the island. I was hoping they would go farther out and build the island back up some, but he said they were just rip-rapping what is left at this time. Great news. Thank you Russell Lands.
12/13/2007 9:13:02 PM
*Saving Sand Island Today - rude evin
Good news, thanks for the post>>>>>>>>>>>>
12/13/2007 11:20:18 PM
*amen! thanks! - John C
12/14/2007 11:17:37 AM
*amen! thanks! - Nutin Bitein
Thats Great!!!! Where are they putting the rip rap? Is it out some?? Or just around the part that shows at full pool?
12/14/2007 11:33:56 AM
*amen! thanks! - PC Al
According to my neighbor, they are just saving what is there now. I was hoping they would go out some and backfill to build the island back up some, but apparently not. He did not see the finished product though.
12/15/2007 11:09:36 PM
*Video - Repairs to Sand Island - John C
FYI - I shot a video of the repairs that Russell Lands made to Sand Island. I posted it on Youtube, link below. I approached it on the land bridge from the west. As the video begins, when I pan left, that's north - Willow Point, and panning right, is south, towards Kowaliga Marina.

Major kudos to RL for funding and making much needed repairs.

Thanks also to those in the forum that broke the news to me that it was being repaired!

12/16/2007 10:46:29 AM
*Video - Repairs to Sand Island - lakngulf
Thanks for the video John C. My wife and I checked it out yesterday. As we approached the island we noticed Mr Majestic ( Bald Eagle) sitting on the lone pine tree admiring the work. He flew over to the nearby island and found another perch. What a beautiful creature. And a good job by RL. They spent some extra time to get the table top to rest on some of the rip rap in the center of ths island.
12/21/2007 11:13:35 AM
*Mav to son, revised.... - CAT BOAT
OSMS went up to his Maverick and asked him, "MAV, what is the difference between 'potentially' and 'realistically'?

Maverick thought for a moment, then answered, OSMS,"Go ask Babygirl if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars. Then ask ALSCN if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars, and then ask 8hcp
if he'd sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars. Come back and tell me what you learn from that."

So OSMS went to Babygirl and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?"

Babygirl replied, "Of course I would! We could really use that money to to donate to HOBO's and help fill our Lake back up!"

OSMS then went to ALSCN and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?"

ALSCN replied, "Oh my God! I LOVE Brad Pitt almost as much as I do PP.! I would sleep with him in a heartbeat, are you nuts?!"

OSMS then went to 8 and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?"

"Of course," 8hcp replied. "Do you know how much a million bucks would buy?" "We could re-build sand island with that money, and have money left".

OSMS pondered the answers for a few days and then went back to MAV. MAV asked him, "OSMS Did you find out the difference between potentially and realistically?"

OSMS replied, "Yes. Potentially, you and I are playing with members in the chatroom with three million dollars, but realistically, we're having fun there with two hookers and a homo."

12/21/2007 11:45:24 AM
*Mav to son, revised.... - Lakeman
12/21/2007 12:12:50 PM
*Mav to son, revised.... - BoatsRFun
LMAO, that has got to win a award for something....Maybe the "I'm in Big Trouble Award"
12/21/2007 3:27:06 PM
*Mav to son, revised.... - farmboy
Last time I heard that joke I kicked a slat out of my baby bed. Old joke new award!
12/21/2007 6:27:11 PM
*That is OLD AS THE HILLS!!!! - Maverick
I told you not to take your heart medicine at the same time as the viagra.

See what happened your viagra went to the wrong muscle as usual. And you blew another heart gasket.

Then when you blew the heart gasket, you had a major brain fart and posted what you thought was a good one.

Now everyone knows EXACTLY why DD is willing to spend the cool million to sleep with Brad - So the truth has been TOLD !!!!!! It is called Erectile Dysfunction CAT so give up on the Viagra before you blow another gasket.

And don't post a rebuttal under DD's name as everyone will know it is really not her. But really just CAT tagain rying to justify his manhood to all the forum readers.

12/21/2007 8:34:03 PM
*Whatever MAV>>> - CAT BOAT
I am not done yet. As they say in "Days of Thunder" movie.... "He's going down Harry". But, it will now say... "Mav's going down Jessie". "LTL pick up the pieces". And CAT says, "I'll be back".
12/27/2007 9:19:10 AM
*Mav to son, revised.... - ALSCN
Nice One Cat !
1/23/2008 9:55:18 PM
*Thousand Islands - SeaRayMan
Have any of you heard of the Thousand Islands on the Saint Lawrence River? Simply Beautiful!! Have a look....

1/23/2008 10:16:35 PM
*Thousand Islands - itisd
Been there, done that- We spent a day at Alexandria Bay NY in June. Took the cruise, visited Bolt Castle and Singer Castle.

While there are some mansions there, there is a lot of older smaller homes than Lake Martin- I thought while cruising and viewing how Lake Martin is growing with multi million dollar houses.

There are a lot of homes on the islands there. power cables under the lake to the islands.
7/17/2008 5:06:28 PM
*Vapor lock ??? - Nutin Bitein
After hours of fun tubing we stopped at Sand Island for a break, stayed about 1 hour and left I got about 100 yards away and the boat stalled. I could not get it to restart. Two families of 4 sitting a boat with no power !! Two nice ladies tubing their kids around stopped and towed us to Kowliga. Kevin, Mickey and two others went through the engine said it was vapor lock and that I needed to cool the engine before turning off after running it hard. Is this common? I never had it happen before. What can I do in the future? Thanks to the Ladies for the tow and Kevin, Mickey and crew they all did a great job getting us back to having fun.
7/17/2008 5:40:53 PM
*Vapor lock ??? - JIM
Vaper lock is when the fuel vaporizes before it gets to the carburator or Injectors on a EFI. Years ago on the drag cars we use to put cloths pins on the fuel lines to absord the heat and ice on the intake manifold and fuel line. The best thing to do is reroute the fuel line away from any heat source such as exhaust manifolds or pipes if it is a IO.
7/24/2008 3:33:11 PM
*Vapor lock ??? - Hunting231
Jim is correct on the cause.

If your boat has ventilation fans - run them at all times, even while running down the lake and thinking that you are getting enough air into the compartment. This should provide some cooling for the engine compartment and will probably eliminate the vapor lock problem as well as any " dieseling" problems when the ignition is shut-off.
7/17/2008 9:36:18 PM
*Vapor lock ??? - bama dave
Give us more details, year, engine, etc. Is this the first time it's happened? How long since a major tune-up?
7/18/2008 10:28:38 AM
*Vapor lock ??? - Nutin Bitein
2003 5.0 volvo GL (carburated) First time it has happens regular tuneups. The enngine was running hot from tubing around 195-200. Could ethanol it gas do this?
7/24/2008 2:57:30 PM
*Vapor lock ??? - LakeLover
Anyone know any details about this??



7/24/2008 9:57:14 PM
*Be careful... - CAT BOAT
I did not read that entire article. But what I read is real. It is something we are fighting everyday here. Put good fuel, 93 octane in your boat. We have done MANY engine failures this summer. Valve failures, detonation, etc. Read the sticker on the pump, for the % of ethonol in the fuel. It may be ok for lower HP engines, but it is killing the big ones. And, it is hurting the smaller ones that run at WOT for extended periods for skiing etc. My .02 worth.
7/27/2008 7:29:10 AM
*Be careful... - F1Fan
" is hurting the smaller ones that run at WOT for extended periods for skiing etc"

Clearly, these people have excellent justification to just get more boat!!!
6/16/2009 7:19:23 PM
*missing tube - Mr.Jenkins
Sand island area. Lost monday nite. Red and yellow flames and checker board stripes. Says 180 plus riot. 8 year old very upset. Thanks
5/10/2010 2:33:11 PM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - John C
Please forgive me for mentioning a listing here, but several of you in the past have asked (me or in general) the question, "What's the deal with Eagle Point?" Up to now, I wasn't able to answer fully. Since this affects so many people on the western side of the lake, I thought I would post a quick reply here:

I am pleased to finally be able to respond. The official answer now is - it is "Water's Edge" - a new waterfront development.

For those of you unfamiliar with the former Eagle's Point - it was a development started circa 2006 at the end of Coosa County Road 20. It is approximately across the water from Veazey's Marina and most of it looks southeast for a couple of miles to Sand Island.

The developers on the original Eagle Point scraped off the hill, put in a street and utilities, etc., and built 1 spec house. The other homes were originally slated to sell at about $900,000. They also started a couple foundations by pouring 2 slabs. The market then went sour, and, as the sum of many other circumstances, the bank took the entire project back.

The bank then went back to the drawing board, so to speak, to analyze what they have and what to do next. The essential questions to answer were:

1. how to turn what has been an eyesore (undeveloped red dirt) into a beautiful development
2. how to take something that (some neighbors argued) didn't fit into the "natural lake" feel of that area - and change it from a spec home feel to a neighborly feel
3. how to get away from the McMansion attitude back to the cabin attitude
4. how to build and sell a community, not in the $900ks, but closer to the entry point or meat of the waterfront home market in the $500ks.

Naturally these challenges were framed to a great degree by playing the cards you've been dealt. But it's my sincere hope to be part of an effort to present a waterfront community that the entire Coosa County / Parker Creek / Oakachoy / Big Kowaliga area can be proud to call a neighbor.

5/10/2010 3:33:11 PM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - Talullahhound
Those lots really do have a million dollar view. Was any thought given to making the lots a little bigger? The houses are a good size for weekend living, but I thought they seemed a little tight for full time living.

One other question -- I know that they have shared utilities. How does that work with only 3 houses currently built?
5/10/2010 4:25:22 PM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - lakngulf
I agree that the view is spectacular!! Maybe some of the best on the lake. We "toured" the current homes under construction. From an amateurs' perspective they seem well built, and pretty good use of the space (straight up). One home has a HUGE attic room (the taller one) which would make it very useful for a lot of folks. Without that room the other one is about 3 bedrooms, but both have a very nice kitchen/great room.

There's a lot of structure besides the homes, seems to be well built, but will demand care. At one point there were some huge tanks behind the hill. I assumed these were septic that would require pumping system. Also, what are the plans for docks. Will each home have the right to build a pier? And what about building restrictions? Close to water? Who has to abide by the rules?
5/11/2010 6:59:33 AM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - Samdog
At my age, late 50's, I would not want to look at a future of hiking up and down that hill!
5/11/2010 10:56:24 PM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - boataholic
Looks like an improvement over the original plans. Not perfect, but glad to see something good happening. Bolton Cove needs to watch closely and adjust accordingly.
5/12/2010 12:36:04 AM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - John C
Hey, thanks for the interesting responses!

@ tallulah - agreed, they are targeted for vacation homes. Utilities: all are separately metered, and the septic is in a private septic community system (a la the ridge) so there are no shared utilities. Lot lines - that dice was cast 3 years ago, the other developer put in all of the infrastructure. Unless they wanted to dig up all of that, they had to pretty much stick with what is there. Otherwise you would end up with like 4 big lots and the price tag would be huge on each.

@lakngulf- the neighborhood private septic system is across the street. We feel like all homes will require care, obviously, but without a yard to cut, and the neighborhood fees paying for any landscape maintenance, we feel like work time will be minimal, fun time maximum! Pier - the homes on the first phase are planned to have a deeded slip in 1 of 2 floating docks. So your walk will be minimal. We looked at it six ways from Sunday, and while in a perfect world the best option is to have 1 pier per home, given the lot lines we felt like it would "junk up" the view from the homes, the view from the water, and upkeep on the owners would be outrageous given the big water, waves, and traffic. Rules - like any neighborhood, only those who buy in it have to abide by the rules. In this case the rules will be pretty normal covenants and restrictions. Again, the goal here is to keep it as cabin like as possible, old school lake martin if you will - to the extent that we can given what was there before.

@samdog- we hope you have to hike only as long as you want! See the comment above, a deeded boatslip would only be a few steps away. Going down the hill to the current dock is temporary only. Inside the home, you do have stairs to take you down. Also, each home is designed with an elevator shaft in case a buyer would opt to have one put in. Elevators are actually pretty cost effective and widespread on the lake. At our family cabin, we have what I consider to be a gentle slope and we have 3 times the steps to get to our dock. I admit, on Lake Martin there is (generally speaking) a trade off - you have to take a steep lot to get a big view. We have a big view, and (let me be frank) would love to have a flat lot at Water's Edge but hopefully the site improvements, home designs, and price will mitigate the walk enough to make it make sense for some folks. Beyond that, if it takes me throwing in my golf cart to make a sale, well...... :)

Thanks to everyone for your comments!! This is great stuff. It is a huge help to be able to gauge the community reaction, and fitting in to the area and being a good neighbor we think will be a key to success here. So I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks folks!

5/14/2010 7:14:41 PM
*Eagle's Point is now Water's Edge - widgethater
Not to be confused with "The Waters Edge" located within Still Waters
6/21/2010 12:26:22 PM
*Hawaiian Burgers for 4th of July-Great Recipe - bhamanx
• Onion Rolls • Ground Chuck (80% lean) • Cajun dry mix or Emeril’s mix • Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce • Slice of fresh pineapple • Thousand Island Dressing • Duke’s mayonnaise • Pepper Jack Cheese Make patty, sprinkle with dry mix. Sprinkle teriyaki sauce on burger just before it is done. Sprinkle sauce on pineapple (can do this in a pan on the stove) and cook pineapple. Place cheese on burger, then top with the pineapple. Place burger on Thousand Island side of bread. Top with mayonnaised onion roll slice….serve immediately
6/29/2010 7:48:08 PM
*Hawaiian Burgers for 4th of July-Great Recipe - BamaKat
Tried tonight, minus the mayo & on sesame bun. It's a keeper. Thanks for sharing
7/23/2010 12:43:44 AM
*Enter for FREE Weekend @ Waterfront home on LM - John C
It's finally here!! The promo many of you saw me hint about on facebook:


See my link below.  Go to my blog, click on the form's link, fill it out completely, and that's it, but to enter, you MUST fill out the form (name, email, phone #).

The free weekend is August 5 - 9.  You must enter by 10 PM central on July 28.  I draw the winner on July 29.

The home is a cool 3 bed 2 bath cabin out on the end of Coosa 20, on the north west side of the lake near Parker / Oakachoy Creek.

This promotion event is to create celebrate the impending completion of the homes at Lots 1 and 2 at Water's Edge.   Many of you may be familiar with the old Eagle's Point development that sputtered and stopped.  Water's Edge is a ground up, total re-think of the development.  The homes were custom designed for the site, are built like LAKE homes, and have a view that stretches for miles to Sand Island and Governor's Island.  Map it out.  That's a long way.

I would love for one of our forum members to win, so please help me spread the word!



7/23/2010 9:35:16 AM
*Enter for FREE Weekend @ Waterfront home on LM - TotheLake
Good luck!  I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses!  I was going to register but we would only be about 4 doors down from the house at our lake house.  Beautiful area!!  We love this area better than where we were before.  We are anxious to see the future development of Water's Edge.
7/25/2010 2:47:21 PM
*thanks! - John C
we have had a good response, though I must say there is still a good chance to win (if anyone is thinking about entering).  I think that many people need to realize that the cutoff is this Wednesday, and the free weekend is next week, so don't wait!

Thanks for the kind words about Water's Edge.  The homes are almost complete and I am really excited about the way the design and feel have come through.  They're both 3 bed 3 bath homes but the architect has planned little cool additions so you would be able to sleep lots of folks!  I showed them on Friday and the buyers said - we can tell why you call it water's edge!

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