Wind Creek State Park

(Park near Lake Martin)






4325 Alabama Hwy 128
Alexander City, AL 35010






188 meters


Wind Creek State Park spans 1,445 acres along the shores of scenic Lake Martin, a 41,000-acre clear-water reservoir perfect for fishing, swimming and boating. Wind Creek  boasts the largest state-operated campground in the United States with 626 sites.  One hundred eighty-seven sites are waterfront,  allowing for fishing, swimming, and boating. Other facilities include a marina, camp store, fishing pier, hiking trails, playground and picnic areas with tables, grills and shelters. There are bath houses throughout the campgrounds, and facilities for laundry.  Seven camping cabins are now open to the public.

Entrance Fees:

Adults ages 12 to 61- $5.00 per person
Kids 6 to 11- $2.00 per person
Senior 62 and older- $2.00 per person
Boat Launch- $5.00

Passes are good one year from date of purchase.

Day Use Park Hours:  7 a.m. until sundown.

Reservations:  For campground or cabin reservations please call 1-256-329-0845 or 1-800-ALA-PARK  Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. til 4 p.m. (No on-line reservations at this time.) 

Note: Campground reservations are not site specific.  For further information please call above numbers.

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Member Comments…

4/5/2004 9:04:39 PM
*Easter Sunrise Services - 2thelake
Is anyone aware of any Easter sunrise services on the lake? I'm aware of the Church in the Pines service at Children's Harbor from 9-9:30am but would love to attend a sunrise on the water. Does Wind Creek have one?

Thanks so much and have a beautiful Spring and a Blessed Easter!
4/6/2004 8:45:18 AM
*Easter Sunrise Services - bn
Lake Martin Amphitheater has a sunrise service at 6:00 a.m. Their website is

4/6/2004 3:30:24 PM
*Easter Sunrise Services - roswellric
Worshipping the Pagan Goddess Ishtar eh? :-)
4/6/2004 7:57:08 PM
*Easter Sunrise Services - JIM
If he was entomded on Friday and rose on the 3rd day, it would be Monday. But I guess the preachers did not want to work on Sunday and Monday. And what does a Bunny Rabbit and Eggs have to do with it.?. And wear easter clothes to worship. when Blue Jeans and a T-shirt that you wore to Col. Tom`s ,or the Redeo Club the night before would serve the same purpose. Kid`s get sick when they eat the eggs from the hunt that has been in the sun for 2 or 3 Hrs., especiality when they put them on top of the candy the Easter Bunny brought. I do not think this was the intent ,except to build up the stock in retail stores.
4/6/2004 8:06:19 PM
*Easter Sunrise Services - BigFoot
...well I'll be derned, Jim, I am mostly in agreement with you on this post...what's the world coming to???
4/7/2004 8:45:07 AM
*Easter Sunrise Services - Lake 9
Easter is such an awsome time. I like to read through the four gospel accounts each year. I find it difficult to comprehend that Jesus would make that kind of horrific sacrifice for me and all of you. I wish I could watch the sun rise over Lake Martin Easter morning and marvel at God's perfect creation.
4/7/2004 10:08:17 AM
*Amen! - FLee
I share your sentiments, neighbor!
4/7/2004 10:35:38 AM
*no sunrise service - 2thelake
I noticed the service at the ampitheatre has been cancelled due to construction. Thanks anyway. Anyone aware of any others??
4/9/2004 12:40:29 PM
*Easter Sunrise Services - Paladin
Amen, too!
4/6/2004 10:36:04 PM
*Easter Sunrise Services - roswellric
Well... since it created some interest...

The last supper was the Seder, the passover meal. Passover is the 15th day of Nissan - 15 days after the vernal equinox. not the 3rd or so Sunday after...

The word Easter is mentioned only once - in Acts - and if you translate it from any concordance (Hebrew scriptures) it will translate "Passover". Look up Easter in any old Webster's Collegiate dictionary. It will surprise did me.

Easter is a pagan holiday merged with the Christian observance of the crucifixion...presumeably to get a bigger attendance. It was about pagan rites of spring -reproduction - bunnies! and myth - the egg.

Oh yeah, Jim is correct. add up the days, Good Friday is not the right day -but very convenient!


7/6/2004 12:42:15 AM
Thank God it's over....

There were 2 injuries that I know of for the weekend. One at the rock and one boating accident. I am amazed and thankful that there weren't more. The DA quotient seemed unusually high this year. Can someone tell me why folks:

*pass 10 ft. away making as big a wake as possible and think that's OK
*don't see a need for nav. lights....all of them
*think it's OK for their underage kid to drive because "it's just right here where I can see them"
*come to the fireworks show in a boat....the first time they are on the lake at night...without a map or a clue
*Question after the fireworks from a boat near the DSC. "Can you tell me how to get back to Wind Creek?" Answer..."Follow those boats I'm sure at least one of them are going back there."

I could go on but I better stop.

BTW it is illegal to ride the lake with docking lights. As the poster said usually you can see better without them. They create such a glare and are blinding to other boats. Yes they allow people to see you but that's all they can see because of the glare. We do stop boats for that and typically write warnings. However it is not possible to safely stop boats for that after the fireworks show. I'm not endangering myself or somebody else just for docking lights.

Thanks to the folks who assisted at the accident scenes. It was greatly appreciated.

Happy 6th of July.

7/6/2004 5:42:13 AM
*TGIO - Lakeman
Boatman are you reading? What else don't you know?
7/6/2004 9:20:26 PM
*TGIO - boatman
Thanks for your personal concern. I am glad to know for sure, because many folks say things that aren't necessarily true and you don't know what to believe sometimes. Glad to get the real story from a reliable source. I've learned a lot during my many years and very proud to say I'm still learning. I hope others are too!
7/7/2004 6:48:40 AM
*TGIO - Lakeman
Boatman just kidding you. I learned when I got stopped. Then I found and read the rules. Be safe and happy boating. Peace.
7/6/2004 8:00:23 AM
*TGIO - stratman
Hi Marine Police!!

Just wanted to say thanks for all that you guys do out there!!

I know you guys are understaffed and especially on July 4th, have got to have your hands absolutely full.

There are some crazy boaters out there, but just like the Highway Patrol, you can't get them all.

I still don't understand why, after the fireworks are over, most ALL the boaters just fly out of the Big Water! That never ceases to amaze me.

One of the craziest things I've seen out there was a couple of guys out there in a 14 foot Jon boat with about a 10hp motor on it. I don't know how they made it back when the fireworks were over.

Anyway....we appreciate you guys!!

7/6/2004 10:09:32 AM
*TGIO - greycove
Appreciate your contributions to the Forum. And thanks for helping all of us get home safely Sunday night. Having police boats with lights flashing off the sailing club was very helpful. It gives us a good target leaving the fireworks.

One issue is that I always have to search very carefully for the buoy off the club dock. Wonder if we could get it lighted? Also, can you pass between this buoy and the dock or are there obstructions?

Thought this was one of the safest exits I have ever had from the fireworks. Always a few who apparently have a plane to catch.
7/6/2004 10:14:54 AM
*TGIO - stratman
I tell you what would be nice!

When you're coming from the Big Water heading towards the what I call....The Narrows....To have a light on each side of those points of land would be really nice.

It would give you something to aim for at night.

Of course....that's just my opinion....: )

Stratman.....: )
7/6/2004 9:22:26 PM
*TGIO - boatman
That would take all the fun out it and then anybody could do it???
7/6/2004 10:49:55 AM
The guys that do the buoy work for LMRA would be the ones to talk to about lighting that buoy. I seem to remember them telling me they were working toward lighting them all....but I could be wrong. For those that may not know...LMRA buys, places, maintains the hazard markers on the lake.

At full pool you can pass between the buoy and the pier. As is the case with many of the buoys it becomes a hazard when the water goes down.
7/6/2004 12:19:55 PM
What Gary isn't telling you is that he and MP Powell are certified EMT's and this weekend they once again were able to give primary care to an injured boater until the ambulance arrived some 1 hour later. People think that they only go out & write inappropriate tickets.

I'm at the marina 6 days a week year round and see a lot of things, but I've never seen a ticket given to anyone not desrving of one IMHO.
7/6/2004 12:52:22 PM
*TGIO - JustAGuy
Can you give us any details on the injury at the rock? Was it someone jumping?

You always hear stories of people getting hurt there, but it is a friend of a friend whose cousin knew a guy who was there when it happened.

I just wonder what REALLY happened.

3/13/2005 5:25:24 PM
*1st timer - fishease
My father in law and I will be fishing Lake Martin for the first time in the next week or two. We have traditionally fished in Tennessee for bass with soft plastics and crankbaits. We will be staying at Wind Creek State Park. Is there any advice you can offer to a first timer to this lake? Should we stay pretty close to the park? Should we work with plastics/crainkbaits/spinners/jigs? We would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give to provide us with a memorable trip. Thank You..
3/14/2005 10:41:42 PM
*1st timer - bassmann1
hey 1st timer,
hope i got to ya in time and hope i can help around wind creek is good..if you got a map..go up in elkahatchee creek too(its close by) should love it...i would stick to the white crank baits and spinner baits if the weathers rite...dont know i your aware or not but martin has a good population of spotted bass..i would try fineseing green plastics on rocky points(c-rig)..spots should be getting ready to spawn but last week bass were still in the 20-30 feet range....hope it helps..let us know how it goes..good luck.....bassmann1.
3/31/2005 12:04:36 PM
*1st timer - Clemson
Lake Martin is a great lake for spots. It can be a hard lake for the first time angler. I use june bug green or and soft plastic with a green tint. The lake has several good areas that hold good fish, one area I like is located around the sail boat club and up in blue creek their is some awsume fishing. Last sping I fished one area around the sail boat club and was limited out by lunch. Dont get me wrong this does not happen as offten as I would like! I fish a carolina rig, just use the dead ringer or the small lizard and keep it in the water and hang on! Good luck

3/13/2005 9:45:01 PM
*Bald Eagles -North End of Lake - FunAndSun
Saw two mature bald eagles this weekend flying above Elkahatchee Creek near Wind Creek State Park. I have seen the eagle nest near the dam, but did not know there were others in the northern portion of the lake. Does anyone know where their nest is? The family enjoys seeing the nest and eaglets down by the dam, but that is a long run in a boat. Any help where the other nest(s) are would be appreciated.
3/14/2005 8:21:02 AM
*Bald Eagles -North End of Lake - G&S
The eagle nest is located in a small cove just before the entrance the Dare Power Park. You can look for boats going into this cove or ask anyone in the area.
3/14/2005 9:08:49 AM
*Bald Eagles -North End of Lake - TIVO
Eagles also have a very large circle that they travel don't they?
9/28/2005 6:14:37 PM
*Barge/Bridge near Wind Creek? - retiredfisher
Does anyone know about the barge and 50-60 ft long "bridge-looking" metal frame near the Wind Creek Park area? The barge is semi-floating northeast of the Wind Creek Park bridge and the huge metal frame is sitting on land. They're real close to the public boat ramp that is between the Wind Creek Park bridge and Hwy 280. They've been there since late August. I'm wondering if they'll use them to make repairs to the bridge?
9/28/2005 6:34:11 PM
*Barge/Bridge near Wind Creek? - 4Golf
I believe that this is the water-intake apparatus which was a part of some type of pumping station (that used to be located in the Manoy Creek area). Why it was moved to its present location is beyond me.
11/7/2005 11:05:29 PM
*Why Wind Creek? - Buck
Recently my family and I camped at Wind Creek State Park where we have camped for ten years. We live in Huntsville Alabama and drive three hours simply because there is not another place like Wind Creek. The camp sites there are clean and orderly and the staff there keeps everything under control. Kids frequently ride their bikes and run freely which is safe because the officers there have no tolerance for people breaking laws. UNTIL NOW..... Last weekend my family and I went there to spend a peaceful weekend to winterize the campler and to just get away. I was surprized what I found. The campground was full of FEMA trailers which half were empty. Others were occupied by refugees. I was quickly told by a regular camper there that I should keep my doors locked at night because there are drug rings, prostitutes walking the streets and four convicted felons living there. It was very obvious that things had changed. I am thankful that we are taking care of those in need; however, why would we allow these people to destroy a State Park. There is plenty of land where we could have setup temporary campers, run water and power to them and not destroy an icon like Wind Creek. Again, I am proud of our Country for taking care of the needy....just don't understand the situation. In the interim I am looking for another place to keep my camper closer to Huntsville....maybe inside the fence at the County Jail because it is safer than Wind Creek.
11/8/2005 7:38:26 AM
*Why Wind Creek? - CAT BOAT
That is a sad post.
11/8/2005 8:47:24 AM
*Why Wind Creek? - Osms
Interesting fact heard on WWL (New Orleans) last week. There hasn't been a murder in New Orleans in the past two months----wonder why!!
11/8/2005 9:18:07 PM
*Why Wind Creek? - Fulltime Parttimer
I recognize this situation. Here in the Katrina ravaged area, there are quite a few trailer cities popping up. Exactly the situation you have described prevails in these FEMA sponsored sites. People who end up in these places are those who do not own property to park a FEMA trailer on. While I am sure there are a lot of good people who have been forced into this situation, unforturnately the bad element prevails.

I have wondered how long it will be before neighboring states, which have been so generous to the refugees, will tire of having this type of behavior thrown in their faces. So sad.
11/9/2005 9:00:12 AM
*Why Wind Creek? - Toni
I believe Gov. Riley offered all the AL State Parks that could accommodate trailers to FEMA for temporary housing.
11/9/2005 9:30:48 AM
*Why Wind Creek? - Carnac
The damage caused by Hurricane Katrina forced many to abondon their homes. That is a personally catastrophic situation for them. By comparison it is a minor inconvenience to some that their little world, the Alabama's parks, are now populated by the victims of the storm.

The temporary shelters and present occupants of Wind Creek State Park represent a microcosm of our society. I've met most of the evacuees that now live there and the vast majority are good (and very thankful) people. There is a small bad element just as there is in our larger society. Law enforcement officials and the employees of the park have done a wonderful job in responding to and minimizing trouble.

Suck it up and find another spot for your camping experience. You'll be welcomed when you return to enjoy your favorite campground.
11/9/2005 5:10:50 PM
*Why Wind Creek? - bassbuster
You need to get over it and quit judging folks.
11/9/2005 5:12:02 PM
*Hey! - roswellric
Look at it this way....we could be French!
11/9/2005 7:26:21 PM
*Hey!Send some to Aruba - Earl Pitts
They might like it down there
12/19/2005 1:15:35 PM
*New Years Eve Fireworks - jnrz
I have been coming up to the lake now fron ft walton beach, fl. for about 6 years, we stay at the maxwell afb camp. Well we just purchased an RV to store at wind creek, and were wondering if there are any firework shows for the new year. I am looking foward to becomeng a "part time" rsident at the lake....salt water gets old quick.!
12/21/2005 10:41:45 AM
*New Years Eve Fireworks - greycove
Not that I am aware of. July 4th, yes!
3/16/2006 8:58:16 PM
*Revised legislation... - LifeTime Laker
According to today's "Outlook" Senator Ted Little was quoted as saying that he thinks a compromise will be reached on the 'big boat' issue. This compromise wil include some 'grandfathering' and exclusions for certain houseboats.

But IMHO, you can bet that some type of bill will be passed that limits the size of boats on inland lakes, as it should be. Alabama has been at the forefront of states that are starting to consider the implications of traffic on the waterways i.e. boating dirvers licenses. I like the BB and bowling ball analogy from below, well here is another one..... I wonder if the 'big boaters' would like if I roared up and down the street in front of their home in a Monster Truck that was designed and built for truck shows throwing a 30 foot flame, blasitng a couple of hundred decibals (sp?) and crushing anything that happened to be on the street. Or how about Carnival Cruise lines putting a few of their 300 footers in and cruising between Kowliga bridge and Wind Creek?
3/16/2006 9:14:13 PM
*Revised legislation... - BoatsRFun
BLING IT ON, I LOVE IT, as long as it is before 9 PM!!!! sorry cat for usin your boat name, but i could not help it, there are always RULES OF THE ROAD!!!!!
3/16/2006 9:16:42 PM
*Old information - CAT BOAT
Oldtimer, I think that is old information. I read a couple of items faxed to me from the Floor today. The first was revised to 26' and manufacturer rated at 60mph, with some grandfather issues also. The second was quite different, and involved sewage issues and reckless vessel operation. But session is out until monday week. 26' seems awful small, but I guess we'll see.
3/16/2006 9:22:56 PM
*Old information - BoatsRFun
Catboat, you know i had to make fun of that post, i cant help myself
3/16/2006 9:32:43 PM
*Old information - CAT BOAT
I see, you just can't help it. LOL
3/16/2006 10:02:15 PM
*Old information - lakebound
If the Legislature can't resolve the 'Tallapoosa Water Basin' issue, we may not have to worry about what size boat anyone has.
3/22/2006 7:28:19 PM
*Revised legislation... - str8tup
that would be awesome !!! i live in 'Trillium when you get done well get in my 38 foot boat and blast down the lake ,Maybe you can drive ?
3/22/2006 8:42:50 PM
*Revised legislation... - Lakeman
Is that " well " or " we'll "?
3/23/2006 9:16:15 PM
*Revised legislation... - str8tup
my apology , its we'll did not know there was a test
4/3/2006 10:13:42 AM
*New Member here - jnrz
Hello all, I have been coming up to lake martin for about 5 years. We usually stay at the Maxwell site on the east side of the lake. I used to own a 16ft larson, but have now upgraded to a "small" powerboat, i will still be able to come to the lake after the new ban takes effect...Which personally i hope it doesn't. I have alot of friends down here who have larger powerboats who like the lake as well. Here is destin/ft walton beach. Anyway, i will be bringing an RV up to wind creek on the 14th of april and leaving it all summer, so I am looking foward to meeting all you. Longneck Island sounds like fun. I have a couple of boys and a wife, oh and 2 little dogs. Cya all in a couple of weeks......
4/3/2006 5:01:01 PM
*New Member here - jawjagal
See you soon at LNI and welcome. Eventually you will be initiated. You'll write an opinion and then WHAM!!!! Where did that foul post come from? But, if it helps, we have been initiated.

They hide behind the computer at night, and don't come out to play in the light.
4/3/2006 5:12:19 PM
*New Member here - PikeSki
JNRZ, Welcome aboard. I too am a relatively new member (august) and you will be tried by fire. You will find out what I mean on your first typo (example Dick instead of Dock, etc.) As Jawjagal said . . . WHAM ! ! ! !

I might offer some friendly advice to limit the beatings:

1. Cat Boat is not a Blonde but does encourage them to attend all Lake Martin Forum outings. (Especially in the summer for some reason).

2. Full Timer is a full timer. He can be a bit grissly at times . . . but a nice guy regardless.

3. Feb is a trickster. You have to watch out for this one. He has some classics.

4. The rest you will figure out when the pounding starts but don't let them scare you off .

Most of the folks on this forum have a few things in common. All can be oppinionated, but they all love to have a good time on Lake Martin !
4/3/2006 6:16:40 PM
*I Feel Left Out Here - Maverick
Hell Pike I did not even receive an Honorable Mention. I feel left out.

Guess I have been to easy on you lately.

You find Longneck Island on Saturday??
4/3/2006 6:23:40 PM
*I Feel Left Out Here - Feb
Thats because he found out you are "lil beaver" is disguise or is it better stated in feminine attire.
4/3/2006 6:52:09 PM
*feb - aka l"il beaver "on Chat - Maverick
OK Feb - guess I have to re-aim my next bullet in your direction.

Actually I heard lil beaver was actually from Virgina - at least per her or should I say his IP address the she/it was logged in from somewhere in VA.

Lets see who do I know that lives in VA -- OH I KNOW FEB !!!!
4/4/2006 9:35:06 AM
*I Feel Left Out Here - PikeSki

I didn't get to the house until Saturday at 1:30pm. I had some chores to do in my crawl space and my ski's weren't de-winterized yet.

I did de-winterize them on Sunday and fired em up. Sounded so beutifull. Almost brought a tear to my eye. I didn't put them in the water yet but the next time I come over you can bet I'll be hunting you all down. Wait a minute, whats that I see in my cooler in the front of the boat . . . OH NO . . . it's a water balloon! ! ! ! ! !

4/4/2006 9:38:15 AM
*I Feel Left Out Here - PikeSki

How could I have forgotten our old friend Feb. Now feb is also sometimes known as the chameleon. He sometimes "changes" his name on the forum to trip you up. You got to watch out for him. One way to easily track him though is to look for the spelling mistakes. He'll try to get you but in the end. . . he's a big ol squishy teddy bear.
4/4/2006 11:17:34 AM
*I Feel Left Out Here - Feb
PikeSki, You just hit on one of my major pet peeves and a major nerve.. I never change handles without fulling revealing it to the entire Forum.

My first handle on the Forum was lamar which is my first name. I changed that after everyone told me you should never use your real name on a Forum (that was years ago), and I really got tired of seeing my name on the Fourm both positively and negatively. I then changed it to max and announced that change to the entire Forum.

Someone stole my handle when we had to register on the Forum. Registration was one of the things others and I campaigned long and hard for on the Forum. I just did not get their soon enough with the rule change. I did identify myself on the Fourm as now feb and the former max that was assumed by someone else as a joke.

I do not and will not have a secret identity. Lakeman, the former lakebum, Cat, Maverick, noagenda, and many other know who I am. You and anyone else are free to email me through the Forum, and you will freely find out who I am. I own property on Lake Martin, and I hope to continue the friends I have and make as many more as possible.

Bottom Line: I am satisfied with who I am, I am not a mystery, I Love the Lake, and I am a property owner and a major contributor to this fun Forum. So email me if you have any doubts.
4/3/2006 10:21:10 AM
*house boats and big boats - HOTROD
the problem with bigboats and house boats should be solved as follows:

1. sub divide and sell wind creek and all other parks on the lake. to get money.
2. use the power of eminent domain to take as much land from apc and rl as is necessary to implement this plan. sell the land to raise money for implementation.
3. institute a tax of 1000 dollars per year per foot of lake front property.
4. institute a tax of 1000 dollars per year per foot on all boats over 20 feet in length.
5. institute a tax of 10,000 dollars per year per mph for each mile per hour over 30 mph that a boat will run.
6. substitute houseboats for federally subsidised housing.
7. give a houseboat to everybody who wants one on lake Martin.
8. exempt house boats from taxation.
9. require that all house boats and boats that go over 30mph stay on the longneck island side of the kowlidga bridge.
10. make it a felony to opperate a pwc unless there is a houseboat with in ten feet of the pwc.

there should be enough money left to hire catboat and his fastest craft/crafts to patrol the lake.

those boats in his inventory and not needed for patrol should be purchased by the state retirement system and placed at each marina on the lake, and at each condo complex so that alabama could have the bangboat trail to go along with the rtj trail.

the bb trail could be advertised on

wakes would only be permitted within 10 feet of the bangboats. this should enhance the onboard action.
4/3/2006 10:39:49 AM
*house boats and big boats - Osms
Now this is a man with way too much time on his hands.
4/3/2006 11:51:40 AM
*house boats and big boats - CAT BOAT
I'm still laughing... Good humor.
4/4/2006 9:06:01 AM
*FEMA Trailers - Fulltime Parttimer
Does anyone know the status of FEMA trailers at Wind Creek Park? Are they still there or gone. If still there, what has been the impact to the park and area?
4/4/2006 9:51:26 AM
*FEMA Trailers - jnrz
According to there website, there are only 5 left there, that's good, because wind creek will be my summer home!
4/10/2006 4:08:17 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - jnrz
Hey is anybody gonna be out this weekend? I am bringing the RV up to wind creek, a friend is pulling the boat, would like to meet some of ya. I am going to find longneck island and contribute a few!
4/10/2006 4:44:42 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - CAT BOAT
We plan to come Saturday.
4/10/2006 5:17:01 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - Maverick

Son at lake this weekend with friends (girsl and guys) for 20th birthday, can you give them a 100+ mph boat ride. As no parents are allowed.

They will be at Rock on Saturday.

Oh yea, I can remember when I was 20, but we will not go there, as those where the days. LOL

4/10/2006 5:40:39 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - Maverick
Cat JUST KIDDING about the 100+ mph.

Just thought kids would think it was cool to take a ride with THE CAT.

Tell me how much the gas bill is, and I will reimburse you, SERIOULSY.
4/10/2006 5:50:51 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - Feb
I think Maverick is serious. Just remember Cat Boat, he does have one of those siphoning gadgets. Just make sure for the Eliminator's sake he did not siphon the fuel out of my old bass boat. I told him you would need 300 gallons of premium unleaded gasoline without oil added. LOL
4/11/2006 6:17:34 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - SCARAB MAN
Looking forward to seeing you JNRZ , what kind of boat will you be in?
4/11/2006 10:00:14 PM
*This Coming Weekend-NICE - jnrz
I have a 192 caravelle interceptor. Red and red and white
4/14/2006 2:18:42 AM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - Maverick
After numerous hours of thought, I felt compelled to write the below editorial comments regarding the recent boating bill passed by our legislative bodies.

While you might agree with all my thoughts, please read this post in its entirety with an open mind, prior to posting any rebuttals.

This will be my final post regarding this matter, with the exception of possibly rebutting any rebuttals regarding this post.



Does the boating bill improve the safety of and reduce the possibility of Alabama Lakes becoming overcrowded?
In my opinion, the boating bill recently passed by our legislative bodies will not accomplish either of these objectives. All this bill has really accomplished is to it classify and stereotype certain groups of Alabama boaters and therefore, limit or ban certain size boats on 3 Alabama lakes. Based upon the future growth of most all of our state lakes due to population and demographic changes, this stopgap legislation will not preserve our recreational waterways, nor will it contain the future threats. The way to preserve our lakes is to enact reasonable and responsible legislation today, with the thought of future generations to come. As I personally believe nobody within Alabama wants our lakes to become as overcrowded and unsafe as certain Georgia lakes.

So how do you then protect Alabama lakes for future generations to come in terms of the larger boats and over crowdedness from these type vessels?
The way to limit the potential over crowdedness from larger boats is to limit the number of wet slips available to a certain length boat based on the overall acreage of each lake. So, rather than enacting a bill, which our legislators have stereotyped as a group of undesirable larger boats, devise a formula based on the total lake acreage to the number of large boats allowed, which is both logical, justifiable and reasonable.

How would you control the speed of the Cigarette type boats on Alabama Lakes?
The problem with speed on Alabama lakes is not related to a specific type or style of boat, i.e. cigarette type boats, as in my opinion, our legislative bodies again have singled out these groups of boaters. There are numerous makes of boats, which can well exceed 60+ mph, and are not just cigarette type boats and many are less than 26’ 11”. Examples are numerous bass boats, PWC’s, ski boats, runabouts and believe it or not even some pontoon boats. The only way to control the speed on Alabama lakes is to enforce a speed limit.

In order to enforce a speed limit the funds are not available to support additional Marine Patrol Officers, so how do you propose to fund this additional expenditure for officers and equipment?
There are numerous public boat ramps around Alabama lakes which are frequented by thousands of boaters per year per ramp, as with certain National Forests within Alabama, which allow dirt bike and ATV riders on their trails, establish a required honor based launch fee at each public boat launch of $5.00 or so per trailer. Each boater would then complete a ramp usage fee envelope and include their fee within a drop box located at each ramp. The boater would also tear off a voucher stub attached to the envelope and place on their dashboard in order to substantiate the fee has been paid. The citation for any boater found to be in violation of the required honor based launch fee would be cited a $100.00 fine. Additional sources of revenue to fund the Marine Patrol might come in the form of increase in fine revenues or increase in annual boater registration fees, etc.

But even with all the above will there still not be extensive shoreline erosion?
The only way to contain shoreline erosion is to limit the size of the wake in relationship to the distance from the shoreline. So say, if you are within say 50 feet of the shoreline (excluding islands), then a boater would be restricted to idle speed only, etc. etc. I can assure you Alabama lake residents which live within sloughs less than 100’ wide would be more than happy to fund no wake buoys, if they were allowed to do such. Furthermore, these smaller no wake sloughs would then become a safer place for children to swim and play within.

Wake height really has nothing to do with the length of a boat, but rather with the draft and girth (or might be called beam) of the boat. A boats wake is based on the amount of water, which must be displaced to move the draft and girth of the boat through the water, therefore having nothing to do with the length of a boat. Also, there are numerous boats, which have deep drafts, and wide girths, which are less than 30’ 6”. Just look at the larger Sea Ray’s, Cobalt’s, etc.

Do the larger type boats not really increase the rate at which the shorelines erode?
Again, if the restriction on the size of a wake in relation to the distance from the shoreline is not enacted, there are numerous vessels, which have not been banned by the boating bill, which can throw off a rather large wake. Several examples of such vessels are: A wake boat at 12-15 MPH with a full ballast, a bass boat doing 50+ MPH then coming to a complete and abrupt stop near your shoreline, then seeing their fishing hole is already occupied and immediately making a sharp turn at full throttle to get to their next spot, or a PWC cruising your shoreline at 20 MPH with three people aboard, believe it or not such a PWC will throw off about a 2’ tall wake.

There was a proposed amendment to the bill to limit the hours of PWC operations, what do you think about such a provision?
Actually, I have no issue with limiting the hours of operation of certain vessels. However, are PWC’s the only issues, they are not, there are other inconsiderate boaters whom will troll up to your pier or shoreline at say 2:00am in order to not disturb the fishing, then when they are through fishing around your property they will crank up their huge engines and SCREAM off into the darkness. So if you are going to limit PWC operating hours, there needs to be consideration given to all intrusive noise levels around the lake during certain hours, not just PWC’s. As once again our legislators’ through this proposed amendment are doing nothing more than classifying a certain boating group, without giving consideration to all potential noise intrusion sources.

In terms of safety on Alabama lakes, is there a real problem?
The issue of safety on Alabama lakes has very little to do with the length of the boat itself, it has to do with the vessel’s captain. And unfortunately, there are always going to be irresponsible boat operators on our lakes, which have therefore, in my opinion, penalized certain classes of responsible boaters. So should this legislation penalize the responsible boaters which now may be banned from 3 Alabama lakes based on the actions of the minority, the answer is no. However, I do concur there needs to be restrictions placed on all Alabama lakes to restrict speeds, thereby hopefully ensuring our lakes are safe for all types of navigation.

Do you live on an Alabama lake?
We have lived on the main channel of Lake Martin near Wind Creek State Park, for over 2 years, frequented Alabama lakes for over 30 years and have seen numerous variations of boats and wakes over the years. Furthermore, we are by no way affected by the boating bill, however, I feel, the need to voice my opinions, as this bill has accomplished nothing more than to classify certain boaters, thereby restricting or banning their boats from 3 Alabama lakes, rather than focusing on the real problem, the irresponsible vessel operators.

Closing Comments
I am greatly in favor of restrictions being placed on all
4/14/2006 5:02:41 AM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - Carnac
That was a very thoughtful editorial and I have to admit that I agree with most of its content. My major disagreement is that I believe that this bill will result in increased safety. For all practical puposes there will be no meaningful measureables because so much depends on the proficiency, experience, and intent of the captain of a vessel. Regardless of boat length. Whether there is a law or not there will be eventual overcrowding. We can't stop that but we can slow the pace of overcrowding. We can also reduce the potential for accidents, injuries, and death.

What you cigarette boat types can't grasp, or more accurately refuse to grasp, is that there is a widely shared belief that the extreme high speeds (100 mph and more) we've seen all of you run from time to time is going to become a huge problem for some of our unfortunate members. We don't know how proficient you are or how concerned you are with our well being. We only know that there is a greatly reduced amount of reaction time.

I've assisted in piloting large boats through America's river systems. While we were constantly on the lookout for barges, flotsam, and all sizes of pleasure craft there were times when several of us on the bridge sometimes didn't immediately recognize the proximity of small boats. Because we always erred on the side of extreme caution (reduced speeds) we never had a near miss but there were some times when our wake caused significant anxiety for those poor folks. My point here is that we are all human and subject to some distraction from time to time. That, my friend, is when most accidents happen. Extreme high speeds coupled with the possibility of momentary distraction will, eventually, equal disaster.

The bill had its roots in property development on Lake Harris but most of us immediately recognized the opportunities that a law banning certain types of boats would bring. And we jumped on it like a duck on a junebug. We came out in great numbers to e-mail and phone our legislators urging their support of the bill. We weren't going to be the silent majority on this issue.

One of the posters on this forum speculated whether the high speed crowd considered the possibility that they have brought this upon themselves. I think he's on to something but I'm certain that y'all won't see it that way.

I hate that things have come to this but Cigarette boats are our sacrificial anode.
4/14/2006 8:11:53 AM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - Osms
Great post Carnac. Maverick's proposal has a basic flaw. His law would require thousands of Marine Police to patrol the waters 24/7. The anti-law group probably would like this law because they know the State could not fund such an army of troops.

Can you imagine ticketing a boater because his wake was 2'2" instead of the 1'8" allowed by Maverick's law. The wake is gone so how do you measure it?

I feel certain the legislature considered the factors the Maverick raised, but they all require more Police. The way the bill is written does not require more Police, judges, court rooms, etc.

4/14/2006 12:44:32 PM
*OSMS - Maverick
Actually Lake Tuscalossa has a speed limit of 55 MPH and is enforced by their Marine Patrol using radar from what I am told.

With regards to wake, I am not stating you can enforce this, I am saying there needs to sometype of restrictions if shoreline erosion can ever be stabilized to some extent.

And yes believe it or not the wake size could in fact be enforced, ever get a ticket in a no wakes zone, as I have nto, but have seen some that have.

Also see my previous post regarding the 26; 11" 100+ mph boats.

Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated.
4/14/2006 1:16:36 PM
*response to Maverick 2d - Osms
4/14/2006 1:25:29 PM
*response to Maverick 2d - Osms
Dang it--when you mistakenly hit the enter key at the end of the subject line it posts your message. Sorry. The bill is far from perfect, but I think the authors were trying to get maximum effectiveness without spending any more state money on Patrols

I've agreed all along that the problem is the operator and will be regardless of this law or any others. But you have to control what you can control with the tools you have available. Even Catboat and I agreed that an enforced speed limit is the answer to most of citizen's concerns.

The unfortunate issue is the size cutoff. You gotta put it somewhere and it's always gonna catch a guy who's just over the limit. Don't accept that a 27 Fountain is 27 feet long--most manufacturers cheat to make the buyer think they've bought a bigger boat.
4/14/2006 2:17:13 PM
*Thanks OSMS - Maverick
What I am trying to get to thorugh the editorial is I think we might be able to agree on one thing and that is there needs to be restrictions placed on our lakes.

So if we want such, lets ensure future legislation is well thougt out, just and fair to all Alabama boaters not just certain classes of boaters.

Is this a fair statement?
4/14/2006 4:00:21 PM
*Thanks OSMS - Osms
That is a fair statement, but I've only seen a response from a few--you and Cat.
4/15/2006 1:44:35 PM
there have been several others. I can only assume that when you read the post of someone who disagrees with your thoughts, your blood pressure rises to a point that causes you to ignore the things you actually agree with.
4/14/2006 1:49:38 PM
*A couple of questions... - WSMS
How big is Lake Tuscaloosa? I'm guessing under 6,000 acres, which would mean it has about one-sixth the acrage of Lake Martin. Which means, of course, that for Lake Martin to be equally served by the Marine Police, it would need six times the number of officers.

Does Lake Martin have six officers period, never mind six for every one that patrols Lake Tuscaloosa?

Yours is a good idea in theory; unfortunately, Lake Martin falls short in the categories of manpower, and patrol boats. If we ever get enough WPs on the lake to adequately enforce those rules, I'd be all for it. But until that happens, your idea-- however great it is-- just isn't feasible.

Another question-- when did this bill become all about speed? Weren't we told for a while that it was for greedy rich people who wanted to keep poor cruiser-owners off the lake? And then weren't we told that it was for big developers, who wanted to keep unsightly houseboats off the lake? When did it become all about speed? I missed that memo.
4/14/2006 2:13:30 PM
*WSMS - Maverick

Did you read my editorial comments on the Marine Patrol funding as I agree there is not adequate funding in place today to enforce such a law, however here are some ideas to subsidize our appreciated Marine Officers. Do you have any other ideas which I may haved missed?

In order to enforce a speed limit the funds are not available to support additional Marine Patrol Officers, so how do you propose to fund this additional expenditure for officers and equipment?
There are numerous public boat ramps around Alabama lakes which are frequented by thousands of boaters per year per ramp, as with certain National Forests within Alabama, which allow dirt bike and ATV riders on their trails, establish a required honor based launch fee at each public boat launch of $5.00 or so per trailer. Each boater would then complete a ramp usage fee envelope and include their fee within a drop box located at each ramp. The boater would also tear off a voucher stub attached to the envelope and place on their dashboard in order to substantiate the fee has been paid. The citation for any boater found to be in violation of the required honor based launch fee would be cited a $100.00 fine. Additional sources of revenue to fund the Marine Patrol might come in the form of increase in fine revenues or increase in annual boater registration fees, etc.

With regards to greed I am not going there - what is at issue is the bill as passed by out legislative bodies really accomplishing anything other than stereotyping certain boaters. Just in case you did not read my clsoing comments, here they are as well as I am in fact in favor of restrictions being placed on Alabama lakes.

I am greatly in favor of restrictions being placed on all Alabama lakes to preserve our cherished lakes and shorelines, enhance their safety and ensure our lakes are never over crowded today or in the future. However, the boating bill, in my opinion, does not correct the real problem through the stereotyping of certain groups of Alabama boaters, as the primary issue still is and will always remain the irresponsible boat operators, not the responsible captain, unless future legislation is enacted.
4/15/2006 12:15:38 PM
*WSMS - Your Response ??? - Maverick
To my above post, any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.
4/17/2006 7:30:52 PM
*WSMS - Your Response ??? - WSMS
Yes, I read your "editorial;" why would I respond to it without reading it?

As for your subsidy suggestions... it's a start. I'm just not sure that there is enough ramp usage on Lake Martin to underwrite the additional funds needed to pay several new Marine Police.

Statewide, yes, there would probably be enough. But do you really think it's fair for users of Smith Lake, Logan Martin, Lake Mitchell, etc., etc., to pay for our officers? Sure, we might need them more than anyone else right now, but that could change; even if we always needed more, over time every lake is going to need more officers.

So while your idea would be a good start, that's all it is-- a start. And until there is also a finish, it's not feasible.

4/14/2006 12:22:15 PM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - Maverick
While I agree with the vast majority of your points the problem is that there are plenty of sub 26' 11 boats which can well exceed 100+ mphs.

There are actually numerous bass boats which can exceed 70+ mph.

What I am trying to get across is the size of the boat does not matter, and the only way to control speed is through limitations, as on our national highways, etc.

So this legislation really has not accomplished what it appears they where trying to do, which is reduce speed on our lakes. As I agree speed needs to be reduced, but the problem still remains the irresponsible vessel operators with the sub 26' 11" 100+ mph boat.

Again, just my thoughts on the matter and appreciate your feedback to the editorial.
4/14/2006 5:57:10 PM
*It isn't the end - Carnac
It isn't even the end of the beginnning. We have to start somewhere in banning excess high speed from the lake. You well intentioned gentlemen, and ladies, of the cigarette boat ilk are the low hanging fruit. So are houseboats. The slightly higher fruit are the super fast sub 26' 11" group. When you're hungry you go for the easy stuff first.

Bass boats are unlikely to ever be banned from this lake. Do you have any idea how much money gets pumped into the local economies from the bass tournaments here on Lake Martin? It would blow your mind.

Mav, I don't like where they have drawn the line identifying boat length and power to be banned. That was bill sausage. If this bill becomes law it is certain to be tweaked and retweaked. But this is a good start for us Save Lake Martin types. We'll reach for the higher hanging fruit next.

Wakes and erosion caused by boat traffic? Certainly, but there is more damage to the shoreline and property from a single severe thunderstorn than the seasonal accumulation from all of the boats on the lake. I don't like big wakes any more than anybody else. But it's a red herring issue when mentioned concerning banning some boats.
4/14/2006 7:30:44 PM
*It isn't the end - Maverick

You stated "Mav, I don't like where they have drawn the line identifying boat length and power to be banned. That was bill sausage. "

So you would somewhat agree, certain class of boaters may have been stereotyped by the present boating bill, is this an accurate statement based on your post?

I agree with you, the bass tournaments are important to the economy and I actually enjoy watching these boats zip up and down the lake on tournament weekend. However, how can you allow a bass boat, even in not in a tournament, that will go 80+ mphs that is say 22' long, then ban other boats sub 27' 11" that will also run 80+ mph's? Just looking for your thought, is this really fair?

By any chance did you read the part of the editorial regarding the number of larger boats being restricted on AL lakes based on sometype of formula based on a lakes overall acerage? Your thoughts on such a formula being enacted in a future law?

With regards to wake and erosion, I probably agree with your comment "there is more damage to the shorelines and property from a single severe thunderstorm ...." So my question is, then why the ban on boats over 30' 6" why not something like 40' or something based on current wet slip sizes on Lake Martin in order to suport our marinas. Do not get me wrong the last thing I want on Lake Martin is 55' + boat or a 100' Houseboats, etc. Your thoughts on this matter?

Carnac - Thanks for your previous post, just trying to hone in on your thoughts on these matters.
4/14/2006 7:44:47 PM
*I think I heard on ch. 12.... - Osms
that the governor had signed the boating bill into law. I was passing by the TV during news so don't hold me to this.
4/14/2006 9:30:39 PM
*I think I heard on ch. 12.... - BoatsRFun
I think he did sign the bill, very sad!!!
4/15/2006 8:14:37 AM
*That's accurate - Carnac
Yes, the bill discriminates against certain classes of boats. No, it isn't fair. I'm not trying to be a smarta$$ when I say life isn't fair. Someone is going to be negatively affected no matter where the line is drawn concerning length and power of a boat. I'm sure that you would agree that if the law passed to ban boats longer than 39 feet we'd see a post from an owner of a 40 footer complaining about the arbitrary selection of that length.

Mav, I said that I agreed with most of your editorial comments and I do. We can expect the next step to be taken will be to put a speed limit into law. Perhaps that is what they should have done in the first place. The Marine Police will have as much trouble enforcing a speed limit law as they will have in trying to determine if the boat they just saw on the lake is a banned boat. The boat ban bill is now law. We've got what we've got.
4/15/2006 12:14:22 PM
*WSMS - Maverick
Thanks for your feedback, it is apprecaited and I concur.

Now lets all work together to ensure any future legislation is reasonable, just and fair to all.

And if we all truly believe there were unjusts in the current bill, in terms of stereotyping certain classes of boaters, we can always try to right the wrong in future legistlation.

Again, thank you for your comments.

4/15/2006 12:17:25 PM
*Sorry Meant Carnac Above - Maverick
4/14/2006 8:09:35 AM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - LifeTime Laker
My only argument would be that wave action on shoreline has no relation to proximety to shoreline. The wave may not be visible, but it's action is there, none the less. Recent studies show that a wave in water is the closest thing to perpetual motion that can be found on earth. Wave action lasts until it is broken up by some external force. Seawalls richochet waves back into the body of water. Natural sloping shoreline will dissapate the energy of the wave, but will increase erosion. That is one reason that the best seawall on 'big water' is sloping rip rap.

I have watched the arguments back and forth on the forum, but have not seen anyone bring up this point. So limiting the proximity of wakes to shoreline may appear to have a significant impact on erosion, it really does not. It will however, limit damage and a effect on the surface i.e.- boats tied to piers. But on the other hand, waves being inherent in bodies of water, each boat owner HAS to be responsible for securing thier own watercraft in a manner to prevent damage from 'wave action'. As has been pointed out on the forum, a windy day can produce very large waves on the 'big water'.

I was brought up to believe that it was a law there be no wake within 100 feet of any structure or shoreline. My Dad taught me this growing up. It turns out that it is not a law, but simple courtesy he was teaching me. (I learned this a few years back when another forum member challenged me on the "law" aspect of this)

Bottom line Mav, I enjoyed the editorial. It brought up some points that I had not considered, and gave me food for thought. I have not at this time changed my position on the issue, but it was nice to see many points brought up without the 'back and forth bickering' that has ruled on the forum of late.

I am not an engineer, but I do watch Discovery Channell.
4/14/2006 12:45:45 PM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - Maverick
Very good point LifeTime Laker, never thought about that and your logic makes sense.
4/14/2006 11:21:19 PM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - eli
In agreement with Lifetime Laker, we do observe (not 100), but 200 feet , no wake near shoreline or structures. We do have another restriction as to idle zone - shall be observed after dusk on entire lake. Had a very sad tragedy when this was not observed by a ski boat - collided with an anchored fishing boat. We are amazed that this is not a limitation on L. Martin
4/14/2006 9:22:09 AM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - AnchorbayDon
In my opinion, this thread contains the best dialogue that has taken place regarding the issues! If such an open and candid discussion were held by boaters familiar with the issues as you guys are - before the legislation were drafted, we would end up effective, reasonable, and enforceable laws.

In my discussions with 40-50 senators and representatives about the bill, I did not speak to a single one who admitted to being a boater (or even a Lake Martin user). Yet these people 'represented' us in crafting, negotiating and passing a bill about boating.

Perhaps on the next go-round (as I believe will surely occur), someone (like the Governor) will have the forethought to get some affected and experienced boaters to logically and unemotionally discuss the real issues at hand and to come up with proposed legislation that addresses the real issues. I nominate you guys!
4/14/2006 10:47:36 AM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - luvlake
First time post. Please include the fact that the boats above 26'11 such as 27' Fountains, that are outright banned need to be grandfathered just as the 30'6" boats. This bill is not fair any way you look at it.
4/14/2006 12:48:44 PM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - Maverick
So Don I do have your vote for Governor?

Just thought all needed to be said and see if we could all come to some reasonable terms, rather than rushing to judgement.

4/14/2006 11:04:44 PM
*Boating Bill Editorial Comment - eli
All I can say, Mav, is, well put. In essence, all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. It is a real shame. All it takes is responsible, considerate, operation by all boaters. Unfortunately, all boaters are not sensible. I wish you could see our lake. Here in IN there are no limitations or restrictions. Our lake is one tenth the size of Lake Martin and on a Sat. or Sun. afterternoon, there are as many, and as large boats on our lake as there are on L. Martin.. We live on an idle zone and do not even venture ino the high speed zone. Too scary. Too stupid.
4/23/2006 6:54:36 PM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - Gantt River Rat
We are having a family reunion at Burke Cove in June. Does anyone know of a park for RV's close to this? This Cove is on the south side of the lake on the Talassee side. Wind Creek is farther than my uncle wants to be from the lodge.
4/23/2006 9:37:45 PM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - Lakeman
The old Bama Park can take RV's I think but you have to buy a lot. Where is Burkes Cove?
4/24/2006 10:39:45 AM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - Gantt River Rat
The location is as follows:

1677 Andrews Mill Road
Tallassee, AL 36078

Thanks for your reply!
4/24/2006 11:28:30 AM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - Lakeman
I know now where that is but didn't know it was called Burkes Cove. I think all they do is rent rooms. Wind Creek and the RV Park Resort in Cooper Branch slough are the only places that have RV parking.
4/24/2006 11:45:19 AM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - Gantt River Rat
Where is RV Park Resort in Cooper Branch slough? Is it closer to Burke Cove than Wind Creek? We have rented all of the rooms and the lodge for a family reuinion at Burkes Cove.
4/24/2006 12:16:51 PM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - Lakeman
Continue east on hwy50 cross the dam bridge and continue until you get to Bama Park Rd. Turn left and you and go until you get to the gate. Like I said I don't know if they rent spaces for RV'S. You might check with Chucks Marina. They have a couple cabins they rent which might be available. This is closer than Wind Creek. Hope this helps.
4/27/2006 1:21:01 PM
*RV Parking near Burke Cove - boataholic
The RV resort at old Bama Park, now called Lake Martin RV Resort, does not allow rentals. It is a gated community for owners only. You might get lucky and find an empty off water lot for sale for 30K; most on water lots have a semi-permanent 500 sq ft mobile home on them, with current asking prices in the 200 -235K range. Sounds high, but it is the cheapest deeded property on the lake.
5/12/2006 12:18:49 PM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - ARP35
Hi all,
I have been putting in at either the Kowaliga bridge or Wind Creek Park. I have fished the coves near Willow Point golf club with not much luck, however went straight across the lake and fished the coves past the small islands with some luck. I have also fished in Wind Creek and the other creek area past the small bridge (elkleberry creek??) with some small hits. My son and I fish mainly with crank, spinner and plastic worms type bait. We are both trying hard but not being very successful. Fished yesterday afternoon and only landed two (one smallmouth bass and a small white bass) in the coves. I have read all the other threads with some good suggestions but are there any good areas near the two locations I put in? I don't see other bass boats nearby so are they going to some secret locations that I am not privy too? By the way, I hooked a monster using a shallow dive crank bait bowed my rod and stripped me of line before it got loose. I thought it was a trident submarine and nearly gave me a heart attack...wish I could have seen it. Anyway...any suggestions much son is starting to lose faith in ol Dad ;)
5/14/2006 9:01:18 AM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - Martin Fisherman
Since you have read the threads I assume you have read mine below but I will add more detail so maybe you can get that son of yours on some fish. I rarely throw crankbaits or spinner bait . I lke to feel where I am fishing, know when I hit a rock, stump or brushpile so I usually fish Texas rigged worms, and sometinme Carolina rigs on points. I can feel what I am fishing on and when I am coming over a limb or a stump or bump a rock. When I feel these I will usually let the worm drop or just lay for a few seconds. I have done this type fishing so long I can feel when a fish pulls my worm off the hook. I use Gr.Pumpkin Gr. Zoom U-tail worms and Kudzu, but have had more success on Gr.Pumpkin Gr. this year. These may be a little hard to find so I am including al ink where you can get Zoom Products [] I get Spike-It Chartruse dip& glow either in the Garlic scented or the crawfish scented and dip about 1 inch of the tail. I also place my worms in a plastic tupperware container and pour Garlic juice or Garlic scent over them and let them soak . Now for places to fish, I like Sandy Crek best because there are more docks,but Manoy is good and so is Madwind and Sturdyvant. Blue Creek is good but is usually heavy with boat traffic this time of year so I will only fish it in the winter. I usually put in close to where I am going to fish and don't run all over the place. I will get on a line of docks and work all around each one. The ones with the lights will uaually have brush piles and I work thru these. When I get to a point I will Carolina rig this a few time but if I can see brush I will throw the Texas rig in it. You will hang up somtime but if you don't fish where the fish are you won't catch any. I hope this helps, by the way I fished Friday and it was tough with the gail force winds and it seemed the fish had backed off the shallows and were in deeper water. The bad weather we had the other day pobably had something to do with this. I only caught 8 where I have been catching 15 or 20 per trip. The water temperature is still good so they will probably move back up. Good Fishing to you
5/15/2006 12:33:10 PM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - ARP35
Thanks for the great advice. We didn't go fishing this past weekend due to the weather and Mother's Day. But we will definitely be out this weekend if not earlier. I used to fish with Texas rigs when I lived in Texas and had pretty good luck. In fact, before I read your reply I thought about going back to it for a while. I will take your suggestions and give it a go. Thanks again and I'll report back to let you know how our luck runs.
5/23/2006 2:55:59 PM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - ARP35
Well...we ventured out on Saturday and quickly realized it was too windy. I put in at Wind Creek and headed toward the Manoy Creek area. I thought for a while I was in a remake of the poseiden adventure. Boy the lake was rough. We hung out in manoy creek but the wind was too strong and my trolling motor wouldn't hold the boat. We headed to the other side of the lake for cover from the wind and felt like the trawler in the Perfect Storm... We made it to the upwind side and were able to fish better. Unfortunately we weren't real successful. Even when we found a quiet cove the peace would soon be interrupted by jet skiers and boats pulling tubers. I admit that I was late getting to the lake but we stayed till 9 pm with not much fish activity. I know fishing is hard work but I'm starting to wonder if any live in Lake Martin. Any suggestions much appreciated...
5/23/2006 3:50:28 PM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - bass25
I dont know what ya'll are talking about!! I was at the lake this past weekend and slap wore them out!!! A couple of large mouths over 5 lbs. They came off a zara spook early and late, right off the banks. The spots were killing the spook as well. Any boat dock that does not have people swimming around it, is holding fish. Also way back in the creeks, the large mouth are active. I went as far back into (not telling you everything) this one cove and there was a feeder creek aboiut 10 foot wide and the channel running through it was about 6 foot deep. I fished up that creek as far as i could, well out of sight from the main lake and any other boaters. I caught enough fish to win any tourney on Lake Martin. The crappie are still biting steady also. In the middle of the day they are in about 15 to 20 feet of water, holding on edges of channels, rocks or wood cover. Also there are a bunch to be caught fliping jigs under docks. Try a jig with a pink body and a white tail, that is what i have had the best luck on the past couple of weeks. If you need any more tips, please let me know. I am glad to share, most anything to help a fellow fisherman in need out, after all thats what its all about right?
5/23/2006 4:15:49 PM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - Tree
Hey bass25, thanks for the tips, we get up to the lake about once a month. Last trip was more boat riding with family than fishing. We are new to the lake and I have had fairly good luck in the past few ( winter months) never left empty handed. Will share with you after I know more about the lake. Sounds like you had a great time hauling them in.
5/23/2006 5:26:35 PM
*Fishing!! - bass25
No problem!! I know i have seen a few post about fishing tournments on the lake but dont think anyone had an answer. I would love to get involved in some on the lake, even at night. If no one is running any around the lake why dont we get something started. Nothing big, just something for fun that could maybe grow into something bigger. We would not count out people with suped up john boats or any other type of boat that they have access to. I think it would be fun and Lake Martin needs its own bass club. If anyone is interested or has any better ideas let me know and we will get this ball rollin e-mail me or make a post, i check both all the time.

5/24/2006 10:31:43 AM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - ARP35
Thanks for the tips... I'm the first to admit that I'm only learning to become a better freshwater fisherman. I grew up in Florida and did quite abit of salt water fishing and some freshwater (small Fl ponds). I guess I am just not use to large clear deep water lakes. In Florida and Texas it seemed easy to toss a worm into lilly pads or fields of weeds and come out with ole bucket mouth. So I'm trying to adjust and asking for tips, so thanks again for giving them. I keep trying cause that's half the fun, plus I'm hoping to get better. In your last post, you asked about a Bass tournament. I got a flyer from the Horseshoe Bend Bass Club, they are having a tournament on the 27th of May at Wind Creek Park. I think it had a $100.00 entrance fee. I don't have the flyer with me at work but if you need more info let me know and I'll add it tonite.
5/24/2006 10:51:53 AM
*Any fishing area suggestions? - bass25
Yea, that would be great if you could do that. Thanks!!
5/25/2006 10:51:36 AM
*27 May Wind Creek bass tourna - ARP35
Here's the scoop...
3rd annual Horseshoe Bend Bass Classic Fishing Tournament
Sat 27 May, 2006 at Wind Creek Park, $100.00 entrance fee per team optional $10.00 Big Fish pot. Launch time is first light. Sign up at the parks marina morning of event. Contact Andy (256) 596-0502. All benefits go to HBHS baseball field. That's all I know. The flyer was on my trucks windshield last weekend.
5/15/2006 11:59:06 AM
*RV CAMPING - jnrz
Is wind creek and maxwell the only rv sites on the lake? I heard there were some private sites, looking to set up permanantly.sp???
5/16/2006 8:51:48 PM
There are a few lots for rv camping at blue crk bridge. The owner lives in a trailer on the property. His name is Mr. Smith
5/17/2006 12:43:42 PM
Jnrz thats the place I told you about when I met you at the rock . Kirby Smith is the man that owns it and lot rent a year ago was $200 with a pier .Friend of mine had a trailor there and had to move because they thought the land was sold . Very nice location to keep your camper.
5/17/2006 5:28:51 PM
*RV CAMPING - jnrz
Scarab, i thought i remember'd something like that. Do you have a number?
5/17/2006 5:35:38 PM
*RV CAMPING - jnrz
is blue creek bridge by blue creek marina? is the rv park hard to see?
5/19/2006 9:43:40 PM
Blue crk bridge is on hwy 49 which is by the marina. RV park is directly across from The Cove
5/21/2006 8:23:17 AM
*RV CAMPING - jnrz
5/31/2006 8:45:10 AM
*Drowning - jnrz
did anyone hear about a teenage boy drowning at wind creek this weekend?
5/31/2006 9:36:24 AM
*Drowning - JMSD
A 15 Year old boy drowned at Wind Creek State Park. He was from Ta;;adega. This is a very sad story! It is a shame that a child was taken from his parents so young. I have added the web address for the story on WSFA.

6/23/2006 2:57:04 PM
*We are back!!! - Fishless
Oh yes! How excited I am to be returning to Lake Martin this August after having missed my annual trek last summer. Once again my boys (now 13 and 9) are ready to find the one fish who always manages to escape our hooks. That "foe" is of course my long time nemisis (The Bass). As anyone who follows this forum knows my boys and I make a trip to visit their grandparents every summer and to also get in some fishing. You will notice I do not say "Bass fishing" because to date we have never managed to hook that deviish creature. I have heard stories that Bass do exist but alas in my mind and that of my boys they exist only in rumor and tall tales. As always, I tell myself and my boys (who are growing like weeds now) that this will be our year. For five (5) straight years my boys and I chased our nemisis and for five (5) straight years we came up with a big fat goose egg. Last year they had to make their sixth (6) visit without their Dad. Once again my boys came back to me with only tall tales of what might have been. " Fear not!" I told my boys when they returned last summer. "2006" will be our year.

This time things are going to be different. This time if I have to I will use dynamite to blast these monsters of mayhem from the lake. This time it is BASS or BUST for my boys and I. As always, I emplore anyone who knows or have seen these "demons of the deep" to tell us where they are and how to get them into our boat. Our starting point every year is their grandparents house in the River Oaks area. We have a boat and are not far from Wind Creek State park. Please! Tell me you know where these creatures of calamity exist.

Thanks so much in advance for your always inciteful advise.
6/23/2006 3:25:44 PM
*We are back!!! - HTMLman
Don't pass this around, but crickets fished about 18" under a bobber are great for everything. You need a cricket pail which has a open top. Throw them around cover especilly docks around dawn.

For the unused crickets, put a quarter potato and a lid, like a Gatoraide lid of water. Keep cool and they last for days. Noisy 'tho
6/23/2006 3:33:55 PM
*We are back!!! - bass25
Thats the funniest thing i've read in a while. Thank You!! Look go up into Sandy Creek and throw minnows or any other live bait around boat docks. I promise you that you will catch something. I will at our house in Sandy Creek this week end and will be out on the water fishing most of Saturday and Sunday so if you tell me what kind of boat to look for, i will be glad to direct you to some great spots.
8/25/2006 1:18:23 AM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - Maverick
Trying to figure FMV of a lot. Here are the details, and lets be serious here as I value others opinions on the forum:

End of Point View Lot (sloughs on both sides of property)
Lot on main channel
Lot has 700+ feet of waterfront
Lots of nice tall trees
Lot faces Southwest on water side
No Seawall (would probably cost about $70k for rip rap seawall)
No dock, etc.
Year round water
Deep water and big water view on both sides
Right side view about 4 mile view towards Wind Creek
Left side view about 2 miles towards Bay Pines

Moderate slope on water and street side (not steep), so you could grade down the lot or build house on top of lot.

Could build a nice size house on the top, so footprint not a major issue. If house built on top about 50 yds to water, but no steps required as slope is moderate.

Not in a Russell or others subdivison

Has old cabin on property which would need to be torn down to maximize the true property. So no value added for existing dwelling.

5 minutes to Hwy 280 and 15 minutes to town.

Lot is an old APCO lot, so no Russell restrictions.

So what does eveyone think todays FMV is, lookig for serious opinions here.
8/25/2006 1:20:51 AM
*Fogot something - Maverick
About 1 Acre lot and house around lot are very nice house, but older.
8/25/2006 6:14:53 AM
*Fogot something - Feb
Maverick, If you are serious, you may want to contact a professional appraiser and pay a few dollars. You can use their appraisal to help you negotiate. Don't forget the old cabin is not worthless. Once you own property, contact local fire dept and donate it for a tax write off. Make sure your appraiser sets out in appraisal the value of the cabin for support of your charitable contribution. A controlled burn will also reduce the cost of cabin removal. You can salvage any usable items from old cabin prior to burn.

Personal opinion: I would think this is not a good lot for developers since it is a point and a former APCO lot and will restrict developers. Great lot for an individual nice Lake House. . You could be looking at close to a million dollar lot. + or - 1/2 million. Sizable swagger. That's why I say pay $400.00 and get a professional appraisal. You maybe able to write the appraisal cost off with the donation of the cabin.

8/25/2006 6:17:54 AM
*Fogot something - Feb
Postscript: If you require a loan, you will need it appraised anyway.
8/27/2006 10:32:33 AM
*VFD Donation of house - JUA
One word of caution regarding the donation of the house for a training exercise by a fire department......
Include language that requires the FD to strictly follow EPA and NFPA guidelines for a training burn. This will reduce your liability if they decide to burn asbestos shingles, carpet backing, etc. It also limits liability if they don't follow NFPA standards during the burn and someone gets injured while on your property. Remember you'd still own the land and could find it necessary to be in court facing a widow.
8/25/2006 6:33:33 AM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - roswellric
I sure hope this is your lot because you will be a very happy camper. I guess its highest and best use would be to split up the lot into two parcels if possible. Then in my uneducated opinion I would think it would be approaching $1.5M.
8/25/2006 6:38:03 AM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - Feb
It sounds somewhat like his lot except Mav has a nice cabin on his lot with a lot of other improvements. I have seen pictures and would like to hire is landscapper.
8/27/2006 10:33:48 PM
*Feb - My Landscaper - Maverick
Told you the other night you could not afford him, as I am my own landscaper.
8/25/2006 9:11:56 AM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - Osms
Couple of issues come to mind. What are the neighboring houses like? New, old, cabins, newer lake homes? How good is the access road--a real road or a pig trail? Paved?

The lake banks on that side of the river are high red clay in many areas; do you have a high drop off? As you know, these are factors that will influence the value.

A huge new house, at the mouth of Madwind Creek, north side, that was very expensively built did not sell for a couple of years because it was nestled in among cabins on very small lots and a pig trail road. The house was out of place for the neighborhood. Owner probably lost $500K or more.

If you grade down the lot--you lose the trees. There is a house on the side of a point in the area you are describing that practically clear cut his lot, terraced it with a concrete wall. Built a large subdivision type brick home with a huge concrete seawall and boat ramp from his garage. No trees.
Value? Depends on the buyer. Be careful with alterations.

Probably shouldn't say this, but all property on the lake is NOT comparable to The Ridge prices, regardless of what FEB thinks.
8/25/2006 9:49:55 AM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - Feb
No Osms, I do not know the value of property in the Ridge, other than it is exclusive and expensive from what I have heard. I have not even been over to the Ridge in over two years. I also do not know the value on most of the property around the Lake. I do know what I desire personally, and I am sure it differs from what some others may desire. I have heard some recent values in Parker Creek and have been somewhat surprised. I like this area of the Lake.

Please reread my above post to Maverick and my recommendation to him. The only time I have had any first hand knowledge of values of lots and improved proprty was restricted to the Parker Creek area back when I bought my place. The experience came from shopping the market and in the hands of a capable Realtor. The only soul who has hazard an opinion was RR at one point five million.

I have always maintained from shopping other Lakes in other parts of the US that property in the past has been underprised for what you are getting on Lake Martin. I have stated repeatedly I personally thought values would continue to excalate on Lake Martin. I believe with few exceptions I was right. I also maintain prices will continue to excalate but not as much as in the past. There is a big difference in a one percent escalation on a million dolllars than on a hundred thousand dollars.

Maverick did not state the asking price. It would be interesting to hear the number.
8/25/2006 10:13:25 AM
*Knew I shouldna' said it... - Osms
Interesting side light. APCo leased some lots in that area about three years ago. Some of that property is under construction or completed: if I remember correctly one contractor got two or three of the lots--it would be interesting to see what he sold or is asking for the houses.

As previously stated, I have never been into the Parker Creek area so I have no feel for real estate, but I would imagine that it is popular with Montgomery and Birmingham folks because it is close to both, as well as having the prettier water on the Kowaliga side.
8/25/2006 10:32:34 AM
*Knew I shouldna' said it... - Feb
I think the appeal to most of us in Parker Creek is the serenity. To others, they may prefer the more robust part of the Lake closer to the action. We in Parker Creek seem to think action is a deer or turkey crossing the road.

I would like to see a bit more in Alex City, and maybe it will come Some of us, as recently posted on the Forum, are somewhat concerned at recent developments. I am hoping there is no reason for concern.
8/25/2006 12:49:33 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - boataholic
I'll show my stupidity and take a guess and say the maximum value is about 1.8 million if you divide it into 4 or 5 lots and sell them individually. Sold as one lot, less than half that.
8/25/2006 1:03:09 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - roswellric
What would you do with the do-do?
8/25/2006 3:40:44 PM
*Put the field lines... - Osms
under the basement, I guess. He probably didn't see the one acre part.
8/25/2006 5:57:59 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - au67
Don't know the value of your property but will give you something to compare to. Some neighbors of mine here in Sandy Creek have property with 1200' of rip-rapped shoreline, 2 piers and a relatively nice home. Being generous, I would estimate the value of the house alone at $500K max. They're asking $2.5 million for the lot and house. It's listed as "your own island" by Russell Lands. Most other property in this area that is for sell is well under $1 million. As we all know, 'asking' and 'getting' are not always the same.
8/25/2006 6:40:05 PM
*au67 - Osms
I guess the folks in the 'island home' have been squeezed out by the development all around them. Three years ago they had the world to themselves now they have Sea Doo houses behind them (can't even get a Sea Doo up in there now), and development on all sides. I'll bet the value of that property is more like $800-900. Personally I wouldn't want it --it's a shame.
8/25/2006 10:49:07 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - TUB
Best uneducated guess $500k to $700k
8/26/2006 1:03:55 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - longtimelaker
There is some mention on posts above about subdividing the lot. I believe it was mentioned that the lot is an old APCO lot. We have an old APCO lot that we bought from APCO in 1994. It is my understanding that these old APCO lots can never be subdivided. Ours can very easily be two lots, but we were informed that it can never be subdivided when we bought it from APCO.
8/26/2006 2:25:56 PM
*Think You Are Totally Correct - Feb
8/26/2006 3:08:55 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - Osms
Thank goodness they can't be subdivided.
8/26/2006 9:12:49 PM
*What is Value of this Lot?? - ot
thank God for that. the general public has proven to be absolutely stupid on this lake. (dividing lots)
8/26/2006 10:25:13 AM
*Question for OSMS - jawjagal
The following statement made by you has been on my mind for a long time.

"Couple of issues come to mind. What are the neighboring houses like? New, old, cabins, newer lake homes? How good is the access road--a real road or a pig trail? Paved?

The lake banks on that side of the river are high red clay in many areas; do you have a high drop off? As you know, these are factors that will influence the value.

A huge new house, at the mouth of Madwind Creek, north side, that was very expensively built did not sell for a couple of years because it was nestled in among cabins on very small lots and a pig trail road. The house was out of place for the neighborhood. Owner probably lost $500K or more."


I know it does in subdivisions, etc, but I have always wondered if the lake factor - just being on the lake - made any difference. I see beautiful, big houses, with old, small homes...and just didn't know.

8/26/2006 11:18:58 AM
*Question for OSMS - PartTimer
Not OSMS, but neighbors matter a lot in property values--and especially in saleability of the property--at the lake as elsewhere. You are right that there is more "mixed bag" properties on the lake, but beware a bad neighbor, and especially a bad neighborhood!
8/26/2006 11:21:51 AM
*I'm not OSMS but... - LifeTime Laker
.... to answer your question with my humble opinion. NO.. not as long as the surounding houses are WELL MAINTAINED. I have seen mini-mansions go up next to old 'lake cabins' for years now and they don't seem make a difference. Right here in my own neighborhood I jsut saw one sell that was out of place for the area. Took a few months but somebody bought it.

As for the house that OSMS referred to, it was not the price or the location that didn't sell it IMHO. It was the style. It was done in middle ages castle styling with one door from a true authentic European Castle. I have met the daughter of the woman that bought the place (she is a freind of a neighbor) and know several folks who have been through it. It is a very unique style house and only would appeal to a certain segment.

It is apparently true that the builder ( a doctor, not a developer) lost a chunk on it though, but if you knew more details you would understand. Some of what I know is fact and some rumor so I will not say any more. But bottom line, I don't think it had anything to do with the 'little' places next door ( which are VERY nice and maintained). As for the 'pig trail', it is comparable to all the other roads in the area, tar and gravel. I remember the day that if you had lake property, you HAD to travel dirt roads to get to it.
8/26/2006 3:05:23 PM
*Opinion for Jawjagal - Osms
You've already got two valid opinions, but, of course, I 'll be happy to add a third. The neighborhood matters a whole lot in the value of property on the lake. My reference was the Ridge, or it could be any of the Russell projects. Curb and gutter, central sewer, strong covenants, equal value homes all add to the value of a neighborhood and a lot in that neighborhood. My statement to Maverick was that he couldn't count on Ridge prices if his area doesn't offer Ridge amenities.

Lifetime Laker brings up the value of good maintenance which is just as important as the above features. Don't think you would want to pay $500k for a lot next to a trailer, or a lot with 12 -15 old boats stored there, or next door to Chuck's or any other commercial.

A factor that will come more into play is the buying of the older cabins, destroying the cabin and building a bigger, better place. The very best lots on the lake are the oldest houses, so you are going to see transitional neighborhoods just like you do in ATL. The early buyers will be taking a chance by upgrading, but the late buyers will pay a premium.

You've been in real estate--I don't think the lake is unique in this aspect.
8/26/2006 5:51:14 PM
*Opinion for Jawjagal - jawjagal
Well, that's WHY I was asking...if the Lake was a different ballgame.
8/26/2006 9:08:13 PM
*Question for OSMS - ot
location, location, location.....neighbors, school systems, ugly houses, ugly yards....yes, no matter where you are, neighbors are a contributing factor! just my BUYERS opinion. lake martin included!
8/26/2006 9:34:30 PM
*Question for OSMS - Osms
The lake actually adds more variables like: Big view, quiet slough, deep water or shallow water, lots of boat activity or little boat activity, seawall or leave natural, boat house (everywhere except Russell properties) or dock restrictions (Russell)............the list goes on.
8/26/2006 10:00:23 PM
*Question for OSMS - Feb
I have been to inland waters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Kansas, Virginia, Georgia and naturally Alabama. You see the same all over. There is genrally a mix as has been discussed. I think you will also want to pay attention to the inland houses, strutures, commercial properties, uses of property, or other things as you approach the water.

I would also steer clear of locations with mobile homes and trashed areas. I do not know how you determine how nice or nasty current neighbor or future neighbors will be. I would say there is most likely less concern with single family cabins than condos or apartment type arrangements. Lots with a little more width to them (water frontage) will also provide additional privacy.

Lake Martin is by far the nicest and cleanest inland body of water I have experienced. It is also the most trashed area I have ever seen with unofficial signs, advertisements and other eyesores I have seen on the roads and pig paths as you near the Lake. Seems to be true all around the Lake. I wish someone would or could explain this to me.

8/27/2006 7:58:07 AM
*Question for OSMS - Osms
Feb, as a rural Southerner, the only way I can explain the signs is to say it's part of the tradition of "redneck freedoms". Same as throwing trash and beer bottles on the side of the road--they do it because no one says they can't. Rural area of MS and AL have fought zoning, building codes, and cleanliness since the beginning of time. MS just tried to pass building codes for the whole state and the rural areas fought it tooth and nail and won.

It's time for Lake Martin counties to grow up and get control before there is a real mess.
8/27/2006 9:32:54 PM
*just until recently... - jawjagal
has there been any kind of develoment plans in the rural South. In the last 40 years or so, the development authority in counties has put together land use plans. Before that - hodge/podge. Being from an undeveloped metropolitan Atlanta county, until I-20 cut through my county, it wasn't well thought out. With the infrastructure, then of course, planning/properties/values were thought about. So, in general, I am used to nice neighborhoods next to pohdunk areas. It's the South, afterall.

Everyone should get the computer game SYM CITY. It's a great way to learn economic development and how much property values go up or down depending on what you build around it. Great educational tool.

That's why I brought up this discussion about if lake properties were in the same league and general property values. Thanks for all the info.

8/28/2006 1:03:52 PM
*Yeah but - roswellric
You wouldn't get to laugh at signs that say things like Git-R-Done.

My all time favorite is "One Man and His Tools". Thinking about going around and erasing the "s" and see if it help his business...LOLOL
8/28/2006 1:44:14 PM
*Yeah but - Feb
Tool Man and Git-R-Done have probably have been out of business and moved out of the area ten years ago. Their sign are still posted there as blith. Bet if you called a majority of the advertising signs you would get phone disconnected messages.
9/25/2006 10:24:07 PM
*just a little help? - stevied
HI fellas I'm in a bass club in central GA. and have never been on your lake. My club is having a tournamet there next month at Wind Creek and I have no idea about the lake. Hopefully i'll get a chance to prefish but more than likely not . Our tourney will be a two day event on Oct 21 & 22. I've been told thie lake fishes a lot like our Lake Lanier, deep and clear. Full of good spots. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I would be more than happy to return favor when any of you guys come to GA. I don't want any of you guys secret holes just a liitle help with baits, line size and depth.Just to get me in the right direction so to speak. Thanks guys hope to here from you Steve.
10/1/2006 11:57:33 PM
*just a little help? - Aardvark
I was tearing them up on a Shad Rap today on steep banks near creek channels. I like to fish small, narrow sloughs with steep banks and brushpiles. These are passed up by most fishermen, and can hold some nice bass, especially this time of year.
10/3/2006 3:54:05 PM
*just a little help? - FishLady
"Pier pounding "at one of the marinas like Still Waters (Harbour Pointe) is always good this time of year.

Few people there now.
10/3/2006 6:39:32 PM
*just a little help? - twofish
If your tournament is out of Wind Creek marina on Oct. 21 you will have a lot of company. Montgomery Marine is holding a tournment the same day and expect about 100 boats to be there. As far as fishing goes, the spots are running the banks and chasing shad most days for a little while. I don't know if they will still be doing it by the 21st but they are now. The morning bite is usually very strong on this lake because of the very clear water and usually cuts way back when the sun gets up. Then move out on deep points and find fish. Be careful of shallow water!!!!! The lake is being drawn down for winter and the water is very shallow in spots. Good luck!!
10/6/2006 8:30:15 PM
*just a little help? - stevied
Thanks for all the help guys I'll let you know how it goes after the tournament. Steve
1/20/2007 12:07:13 PM
*Man you talkin about a stripe - FyreWalker31
I was fishing last weekend near manoy and I only had five bass. I pulled up to the boat ramp and sawa older couple taking out there boat. I asked if they wanted my fish and they said sure. They opened the cooler and they had 20 pound stripe coiled up in there. I said what tha h*ll where did you get that. They said they were using shad at about 40 feet deep near wind creek. They had several other 10 pounders also. I know 20 pounds is just a "good" stripe but I have'nt seen any this winter. Letz see if we can pull some of these bad boys out. Good luck and tight lines.
1/21/2007 5:01:04 PM
*Man you talkin about a stripe - bass25
Why were you keeping bass anyway?? If you didn't plan on eating them you should have put them back!!!!! Catch and Release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/24/2007 11:36:49 AM
*Man you talkin about a stripe - FyreWalker31
Well genius I was going to release them but I always check at the boat ramp to see if anyone needs them. To many times I've seen the poor old man at the boat ramp with a small catch. So I see if any one needs them, if not I release them at the boat ramp so get of my case.
2/6/2007 6:00:34 PM
*Dear jalcz - KB
This is from KB. and you are wrong about me! We have had a cottage on LM for almost two years now........... I know all about the great pizza on the south end (Chuck's), the great beaches, the crystal clear water, beautiful Wind Creek..........convinced? I would also like to thenk you all for your kind and hilarious comments and suggestions. And yes, that is Tulum and Coba on my web site. Don't it make you want to be there? Does me! Freezing and snowing here, four inches of snow, okay, maybe only five, still snowing..........
Bye, y'all and thanks again.
2/6/2007 6:30:31 PM
*Dear jalcz - jalcz
So you learned a few things that anybody could figure out just by spending 15 seconds at this site. You need to work on your "knowledge" of lake martin goegraphy next, especially concerning where the south end of the lake is.
Nice try.

2/6/2007 6:49:14 PM
*I have an impostor - Ulysses E. McGill
That you stirrin' the puddin Mav?'ve been hiding lately.
2/6/2007 7:08:26 PM
*Of course, - Ulysses E. McGill
my impostor makes a good point, but I prefer to look forward to the 6 month newbie party at KB's cabin.

I still have plenty of cold beer if anyone wants to move rocks tomorrow or help plant about 100 blue pacific junipers on Thursday....Osms, you think they can let you out of the half way house for a few hours?
2/6/2007 10:25:09 PM
*Not for... - Osms
coaching rock grunts or plantin' junipers.
2/6/2007 6:46:12 PM
*My apologies - Ulysses E. McGill
My bet was wrong and welcome to the board. We have a bunch of good folks who contribute and sometimes even argue a bit. We also get the occasional post that is placed only for advertisement reasons (the reason for my skepticism with your web posting).

I'm sure you are looking forward to warmer times.....things have been brutal up there (I have relatives in Ohio and Indiana). It's supposed to top 60 degrees here for the next few days and its only a few weeks from plug time. I'm getting spring fever!

Thanks for setting me straight. -John
2/22/2007 6:56:24 PM
*Live Chat Tonight - 9:00PM EST - Maverick
Topic of conversation which tritoon to purchase:

24" Manitou with 250HP E-Tec, estimated top speed about 53-55 MPH, E-Tec has 7 year warranty, Manitou has 3 year warranty on upholstery, etc or

If you have not seen Manitou performance video, click the URL below; have to say it is rather impressive.

25" Bennington with 300HP Suzuki, estimated top speed about 55-57 MPH., Suzuki has 6 year warranty, Bennington has 5 year warranty on upholstery, etc.

Both pontoons will have the performance pontoon upgrades and both have lifetime-limited warranty on pontoons. Overall initial cost for both boats / engines is about the same.

From what I can tell from other forums both engines and pontoon boats are highly rated. Any feedback from current boat / engine owners would be appreciated, as I always like to try to make an informed purchase decision.

What I sort of like about the E-Tec even though it is a 2 Stroke are the test results are extremely positive in terms of noise level, fuel efficiency, emission ratings, etc. Best I can gather very close to a 4-stroke, if not better in some areas, and only requires maintenance every 3 years or 300 hours and no break in period. Also, E-Tec has more torque and top end than a 4-stroke.

Consideration I am Looking at: Overall performance in terms of torque, time to plane 0-30 MPH for skiing and tubing, engine reliability and maintenance, total cost of ownership boat and motor, smoothest rides in rough water, maneuverability for skiing and tubing in terms of tight turns, etc. Also, resale value in about 7 to 8 years.

Boat will be used primarily for high-speed runs to Sinclair’s, Chucks, Willow Point etc from Wind Creek area, and skiing and tubing when I do not feel like putting the Mastercraft in the water.

And yes, I know Yamaha has just come out with a 350HP 4-stroke, however the above HP is the max these boats are rated for and no I do not want a Playcraft, as to darn expensive.

2/22/2007 9:41:15 PM
*Mav you were not on live-chat - Osms
As opinions go, here's mine. I've looked at both boats, but haven't driven nor ridden in either one. The Manitou large center tube is intriguing and the videos show what it'll do, but I like the fit and finish of the Bennington better. Does the Manitou have the floor storage in the center tube? The Bennington does and that was one thing I really need. The plastic compartment doors on the Manitou could have been better.

Engines: Which motor will offer the highest trade in 7 or 8 years down the road? Probably Yamaha or Honda 4-cycle. I personally think the Suzuki is a fine motor, but so far they haven't held their used value as well as Y and H. You know the past history with Evinrude--will they live that down?? Cost to operate a 2-cycle is more--they use a lot of 2-cycle oil. Two-cycle has advantage in acceleration, weight and cost--but will they even be selling any 2-cycles in 7-8 years.

Dealers I've talked to offer at least a couple of thousand (or more) for the Suzuki or Evinrude power so it's a personal call by you.

Opinions don't cost money, but buying a boat does so get the one that suits your needs (and family) best and enjoy.
2/22/2007 11:26:13 PM
*Mav you were not on live-chat - CAT BOAT
It was great to chat with yall on "live chat". thanks for the time.
2/22/2007 11:28:31 PM
*OSMS - Nice to Meet You - Maverick
Appreciate the feedback this evening on live chat.

Will let you know about my final decision.
2/23/2007 11:52:44 AM
*Mav, Cat, Feb- Enjoyed it. - Osms
Nice to" type" with all of you.
2/23/2007 1:06:43 PM
*Maverick - Osms
Just got an email that had new j.d. Power Pontoon Boat ratings from the Miami Boat Show. Info shows that Manitou went from #1 to #7 in one year. Interesting. Bennington was close to #1 but came in behind Harris.

2/23/2007 2:04:56 PM
*JD Power - More Info - Maverick
Yes, I show this about a week ago, that is why I started leaning towards Bennington again, as they consistantly rank # 1 or #2.

Did you see the outboard motor rankings. See URL link below:

- Honda #1
- Suzuki #2
- Mercury - Last Place

2 Strokes
- E-tec #1
- Mercury #2
- Yamaha - Last Place

Here is the URL for all the diff boat classifications: Bass Boats, Pontoon, Crusiers, Runabouts, Ski, etc.

2/23/2007 3:10:27 PM
*JD Power - More Info - Osms
Interesting. I'm surprised how closely ranked all of the outboards were except the Mercury 4 stroke. Looks like the Suzuki is gaining respect.

The Harris pontoon was ranked highest this year--I must remind you that I really liked the Harris when we started these discussions months ago. They're not flashy or fast but they look like quality construction to me.
2/23/2007 11:17:23 PM
*Keep it up - CAT BOAT
and you will have a boat "THAT IS CAPABLE OR OVER 60, AND 26'11" LONG"..... then you'll have an illeagle pontoon. There are already 7 on the lake that I know of........... And they don't have a clue!
2/24/2007 9:31:21 AM
*Yacht?? - Osms
I want one of those 30' X 10' Premier pontoons with twin 250HP Evinrude's that runs 59.5MPH. Of course it'll have a Porti-potti and a blow up bed, so it'll be a "yacht", and be grandfathered in.
2/24/2007 10:44:46 AM
*Yacht?? - fountain
Guess again.
2/24/2007 12:17:18 PM
*Yacht?? - Osms
That's right, the grandfather date was last July. Guess I'll have to stick with the 24' X 8'6" w/225HP and be a good citizen.
6/8/2007 2:42:26 PM
I have been reading all of the materials about the meeting to be held at Niffers on Saturday. I plan to attend and plan to state basically as follows: (unless someone can post something which changes my mind)

1 The name of the organization should not be HOBO. There are many friends and users of the lake that are niether home owners nor boat owners. A particular group would be those people who camp at Wind Creek, who might actually out number home owners or boat owners.

2 Until the issue of WATER LEVEL is sucessfully addressed, the organization should limit its scope and concentrate it efforts in obtaining an acceptable solution to that matter, first in the short run and ultimately in the long run.

3. Issues such as big boats, condos, water quality, marking bouys, etc. could tend to be devisive. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ADDRESSED UNTIL THE WATER LEVEL ISSUE IS RESOLVED.

4. The condition of membership at this point in time should be to sign a pledge that the person applying for membership supports full pool levels in the nature of those achieved by Mitchel Lake and Lay Lake.
6/8/2007 3:05:46 PM
Why is it that you feel lake levels have priority over water quality?
6/8/2007 3:11:36 PM
*Kizma Anuice - Maverick
See my post below under Niffers meeting regarding the groups being covered under the HOBOs association.

With regards to the Lake Level, do not think anyone would totally disagree with you.

However, the purpose of the organization is to be broad reaching and not narrowly focused on one single issue.

As if the group just focuses on one single issue then that would not be in the overall best interest of LM., at least in my opinion So I would think looking at having chairs for all issues ideintified would be in the best interest of the lake, such as, but not limited to:

Water Quality / Level
Shoreline Erosion
Boating Safety
Lake Clean Up
Fish and Wildlife

Then under each chair have area lake representatives to support the chair persons efforts.

Hopefully this might better clarify some of your concerns.

6/8/2007 5:14:12 PM
*Kizma Anuice - Kizma Anuice
If there were unlimited resources, then I would agree with you. Unfortunately there are usually not unlimited resources. And further some of the issues are devisive.. I doubt that anyone is against getting the water level issue resolved.

Fighting about whether big boats are bad and whether condo's are good can only waste time and resources.

If you are running out of gas you don't need to worry about whether or not your xm radio is working.
6/8/2007 3:22:58 PM
I agree that the water level must be the #1 item!!!!
6/8/2007 3:25:41 PM
If that is the #1 topic of discussion, I think yall need to have #1 (the man upstairs) at the meeting. Because, without him, I just don't see the water coming up. Also, I don't think he wants to be called a Hobo either.
6/9/2007 7:58:58 AM
CAT - This is one of your best posts ever......i am still laughing!
6/8/2007 3:57:39 PM
I hear that LTL and Bob are going to have a live debate for the entertainment portion of the evening. The winner will be in charge of morale for the next meeting.
6/8/2007 4:20:14 PM
*#1 Priority - LifeTime Laker
If you make water level the #1 priority then you are setting the group up for failure from the beginning. Water level is the #1 issue that will NOT be taken seriously IMHO. There are too many factors involved. I have stated my desire for a 5ft draw down, but I realize that that decision will NOT be made on what is in my, or ANY other homeowners best interest. It will be made on the needs of the entire water system of Alabama. Who needs what amount and when. I feel that with a five foot draw down coupled with today's technology will be sufficient for flood control. But I don't know that, but I can assure you that APCO engineers do.

It was posted on here that a HOBO already existed for folks on the other side. Why are we forming another? Shouldn't resources be combined?
6/8/2007 4:39:17 PM
*#1 Priority - ALSCN
Would it matter what the water levels are if you were swimming in contaminated (sewage) water? Only the good lord above is going to be able to do anything about the water levels, at least this year... however, we have to make sure that the lake is taken care of and that any cities/towns/business ect. that are putting a hazard into the lake are corrected.

In other words, I actually agree with LTL on this one, if you use the water issue you are setting yourself up for failure and sound like a bunch of whining babies... you need to protect the lake and go after the ones who can be held accountable.
6/8/2007 5:08:47 PM
*#1 Priority - Kizma Anuice
We cannot control acts of God. However, someone can control the acts of the guy who pushes the button on the turbine, or the army corp guys, who I might remind you are most likely responsible for the water system in N. O. not being able to hold up under hurricane conditions.

If you don't have water the you don't have to worry about big boats, condos or sewage.


BTW god did not decide to draw 11 feet out of the lake last winter. and God did not decide to draw Martin to flow the Alabama instead of Logan Martin Lay Mitchel Jordan etc.

There are more stake holders on Martin than there are on all other APCO lakes combined, if you take into account those who use Wind Creek Park.

We should have the political pull to demand that the Alabama Legislature (I know that they don't control God or the Corp.) and the Alabama delegation in Washington to get the job done regarding water level.

If we can show that kind of clout, then getting ADEM to come up with some better standards for water quality.

6/8/2007 6:00:25 PM
*#1 Priority - Pier Pressure
Jordan is not a flow of the river lake. Their dam opens and closes daily to assist in recreational activities (Kayaking, Canoeing, etc). The Alabama river has about a one to two feet surge during these times.
6/8/2007 7:14:26 PM
*#1 Priority - skiantique
Last time I checked, my pontoon was inches from the dirt on Logan Martin too. Not sure why ou threw LM in the mix with Lay and Mitchell. We're about to hit winter level already this weekend.

6/8/2007 9:15:31 PM
*#1 Priority - JohnGalt
Maybe at the next meeting we could get "the guy who pushes the button on the turbine" as a guest speaker.
6/8/2007 9:34:00 PM
*#1 Priority - BoatsRFun
6/9/2007 7:47:09 AM
*#1 Priority - LifeTime Laker
That would be really interesting since "the guy who pushes the button on the turbine" is really a computer in B'ham....LOL.

It is statments like this that make me not in the least bit interested in joining any group that will then turn around and 'speak for me'. As I pointed out before, idiocy is idiocy. If any group wishes to be taken seriously you can't have idiots in positions of power and making statements on behalf of the group I know most of you disagree with me so I will just stay away and enjoy what lake we do have instead of whining and crying about what we don't have. IT IS NOT APCO's FAULT!! You can try to put the blame on them if you want, but you will just be dismissed as idiots. Concentrate on water quality, not volume.

Good luck though, and I look forward to reading about the meeting.
6/9/2007 8:29:47 AM
*#1 Priority - JohnGalt
If your reply about the" button pusher " is to me then I guess you didn't get it. I was being sarcastic about the reference above. I agree that this situation is totally due to lack of rain and nothing else. Guess I need one of those sarcasm on sarcasm off buttons.
6/9/2007 8:39:01 AM
*#1 Priority - LifeTime Laker
Nah, I got your sarcasm. I was posting for some of the others who just don't seem to get it, and apparently NEVER will.
6/9/2007 10:15:12 AM
*#1 Priority my foot - MotorMan
Kizma Anuice said:
"We cannot control acts of God. However, someone can control the acts of the guy who pushes the button on the turbine, or the army corp guys, who I might remind you are most likely responsible for the water system in N. O. not being able to hold up under hurricane conditions."
*********************************************************************** end.

The Army Corp guys have nothing to do with NOLA's problem. Money was allocated over and over for the levies. The Governor and Mayor spent the funds on docks for marinas, infrastructure for casinos, Canal street's trolley cars and other crap that had near term changes that kept them elected, but no long term levy help.

Now they want to get like $87 billion or an average of $2 million per family extra to fix things (again). They are trading on the dead to cover their blame and greed. Those levies were predicted to fail at the first high water event by the Army Corp. Only mistake was to predict it as a Spring food event and not a hurricane to hit first.

I agree with all above that to push for more water this year will make a 5 minute meeting. We CAN send a representative to Dadeville sewer meetings. We CAN have a "pick up trash" type of day. We CAN send letters to Interstate water people. We CAN talk to Marine patrol people about local things like rock bars, jet skiis going 60 mph near docks, etc. We CAN go to local planning meetings to stop growth without thought just for the tax base increase.

I have never, ever seen a person who wanted "his" lake to have more developement. Be careful what you wish for. I was on a committee in Wisconsin that wanted to slow growth on local lakes. They wanted to raise the lot size minimum to 300' x 300' from 100' wide only. I voted and argued against this. It was passed. As I predicted, in ten years there were 260' wide single family houses with not a tree in front. Only the rich could afford them. One thing I wanted was for new subdivisions of land to have shared docks. Instead of 4 docks per 200', I would have had one big one per 200' split on lot lines. I wanted limited tree removal, clustered housing, more green space. All were "do-able" things.

A writer wants to linit condos to four. "They take out every tree and scalp the land. " he wrote.
Hey, come back in a few years. My Wisconsin land looked like a bomb went off for five years after it was logged . Looks good now. A condo is a great way for $800,000 of land to have 4 units or $200,000 per housing unit. It makes it more affordable. By allowing more units, there will be more profit incentive. Then the whole building can be zoned out of sight with one dock and littile tree removal. Tree replantings and replacements can then be mandated. Enough for here. I'll leave some for the meeting.

Mountain man Jim Bridges left Colorado the summer he saw another white man; "too crowded". Lets leave the "perfect plan" alone and shoot for the "good enough."
6/9/2007 8:12:34 AM
*#1 Priority - LifeTime Laker
The Corps had been warning N.O. for YEARS that the the levees were not sustainable in a category 5 storm. The warnings were ignored and when money was allocated it was re-routed to other 'more pressing' issues, like welfare, and food stamps.

The legislature has NOTHING to do with the water levels (thank God for small favors). It is controlled by the FERC. Lake Martin was built as an impoundment lake and ALWAYS WILL BE. There are two run of the river dams just below Martin, go have a look at them and see if you can tell the difference.

As for ADEM standards, they are the same on Martin as on all other lakes. The biggest difference is that Martin is so high above what all the others are due to no industry upstream. So why would ADEM raise standards that are already being exceeded?
6/8/2007 5:45:12 PM
*No HOBO Group - Carnac
is operating on Lake Martin. They disbanded several years ago. I spoke with their former officers about this and they have given their approval for us to proceed. They are also interested in becoming dues paying members of the new group.

The name isn't pretty but it sure hasn't been a problem for any of the many hobo organizations that operate on many of Alabama's lakes and on lakes across the country.

Everybody who attends tomorrow's meeting will be given the opportunity to express their opinions. I'm going to suggest meeting twice monthly, at a minimum, while the group is forming. The location may have to be rotated to accomodate those who can't or won't attend some meetings.

Times and locations of meetings will be posted on and in area newspapers and lake-related magazines.
6/8/2007 5:14:30 PM
I won't be at the lake this weekend to participate but will be there in Spirit.

However, I might recommend 4-5 shots of Tequila for each participant before the discussion begins. At this point no one will really care and it will all work itself out.

Also, since no one likes the title HOBO maybe you should call it the Home Owners and Martin Organization? (maybe not)

Best of luck to you all and let us know how it turns out ! ! !
6/8/2007 8:29:49 PM
How can anyone take you serious when you choose an handle like that. Grow up.
6/9/2007 7:59:37 AM
ok then....sounds like we are all in agreement!
6/21/2007 12:09:20 PM
*Deep water ramps - LifeTime Laker
Me and a buddy went yesterday to check out the ramps closest to us for access at low water. DARE park is usable at winter levels but I understand it can be difficult with larger boats at low pool. It is a pretty steep ramp, but usable. How far below winter level it will go I can't say.

The real shocker was when we went to the Madwind Creek ramp. There is still 40 feet or so of ramp in the water that is about 8 feet deep at the end. Once again, I don't know how far it will go below winter pool either, but it is going to usable for a while now. It is a better ramp IMHO for pontoon boats due to not being as steep as DARE park. The down side is very limited parking at Madwind Creek. For those of you that don't know the ramp is off of Point Windy Road.
6/21/2007 5:23:54 PM
*Deep water ramps - Samdog
Does anyone know about the public ramp at Kowaliga bridge? How low can the water go for that one?
6/21/2007 6:55:43 PM
*Deep water ramps - Hadenuff
Forget the ramps...... the real shocker is that YOU have a buddy. :-)
6/21/2007 7:28:42 PM
*PRICELESS!!!! - Osms
6/21/2007 7:53:00 PM
*LMAO!!!! - Osms
Hadenuff, that is the FUNNIEST post I have seen in years. Can't quit laughing.
6/24/2007 8:10:01 AM
*LifeTime Laker - Capt D
LTL, I enjoy reading ALL your posts and appreciate your opinion. You are a First Class guy!
6/25/2007 10:17:30 AM
*LifeTime Laker - LifeTime Laker
And you sir, are obviously a genius.
6/25/2007 9:06:42 PM
*LifeTime Laker - Hadenuff
6/25/2007 11:13:19 PM
*LifeTime Laker - Lakeman
Is this a son-in-law sucking up?
6/26/2007 2:49:47 PM
*FYI Fuel info for 26 June - Pier Pressure
89 octane.

Maxwell-Gunter $3.56
Wind Creek State Park $4.04
Russlle Marinas $3.89
Anchor Bay $3.60
Pleasure Point $3.56
6/26/2007 6:27:00 PM
*FYI Fuel info for 26 June - Osms
Noticed you included Maxwell-Gunter. Do you still have to have a Military ID to buy gas there?
6/26/2007 7:38:40 PM
*FYI Fuel info for 26 June - Pier Pressure
You do have to have an ID, but contractors with ID also qualify... (and retirees)
6/26/2007 8:45:23 PM
*FYI Fuel info for 26 June - F1Fan
Question about Pleasure Point. I road by there Saturday and not only were they deserted, it didn't look at all like they even had anywhere to dock, let alone fuel up. Do they? If so, they need a really big sign letting folks know....
6/27/2007 3:21:44 PM
*FYI Fuel info for 26 June - Pier Pressure
The Pleasure Point I called on is about two miles south west of where Sandy Creek opens up to the main lake. I was by there in May and their dock was in good shape. They answered the phone when I called about gas and did not indicate being closed...
6/27/2007 9:50:13 PM
*FYI Fuel info for 26 June - 4Golf
Pleasure Point is usually my marina-of-choice, as it is closest to my cabin and usually has very competitive prices. Unfortunately, they do not have a floating dock, and as the water inevitably continues to drop, docking there to gas-up will be problematic. I was last at the lake 3 weekends ago and they still had enough water for docking. Given the fall of nearly 2 feet since then......not sure if boats will still float at their dock today. There may be other marinas on the lake with similar problems...I feel for them, as I know they rely heavily on summertime income to sustain them through the year.
6/29/2007 10:50:22 AM
*Wind Creek - gregory
We have been planning a trip to Wind Creek for months. I know the water is down, will I still be able to get my boat in at the ramp by the store and marine police? How is this water level going to effect our boating and fishing? Thanks.
6/29/2007 11:21:16 AM
*Wind Creek - LakeLover
Wind Creek has one the deep water ramps on the lake so launching your boat there should not be a problem. You just will have to be careful with the water this low objects that normally would be deep under the surface are not. Stay in big water areas. Be careful, have fun.

6/29/2007 11:49:41 AM
*Wind Creek - Bspencer
I used the ramp at Wind Creek next to the marine police station Wednesday and it still had water. I walked a little ways down the ramp and didn't find the end of it. Hopefully it'll work for a while longer.
7/5/2007 8:19:11 PM
*Alternate to DSL and Cable ??? - Maverick
Based on our remote location (mid way between Wind Creek and the River Bridge) we do not have DSL or Cable Internet connections at the lake and it is about to drive me crazy - LOL.

Any way do not want another satellite dish in the yard for Internet so I was thinking of a wireless PC card through Verizon or another carrier. Anyone ever tried one of these around the lake? Connection speeds have to be high speed or close to it or I would just be better off with dial up.

Also found a site called which appears to be installing WIFI around the lake, anyone know if they have a tower around the River North Bridge?

Any suggestions would be appreciated as having Internet withdrawals while at the lake and a lot of times I could stay at lake rather than going to work. Which would be wonderful and a lot more productive than being in an office environment.

Thanks for any suggestions.
7/5/2007 8:48:56 PM
*Alternate to DSL and Cable ??? - CAT BOAT
You were crazy way before now
7/5/2007 10:45:43 PM
*Alternate to DSL and Cable ??? - glen7297
Can't help you much. I decided to go with satellite about 1-1/2 years agoand am very disappointed in the speed or lack thereof. Really no faster than the old dial up. Grrrrr.....

Was interested in hearing about the Wifi maybe coming around the lake. I am going to check that out.
7/6/2007 8:51:45 AM
*Alternate to DSL and Cable ??? - Hunting231
Mav -

I have a cable modem at home (Com-Link); however, while I'm on the road for work - I use my Verizon phone that is attached with a USB cable to my laptop. It works very well, and very fast. I can't speak for how well it will work up here on the lake - but, it is a pretty good alternative for some of the hotels I've stayed at that offer "High-Speed" Internet - just to find out their connection is often slower than dial-up.
7/6/2007 11:01:00 AM
*Alternate to DSL and Cable ??? - cstewa
If you go to the verizon store you can get a PC card or a usb modem to hook up to your laptop or desktop to connect to the internet. It will automatically connect to what they call "national access" or the much faster service called "Rev Do-A". You can try this out for 15 days at your lake house to see if it connects to the faster service. If it doesn't connect to the faster service then return it with in 15 days, get your money back and just go with dial up.

I am just off 63 and just north of the Kowaliga bridge and I can connect to the faster "Rev Do-A" intermitently. I hope to get an antenna that will help the connection.

The "Rev Do-A is really fast....the "national access" is similiar to dial up...maybe a little faster but not worth the money.

But give it a try for 15 days.

The USB modem was about 160...but now I think there is a 50$ rebate....the service is then about 60 a month. So you really want to make sure you can connect to the "Rev Do-A"
7/25/2007 3:16:29 PM
*Bass Fishing - gregory
I'm gonna be at Wind Creek camping for a couple of days. We're wanting to do some Bass fishing day and night. Anybody willing to share a little advice on lures, spots, time of day, etc?

7/26/2007 2:18:49 PM
*Bass Fishing - Pontoonfisher
I don't bass fish in the summer but the catfish are biting real good. I have been using cut bream. There are very good eating as well. If your camp site is by the water I would throw some lines out and leave them around dusk or at night. Better yet get a trotline at Walmart and put it out at night.
8/18/2007 11:45:11 PM
*Verizon Wireless Card at Lake - Maverick
Just an FYI for those of us that cannot get DSL or Cable Internet access at the lake.

Went by Verizon in Bham on Friday and picked up a Verizon Wireless card for my laptop.

Took it home to house in Bham and tried it out. To say the least I was amazed at the speed I would have to say it is probably faster than my DSL.

So brought to lake on Saturday and figured since I was out of the big city the cards Internet speed would be hampered significantly. Boy was I ever wrong just as fast at the lake.

So for those of us who cannot get DSL of Cable Internet access at the lake this might be a great solution.

In case you are wondering our home is on the Alex City side of the lake up by Wind Creek and the monthly cost is $59.95 per month if you have Verizon wireless phone service. Not sure what i cost if you do not have their wireless phone service. Also the card was free after rebate and you get to try it for 30 days at no risk to make sure you like it.

Also the other benefit is not having to worry about going on vacation or business somewhere and wondering if you will have Internet access as long as you have Verizon service it appears I will have Internet access. As I felt assured once I got to Alex City and out of Verizon's primary network the speed would be significantly hampered, but I was wrong, so I hope to find this fact to be true in my other travels throughout the US.

Another interesting fact is that while I was waiting for the card to be activated the sale person told me by Feb 2008 all wireless signals were required to be digital, therefore analog will be no longer. The rep also asked me if I heard some echoing recently when I spoke on my Verizon phone and said yes. He told me this is because the tower I was on was in the process of transferring from analog to digital. Just a tid bit of info I thought I would pass along.
8/19/2007 8:33:48 AM
*Verizon Wireless Card at Lake - LifeTime Laker
Why can't you get cable internet in that area? We have it here in the Gap. I thought sure it was available in your area. That suprises me.
8/19/2007 10:06:21 AM
*Verizon Wireless Card at Lake - roswellric
Does the internet service work all around the lake and toward Montgomery?

I use Verizon for the cell phone and since the service has gone digital the signal has gotten much worse. I'm in the Sandy Creek area in Dadeville. Wonder if that is going to improve or do I dump Verizon?

Also I'm using Charter cable and getting speeds at T-1+ according to CNET.
8/19/2007 1:28:09 PM
*Cingular has just.... - Osms
gotten worse. Noticed my cell phone is now displaying AT&T on the screen instead of Cingular and my reception has gotten worse. Drove from Real Island to Sandy yesterday and had no service until I got to the Hwy 50/Hwy 49 intersection. Used to have reception all the way to Kowlidga.
8/19/2007 7:28:19 PM
*Cingular has just.... - Freshwater Bay Girl
I also checked into this service with cingular. They said as long as you have a signal for your phone, you'll have internet service. they also said you can purchase a router that will allow up to 5 lap tops to connect to the internet. This may be great for neighbors that are close to share the service. Espically if you are rental properties. I've noticed this is something people are looking for with their rentals. Our signal is not strong @ Bay Pine Island for cingular. Concerned that the service will be inconsistent.Do you have alot of trees and what effect do they have on the signal?
8/19/2007 8:53:46 PM
*Cingular doesn't.... - Osms
have any towers around the lake according to their coverage maps on their website and the last time I checked you can't get a local Cingular/AT&T number. You're roaming< I believe on T-Mobile towers--could be wrong. Service is spotty with digital.
8/20/2007 10:27:09 AM
*Verizon Wireless Card at Lake - BiggerDog
I have had this card for two years and my place is in Stillwaters. The reception is awful - I have to be outside for it to work at all and it absolutely creeps. However, it is better than nothing.
8/20/2007 10:46:28 AM
*Verizon Wireless Card at Lake - rainbow slough
For me, nothing is better than access. We finally got phone service over the winter because friends said we were so hard to reach at the lake...guess being away from it all means different things to different folks.
8/20/2007 12:18:10 PM
*Bigger Dog - Maverick
If your card is over 2 years old I would upgrading the card to the latest technology which is Rev A. At least I was told by the Verizon rep Rev A was the latest and greatest and the is the network I am connecting too both in Bham and the lake.

Know of a couple of other folks with cards just over one year old and my web page loads are twice as fast as theirs.

On reception do not have any solutions other than I know Verizon has a couple of cards which show under accessories as having the capability to attached a booster antenna. But do not know anything about such.
8/20/2007 9:28:31 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - Maverick
Trying to compile a list of all public and marina boat ramps were the general public can launch their boats. Only really familiar with the Alex City side of the lake so anyone who can correct or add to the below please email me at Any assistance would be much appreciated, info taken from APCo lake map and appears some of the info is a little out of date.

Alex City / Jackson Gap Area
Alexander City
River North Marina (Forklift only)
Wind Creek State Park
Bay Pine Marina (Has a ramp and limited parking)

Perue Creek Area
Off Hwy 63 and Wicker Point Road

Manoy / Mawind Creek Area
Dare Park - Manoy
Madwin Creek off Marty Marin Rd (Is this still there / name?)
Marty's Marine (Is this marina or ramp still there?)

Sandy Creek / Pleasure Point Area
Maxwell Gunter
Pleasure Point
Smiths Landing
Bucks Creek Area off of Hwy 57 (Name??)
Public Access Off hwy 34 (Name??)

Stillwaters Area
Harbor Pointe (Forklift only)
Blue Creek
Lakeview Marina

Walnut Hill / Dam Area
Chucks Marina
Union - Public Ramp Past Chucks Marina ??

Kowaliga Bay Area
The Ridge (Forklift only)
Anchor Bay Marina (Has a ramp but no parking)
Kowaliga Marina (Forklift only??)

Parker Creek / Real Island Area
Real Island Marina
Parker Creek Marina
Little Kowaliga Creek / Lott Slough (name ??)
8/20/2007 9:30:57 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - mckaygmc
I do know this.....At the Alex city ramp .If you stand looking down at the water. the lane on the right is deeper. the lane on the left has alot of sedlment piled up at the end and causes the trailer to tilt to one side. Makes it tough to load a boat.
8/21/2007 7:59:32 AM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - Freshwater Bay Girl
Bay Pine MArina has been working with Al Power about the property next to them. They are planning on leasing this property and adding enclosed storage as well as additional parking. FYI per Sonja at the marina.
8/20/2007 9:44:54 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - sagetek
Harbor Pointe has a boat ramp ($10). Think it still is useable.
8/20/2007 11:10:55 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - boataholic
Northern-most end of Parker Creek, off Hwy 259, at the end of Johnson Creek Rd is another APCO ramp.
8/20/2007 11:45:35 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - Pier Pressure
Anchor Bay has a public ramp, but VERY limited, to NO parking...
8/21/2007 9:59:23 AM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - 4PAR
The one at the end of Johnson Creek road is a very good ramp. Nice incline not too steep. We put our boat in there every year. It is unuseable now though. We road over last weekend to check it out. Like most ramnps it has a pretty good drop off at the end of it and the end of it is barely in the water..
8/21/2007 9:56:32 AM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - ot
Smith Landing is not usable... except for a small fishing boat or jet ski. the ramp is very long, but it plains out! i cannot get my 21' Nautique in at this ramp without getting water in my vehicle. =)
8/21/2007 10:20:14 AM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - Nutin Bitein
Harbor Point is very low I dont know how they can launch there. You cant even pull in for gas past the first pump 1 foot of water. NO SIGN TELLING YOU NOT TO !!!!! My lower unit was trimmed all the way up and still stuck in the mud. It is the closest place for gas to my house and i will never go ther again.
8/21/2007 3:04:45 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - LKBR
I launched my Ski Nautique at Real Island at 480.8.

480.3 is still doable but you have to stay in the middle of the ramp.
8/22/2007 2:24:25 PM
*Need Your Help on Boat Ramps - LifeTime Laker
Marty's Marina is now condos.

The public ramp in Madwind is fine for year round use. It is off of Point Windy Road, but has limited parking. If we go to 475, there may not be a usable ramp anywhere on the lake.
10/10/2007 7:35:52 PM
*Boat Ramp status - LifeTime Laker
I went over to Madwind Creek ramp today. It is out of commission now also. I checked becuase a buddy was talking about taking the wave runners for an exploratory run this weekend. There is about 8 inches still on the concrete, but the drop at the end of the concrete is horrible. I wouldn't try it.

But speeking of clean up. It was a mess there. With about two foot of extra water gone it is unbeleivable all the crap that is in the water. From tires to maiboxes. A winter cleanup is definitely in order.
10/10/2007 8:15:11 PM
*Boat Ramp status - CAT BOAT
Yall just have to pick up the Wave Runners, and put them in the water by hand.
10/11/2007 8:28:44 AM
*Float my boat - mbk
I am ready to “refloat my boats” after completing the regular maintenance. Yes, some of us still have water it is just a longer walk. I took the pontoon out last Wednesday (10/3) at Kowaliga, but by now it is probably not in service – the big rock on the west ramp was a pain last week and the east ramp if full of rocks. A great project, that I hope we can maintain for a while on this board, is what ramps are in service. Good information would be the water levels at the end of each ramp. All help would be appreciated by many of us. If you know the depth at each of these ramps, or if you know of other public ramps, please post the information. Thanks.

These ramps are identified on the AL DCNR web site

Operated by AL DCNR
Madwind Creek – out of service per LTL on 10/10
Paces Point (Pleasure Point)
Smith Landing
Wind Creek State Park

Operated by Alabama Power
D.A.R.E. Park
Union – good to about 475 per Lakeman on 10/10

Operated by Tallapoosa County
Between the dam and Wind Creek State Park
Upstream from Wind Creek State Park

Operated by Alexander City
North of 280 bridge
10/11/2007 8:45:51 AM
*Float my boat - mckaygmc
I didnt walk out past the end of the ramp at alex city but the concrete ending of the ramp is at the waters edge. However there were empty boat trailers in the parking lot. So, people with small boats are still using this ramp as of sunday.
10/15/2007 10:43:49 AM
*Status of Ramps - mbk
A great project, that I hope we can maintain for a while on this board, is what ramps are in service. Good information would be the water levels at the end of each ramp. All help would be appreciated by many of us. If you know the depth at each of these ramps, or if you know of other public ramps, please post the information. Thanks.

These ramps are identified on the AL DCNR web site

Operated by AL DCNR
Kowaliga - estimated end of ramp is 476 msl
Madwind Creek – out of service per LTL on 10/10
Paces Point (Pleasure Point)
Smith Landing
Wind Creek State Park

Operated by Alabama Power
D.A.R.E. Park
Union – good to about 475 per Lakeman on 10/10

Operated by Tallapoosa County
Between the dam and Wind Creek State Park (help with the common name)
Upstream from Wind Creek State Park (help with the common name)

Operated by Alexander City
North of 280 bridge - mckaygmc 10/7 water at edge of boat ramp but small trailers in parking lot. Mckaygms 10/15 ramp is out of the water (added: estimate end of ramp at about 476 msl)

Private Ramps open to the public
Anchor Bay Ramp – mbk 10/13 water 6” below end of ramp with about a 12” drop off. End of ramp is about 477 msl
10/15/2007 11:04:21 AM
*Status of Ramps - BoatsRFun
Kowaliga ramp has a sign out that says RAMP CLOSED, low water, use at your own risk...
10/15/2007 11:11:01 AM
*Status of Ramps - mckaygmc
Alex City is out of the water. There is a big hole at the end of the concrete.

I watched one guy drop his aluminum boat trailer off in it to unload and then drag it out with rocks hanging on the leaf springs....crazy
10/15/2007 1:34:08 PM
*Status of Ramps - mbk
Thanks for the replys. I used the Kowaliga ramp on 10/3 to take my pontoon boat out - difficult then and the water as about 478. The huge rock on the west ramp was a real pain. Rumor (I think on this forum) is that DCNR plans to extend the Kowaliga ramps - any news?
10/15/2007 2:17:25 PM
*Status of Ramps - JIM
I do not thank the ramps need anything, the boats should have been out weeks ago if you can read , if not TS. It will take 3 years for Martin and other lakes to recover, and that`s with normal rainfall. Mite betime to bail out.
10/15/2007 3:55:34 PM
*Status of Ramps - mbk
NEWSFLASH: There is still a lot of water in Lake Martin. Fall, winter, and spring are great fishing for some of us. The problem now is not GETTING OUR BOATS OUT, but getting them back in so we can enjoy some of the other pleasures of lake living - fishing and enjoying the beauty of our lake when it is not as crowded and hot. Be happy for what we have. I still have a useable ramp but many of our forum readers do not and this is simply an attempt to help them be able to enjoy the lake this year.
10/15/2007 5:38:02 PM
*Status of Ramps - Lakeman
Union ramp still in use as of today. Can launch large bass boats.
10/15/2007 6:09:28 PM
*Status of Ramps - mbk
10/20/2007 10:14:38 PM
*Wind Creek - trackergirl
I just got home from Wind Creek. Our slip, E4 has 15 inches of water. I'm glad we pulled our boat when we did. They moved a houseboat to the end of the dock and it is now sitting on the ground with the motor in the mud. The slip where it used to sit has 9 1/2 inches of water. I took a bunch of pictures, but I don't know how to put them on here. They have cones blocking one of the boat ramps, but the other appears to be open. Part of the floating dock is sitting on the ground. It's a sad site to say the least.
10/21/2007 11:57:25 AM
*Low Water Level Photos - Webmaster
Upload your images to the Photo Gallery. I'm creating a new gallery for the low level. I visited the lake and took some interesting photos Saturday.

10/21/2007 11:31:19 PM
*Wind Creek - trackergirl
I posted a few photos. I took about 100.
10/24/2007 6:22:46 PM
*Wind Creek Ramps - mckaygmc
Mav. Have you spoken to Wind Creek Lately? Do they have any ramps open?
10/24/2007 6:29:18 PM
*Wind Creek Ramps - Maverick
Nope I have not good question.

I will call them tomorrow as this is also State owned so I wonder if the State also is extending these ramps along with Kowaliga and Paces.

Will let you know tomorrow.
10/24/2007 8:17:14 PM
*Wind Creek Ramps - mckaygmc
Thank You
11/13/2007 8:20:00 PM
*Dadeville Not Alone - alabamageologist
Reviewing ADEM public notices, I discovered the Water, Sewer, and Gas Board of Wedowee and the Roanoke utilities Board each had sanitary sewage discharges to waters of the State. The Wedowee outfall is Wedowee Creek (Lake Wedowee). Roanoke outfall is High Pine Creek that flows into the Tallapoosa River in Chamber County. The discharge violations have been occuring for years and has resulted in consent orders with thousands of dollars in fines. I do not know if City of Dadeville has entered into such an order to fix the waste water treatment plant.
I seem to remember a similar situation 10-15 years ago when sludge was deposited into Elkahatchee Creek by City of Alexander
City. Was that sludge ever removed? Or was the only the outfall moved to the main lake above Wind Creek Park?
Accountability from the regional municipalities would be appropriate. They bring in residential, commercial, and industrial developments and soak up increase revenue through sales and property taxes. It is the fault of city planners that discharges to waters of the State are occuring.
11/13/2007 8:28:07 PM
*ADEM - Osms
Do you feel that ADEM is doing their job enforcing pollution regulations on Cities?

BTW, Alex City modernized their WWTP, not sure about the downstream sludge.
11/13/2007 10:29:44 PM
*Dadeville Not Alone - Maverick
Also read an article a couple of weeks ago that the AL Attorney General also sued the city of Pell City when a local citizen group threatened a lawsuit over sewage discharge into Logan Martin.

The article was online in the Daily Home newspaper. Cannot copy line as to long.

If interested go to and search under ARCHIVES in left nav bar for ADEM.

Short excerpt of article is:

PELL CITY - An official with the state Attorney General's Office said Wednesday a lawsuit filed against the city was not a punitive measure but a preemptive measure to protect the city from future lawsuits. The Attorney General's Office and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management filed the lawsuit alleging the city violated the Alabama Water Pollution Control Act by discharging pollutants into Alabama waters.

The lawsuit alleges the city had 405 sanitary
12/30/2007 8:27:44 PM
*Wind Creek/Spring Break - gregory
We camped at Wind Creek last year drung spring break (mid-march). We were back there early and late July. The water in late July was the lowest of all the trips. If I understand correctly the water is even lower than that now. My question is should I just plan on leaving the bass boat at home? Is the water expected to be up any by March? I love camping as long as I get to fish! But I don't want to tear up the boat either.
12/31/2007 12:03:48 PM
*Wind Creek/Spring Break - ALSCN
Just watch the lake levels from this site. Plus, as long as you can find a ramp there is still plenty of water, just be careful because there are a lot of *new* islands, not to mention very shallow places. We are all hoping and praying that the lake will be back up next year, but many doubt that "Full Pool" will come for awhile.
1/1/2008 7:37:46 PM
*Wind Creek/Spring Break - Freshwater Bay Girl
There have seen plenty of bass boats out fishing in the last few months. There were two or three that spent the day in front of our house and we are not far from wind creek. The catch is to know if you can get any gas on the water. I would guess that River North Marina might be your only hope. The lake is still so beautiful and there is still plenty of water in the lake. You just have to watch where you are going if you get out of the mains. You'll also get a good look at what will be great fishing spots when the water comes up. You have to realize that Wind Creek is one of the more shallow areas of the lake. I just love the lake no matter what time of year it is or how much water there is. It's so beautiful.

1/1/2008 7:37:46 PM
*Wind Creek/Spring Break - Freshwater Bay Girl
There have seen plenty of bass boats out fishing in the last few months. There were two or three that spent the day in front of our house and we are not far from wind creek. The catch is to know if you can get any gas on the water. I would guess that River North Marina might be your only hope. The lake is still so beautiful and there is still plenty of water in the lake. You just have to watch where you are going if you get out of the mains. You'll also get a good look at what will be great fishing spots when the water comes up. You have to realize that Wind Creek is one of the more shallow areas of the lake. I just love the lake no matter what time of year it is or how much water there is. It's so beautiful.

1/2/2008 9:30:45 PM
*Well - roswellric
Have you though about Florida?
2/23/2008 7:39:07 PM
*adventure race - striper198
Can anyone tell me about an adventure race that was taking place near the Wind Creek State park? Any info would be great.
2/23/2008 9:54:25 PM
*adventure race - Edge
I had a friend that did this. See info below and link.

Feb 23 - Feb 23 Amphibious Warrior Adventure Race- Elite
2008 USARA National Championship Qualifier Alexander City
Wind Creek State Park AL
The elite race is an annual Sprint distance adventure race featuring orienteering/trekking, canoeing, Mt biking, and challenging obstacles. This year the Amphibious Warrior Adventure Race will be a USARA National Qualifying Event. The first place 3-person Coed team will receive $400 dollars toward entry into the 2008 USARA National Championship race. The event will be held in and around Wind Creek State Park, on Lake Martin, and in the surrounding area. Check in will be at the group camp ground inside of Wind creek State Park. Some checkpoints will be pre plotted on maps and others will be plotted by the teams. Teams will be required to navigate to the points using map and compass. Cash prizes will be awarded to top finishers.
Event Type: Sprint Adventure Race
(334) 728-5034

Link: Race Info
2/23/2008 10:00:36 PM
*adventure race - Another Link - Edge
2/24/2008 7:40:00 AM
*adventure race - striper198
Thanks for the info, looks like fun.
2/25/2008 10:41:08 AM
*adventure race - John C
fyi there is also an annual one in Wetumpka on the Coosa River that is supposed to be pretty fun, they allow a team concept, so that one person on the team paddles, one runs, one bikes, etc. Or you can have teams in another class that do it all.
3/10/2008 11:30:43 PM
*CLEAR WATER - finman
3/11/2008 5:58:07 PM
*CLEAR WATER - Pier Pressure
What is "Along the boardwalk"? Where is this? I have never dove North of the rock. I was looking for something up that way to give me a reaon to cruise up there...
3/11/2008 9:34:24 PM
*CLEAR WATER - finman
3/13/2008 12:03:50 PM
Any large rocks or habitat for catfish in that area??
3/13/2008 7:58:47 PM
*CLEAR WATER - finman
3/14/2008 4:33:22 PM
I love it when a plan comes together!!
3/15/2008 2:21:19 AM
*For SPEARFISHER - Pier Pressure
The only fish you can spear in Alabama fresh water legally are:

Drum, buffalo, channel catfish and all members of the catfish family and the spotted sucker and all members of the sucker family, including the species known as red horse and black horse.

Not sure if you were aware of this rule or not... Seems interresting because I have seen many largemouth that I would have taken not knowing this law. (I do not spearfish..... yet at least...)
3/17/2008 9:40:13 AM
Actually, believe it or not I was aware of that. One must also purchase a state spear fishing liscense which your annual hunting or fishing liscense does not cover. And I promise I only shoot catfish. You ought to try it it is a blast!!
4/23/2008 7:43:27 AM
Is a spotted sucker fish also known as a LTL
3/19/2008 4:22:36 PM
*ne1 boating sat? Cat???? - interceptor
will be up to wind creek for the weekend, bringin the you gonna be out, this is john from ft walton, i been to your shop with mark...
3/19/2008 4:32:13 PM
*ne1 boating sat? Cat???? - CAT BOAT
Hey John, I have to work on Saturday, and not sure with Sunday being Easter. I'll let you know.
4/22/2008 2:02:25 PM
*Food for thought... - Pier Pressure
These posts were made near the end of a long string, and probaby everyone lost interest and no one rad them. Not really looking for comments, just want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to read...

LifeTime Laker Statement

I am going to jump in the fray here with some facts too Aussie. Enforcement is the key. Not studies or anything else. There are enough studies on wave action now to PROVE that the boats banned had little or no MORE impact on shore erosion than any other boat. A wave is the closest thing to perpetual motion that you will find on Earth. A wave looses virtually NO energy until acted upon by an out side force, i.e., land, other wave, wind, current, or even a boat (depending on ratio of boat to wave). For centuries sailors have told stories of rogue waves but were scoffed at. Even as late as the 70's and 80's computer simulations showed that a 100ft rogue was a 1 in 10,000 year event. Then came high powered sattelites that could actually record waves and in one 100 square mile area of the north atlantic four were recorded in a 10 day period. Waves are amazing!!

I say all that to make a point and that is the biggest problem with waves on LM is NOT boats, but the homeowners!! Why? It is simple, everyone wants a seawall so they pour a solid concrete wall, or build a solid wood wall. These walls serve as bumpers for waves. Every wave that hits one is bounced back into the lake, where it continues across the lake to be bounced back into the lake again, and again, and again. A boat can only create a wave ONCE, seawalls can bounce it around for the rest of the day!!

What is the answer? Simple, build different seawalls. APCO now pushes for riprap walls because they difuse more wave energy. They even require a layer of riprap along the bottom of solid walls because this helps difuse some of the energy also. Geostone walls are designed to difuse some energy also because the waves actually travel through the wall into the gravel behind them. It is real easy to sit back and blame the boats for the erosion, but the powers that be know what the real problem is. And then some ignorant folks like bob like to come along berate the folks at Karis Park for NOT having a seawall, and espuose the shoreline benifits of the boat ban. The reality is, it is just the oppisite. A natural shoreline is better for the lake than a solid seawall and boats cause less erosion than seawalls.

I know most of you are smart enough to understand this. PP has a post from yesterday where he speaks to waves also. I know he understands this concept. If I know it, then surely APCO knows it. So staying further away from a shoreline has little to no effect on decreasing erosion. building better seawalls, and getting boats on plane is the best prevention.

Maverick I saw you talking about pouring a concrete wall to replace your riprap. I would encourage you not to. I understand the hassle of washing riprap but I think you should look into having the riprap cinched down with chain link fence. I have seen this done. It works well and it would make a world of difference with that massive waterfront of yours. I can by no means tell you that you have too, or even that you should on my say so, but I think you should look into what I have said here. I think when you do, you will maybe have a diiferent outlook because I know you care about the lake.

It seems to me that if erosion is the real issue, the legislation should be on what type of seawall is permitted, not what is making the waves in the first place. As PP said, watch Kowliga Bay on a weekday afternoon with a 10 knot wind and very few boats, and then try to argue it is the boats that are causing the problem.

My response...

That was a very good post. Drive by (on the water) Wind Creek and see their shoreline erosion walls. They are angled with the "Natural" lay of the land"

One thing I would like to point out. Someone mentioned "Natural Shoreline". I get to see the natural shoreline of Martin on occasion, and unless you are use to 54 degree water at 80 plus feet deep, do not talk to me about "Natural Shoreline". Man made this lake, and it is completely unnatural to attempt to keep the shoreline "in check" to begin with.

Google the Mississippi river delta and look at the satelite pictures. Look at the Alabama River between Ft Touloue and Montgomery. There are many areas where the river use to flow that are now "Natural" lakes.

The Pacific Ocean in California has cliffs that erode at a certain rate each year.

These are "Natural Shorelines", and ALL are affected by NATURAL WAVE ACTION / HYDROLIC FORCE"

Lakes all throughout the U.S. are filling with silt from the feeder streams. The Colorado river has numerous fish species becoming extinct because by daming up the rivers they have changed the "Natural Shoreline", annual water temp and other factors.

I scuba dive in lake Martin. The erosion that I witness is constant from the current shoreline, through 80 feet depth. Waves only affect of the wave height x 2 (or the amplitude of the wave). So if you have a maximum 4 ft wave, you can only have a maximum affect of 8 feet vertical to the shoreline.

When dam was built they cut trees off at the surface. Everyone witnessed thie year that the original stumps are exposed. They are exposed at a constant rate, regardless of where they are on the lake and regardless of how much wave action the particular part of the lake is. The height of these stumps is constant from the current surface to the deepest points of the lake.

So, I submit as a hypothesis (observed/educated GUESS) that the lake erosion is not a factor of the surface wave action, but a result of top soil dissolving and simply being carried away over time.

One factor I submit it the fact that as the water was going down last year you could put your foot 2 to 4 foot deep into the mud (similar "Silt" observations made at 80 plus feet deep). There were pictures posted of a young boy almost waist deep in the "Silt". Once the sun hit this "Silt" and it dried it became hard enough once more to walk on. So, I suggest that the top soil is "dissolving", not being broken down by wave action.

Also, if you have ever walked the beach (actual beach, at the ocean) in a time of low tide after a storm you see the sand creates "shelves" as I call them. 3 to 6 foot drop offs caused by wave action. When the water is down in the winter, is a similar "shelf" created on Lake Martin? The answer is "No". When you go down to the average winter depth, can you see any "drop off" caused by boats or other wave action? The answer is no, there are not 2 distinct shorelines, and no one has to build a winter "Sea wall", because the only reason is to protect "Property". Mother Nature does not care how pretty your shoreline is, as she will arrange it as she pleases... I like the idea of natural lay of the land type erosion prevention techniques. Wonder why no one is marketing these?
4/22/2008 3:19:08 PM
*Food for thought... - Walter
LTL has WAAAAY too much time on his hands
4/22/2008 3:20:05 PM
*Food for thought... - Walter
so does PP...
4/22/2008 3:30:03 PM
*Food for thought... - farmboy
Can I get a AMEN on that !
4/22/2008 3:34:49 PM
*Food for thought... - HOT ROD
Lotta BS about waves in that post. LTL mentions studies; I'd love to see one. But I figure I'll just get insulted instead.
4/22/2008 4:31:19 PM
*Turn off the MTV and XBox - LifeTime Laker
And watch a little Discovery Channel, History Channel, and TLC.
4/22/2008 4:57:03 PM
*Right again. - HOT ROD
I asked for some sort of proof, but predicted an insult; I got the insult.

You might as well just admit that you're stretching the truth, LTL. Unless you're really just making stuff up because there is no truth to stretch.
4/22/2008 7:57:01 PM
*Yes hot rod.... - LifeTime Laker
... I made it all up. Do a little googling and prove me wrong. It should be easy enough that even you could do it, since I made it all up and all.....LMAO.
4/22/2008 5:14:05 PM
*Food for thought... - ALSCN
It's funny how everyone who has responded to this thread so far want to talk about how PP and LTL have nothing but time on their hands. Well I can tell you in one case, that is sooo far from the truth. But I am not here to take up for him.... but if any of you who wanted to trash talk what they are trying to tell you, instead of doing a little research, you can find it online. The Quote below even states how seawalls are rarely permitted, and why exactly would you think that is??? Maybe because they do more harm then good....

Quote from web:

Because of their potential for harming fish and wildlife habitats and other public rights, the construction of seawalls along a shoreline is rarely permitted. Vegetative erosion control is recommended for low to moderate energy sites; for high energy sites, other structural methods such as rock riprap may be appropriate. For more information on erosion control methods, please see Lakeshore and Streambank Erosion Control Information.

4/22/2008 5:35:31 PM
*Food for thought... - boataholic
Interesting link. My how the lake would look different. Somehow I don't think those seawalls are what Russel has in mind for their million dollar houses.
4/22/2008 5:31:04 PM
*More food for thought... - boataholic
So what is stopping APCO from requiring that all new seawalls have wave dissipating characteristics? And why don't the Marine Police start placing more no wake zones in the lake and start writing more tickets for people speeding recklessly too close to shore?
4/22/2008 11:59:49 PM
*More food for thought... - LifeTime Laker
Part of the point is it doesn't matter how close to shore you are, the energy is the same if you pass 500ft away or 50 ft away. The wave made and energy created will be the same when both waves hit shore, if you take out all other variables.
4/23/2008 8:48:36 AM
*More food for thought... - boataholic
Ah, true. I got caught up in the debate over idle speed areas. The idle speed/no wake areas are really only useful for swimming areas, crowded areas around marinas, and narrow sloughs. Unfortunately we can see where this debate is going in the long run, towards more restrictions on boating.
4/23/2008 9:11:48 AM
*It's the slippery slope... - LifeTime Laker
.... that I have been preaching about. FORGET personal responsibillity, we have to run to the 'nanny state' that our government has become to make more regulations to control our behavior.
4/22/2008 8:55:28 PM
*Food for thought... - WishIwerethere
Thank you for echoing ltl's thoughts. I know he's always got an opinion and I don't always agree, but I usually learn something new. As to some of the other comments about "ownership" on this lake and whether anyone has the right to speak up about certain topics it strikes me as pretty ridiculus as a comeback to LTL. And for the record, we are homeowners on the lake and have been for many, many years.
4/22/2008 10:01:52 PM
*Food for thought... - Feb
I totally agree with you. I think all of us whether it be property owners or boaters on the Lake have the same privilege and joy of the Lake. We are all equal and neighbors in my view with a great blessing to hold close to our hearts.

I respect your opinon since I know you have a common interest. Where is your home on the Lake?
4/27/2008 11:51:22 PM
*Bob, et al - LifeTime Laker
I am reposting this here because I have a feeling Bob's ret@rd comments below will vanish soon, as it should...............

I have said on here for a decade before you showed up that I don't come here looking for friends. I have a few, and many aquaintences. The few freinds I do have I wouldn't trade for anything. They are almost as important to me as my family. But just for the record, I have made a couple of freinds, and several more aquaintences that I hope move into the freinds catagory as time goes by, from posting here. Some have made our 'relationship' public, others not so much. That is fine. I am VERY outspoken and VERY opinionated. Some of the folks I am getting to know cannot afford to be outspoken or opinionated as publicly as I can due to their postion in the community and business world. I respect their right to privacy. I can assure you that my inbox would surprise you and many others, but those that have corresponded with me KNOW that I will maintain those confidences. They have learned that through trial and error in some cases, the word of others in some cases also.

Also, my ego is just fine. I don't have to build myself up by putting down others. I do enjoy putting down one member in particular, although I had not done so for MONTHS untill he chose to post lies and innacuracies about me. And yes, I blasted him really good for a couple of days. He has chosen to slink back into obscurity. I am sure because he realized what a screwed up, offensive post he made. Not just offensive to me, because he said that I lie about being a property owner, which I am, but offensive to the majority of lake users. He also showed himself to have no integrity. He said if he was corrected by someone else he would admit his mistakes. Now he uses the 'out' that he required 'sworn statements' as proof. Just more proof of what an idiotic post he made. Two respected members corrected him almost immediately. He has yet to admit he was wrong. So be it, it is his integrity, not mine. The sad thing is I had started to respect him somewhat for staying out of the fray for so long. I had shared this opinion with others as well. But now, I realize his true colors are just what I thought them to be 8 years ago when he first appeared here. Leopards don't change their spots.

There are few other forum members who enjoy putting other folks down as well. If that makes them feel better, well, that is just sad for them. They really enjoy talking about others living in trailers. I know some FINE folks that live in trailers. I know some scum that live in mini-mansions. If you look down on someone for living in a trailer, that says a LOT more about you than it does them.

I enjoy a quip or witicism probably more than most. I can take a joke as well as I can give one. Constantly putting folks down says a LOT more about you than them. I guess that is a little redundant, but I want you, and a couple of others to get the message.

My knowledge of this lake and others is vast. I enjoy sharing that knowledge with anyone with a desire to learn more about what us very few are fortunate enough to call home. I understand that being one of the fortunate few affords me no more rights than anyone else who enjoys the lake, be that they live in the ridge or camp at Wind Creek. In the decade or so that I have been posting here I have seen hundreds like you come and go, yet I am still here. Your insults will not run me off, they don't endear you to other froum members, and they don't make you look any smarter. All they do make other folks not want to come here and that is a shame, because a wealth of knowledge flows through here. It is a great resource for all who enjoy the lake.
5/8/2008 9:32:01 AM
*Hwy 63 at Wind Creek project - pford
What is being constructed at 63 and Wind Creek road? The large site was graded over a year ago, but now engineering stakes are being placed.
5/8/2008 11:19:46 AM
*Hwy 63 at Wind Creek project - water_watcher
I would love to know too.
5/8/2008 11:56:39 AM
*Hwy 63 at Wind Creek project - gabby
The rumor i herd was Roy Granger was building a motel & truck stop.
6/10/2008 10:56:17 AM
*Lost set of keys - lightkeeper
Red plastic clip-on hook with many keys.
Possibly dropped ay Wind Creek campground ,old Alex City Shopping Center parking lot. or Alex City Vet Clinic. I sure do need these back if found.

I will check here regularly to see if someone has seen them. Thanks!
6/11/2008 11:16:13 AM
*Lost set of keys - lightkeeper
OK...I'm trying to post again and see if I get the FBA site when I click submit.

If everything is OK now, just a note to say I did find my keys.
6/18/2008 4:02:45 PM
*Camp Sites - Fisher Man
Does anyone know of camp sites on Lake Martin other than Wind Creek State Park? I know there are places you can go by boat, but I'm needing some park amenities.
6/18/2008 11:42:53 PM
*Camp Sites - bentprop
I'm looking also for a place to park a motorhome. Thanks.
6/23/2008 2:34:28 AM
*Campsites/Campground Property - bentprop
Anyone know of any land on the water for sale would that make a camp ground/RV park? No luck trying to rent a house for the 4th so I took our bus to park at Wind Creek. It is packed and the staff there are rude.
Enough land to built bath houses and pull thurs for bigger RV's and I think it would go.
6/23/2008 6:34:03 AM
*Campsites/Campground Property - FLgirl
Septics are a big issue as we found out the hard way. I wouldn't buy any land/lot without first getting septic approval. We might have a 3/2 available but won't know until the last minute (probably the 29th or 30th)
6/23/2008 9:16:23 AM
*Campsites/Campground Property - interceptor
I have to say something here. I have been going to wind creek for 10 years . I know the staff personnaly, they are not rude. It can get very hectic there on holidays, everybody can have a bad day. Are ou are expecting a beutifull campground to be empty for the 4th? Try going on an off weekend and you will have your pick of sites....just my 2 cents
6/23/2008 1:02:01 PM
*Inflation - Hawks Nest
2 cents gets you nowhere now. You must put in at least 8 cents.
6/23/2008 2:02:41 PM
*Campsites/Campground Property - John C
this is a generalization, but usually land on the water is so expensive it is hard to make the numbers work for an RV park. Plus it is hard to find land on the water that doesn't have a deed or neighborhood restriction against commercial use like an RV park.

That said, there is plenty of land that is close to the lake that you could do it on. Maybe you could have the park, then boaters could go put in at a public ramp.

There are also some parcels here and there that are on or near the water that you might could do homes to rent and also park and RV. Just depends what you want to do. Email me if you would like specifics.

John C

6/24/2008 1:04:29 AM
*Campsites/Campground Property - bentprop
Guess they all had a bad day Sunday. From Barney with a gun that told to park her and do not leave the motorhome to the short and rude women at the counter. Hello .. I am giving you 300 bucks to park and you are rude.

Everyone there works for the state,. My tax money probably goes to there pay.

MY issue, as I told them was I counld not sign uo for a sight with out looking at it. My bus is 40 feet long. They did not care because the enitre process Sunday was a CLUSTER.

6/26/2008 1:06:05 PM
*a response to "visitor" - John C
someone emailed me thru lakes online as an anonymous visitor, and asked the below question, I really don't know how to email them back, so I will answer them here. Their questions:

"So do you have property on the water for sale? Everyone I talk to says sewer is the issue. You can pump sewer up hill to make it work. Thanks. "

Sewer / septic might be the issue in that you might have a hard time getting a system approved, but that is only on a lot by lot basis. It's hard to make a call on the septic because it's only approved by the county when you turn in a plan for that specific lot.

That to me is the lowest of three hurdles for a project like this. the highest would be cost. If you were to buy a lot for $300,000, and it was only an acre, how many RV spots could you fit in there, 7, 8? If you can charge $50 a night, even if you rented it every possible night, would that be enough to float the debt on the $300,000, plus operating costs? Maybe you supplement by other income, I don't know.

Second hurdle is zoning. The lot / land you buy would have to be approved for this use. Not saying it can't happen, but it is a consideration.

Third hurdle is septic. Do you have enough land for a proper area for field lines, based on the amount of waste that will be discharging? Just a matter of math and money.

Again, I am not saying it can't happen. There are a few spots around the lake that maybe, possibly, could work. You don't know until you get into the details.

As to me sending you info on possibilities, please email me from your real account so that I can reply, or just call me.


John C

6/23/2008 8:54:20 AM
*Alabama State Parks - lightkeeper
Did anyone see Mike Bolton's story on our State Parks in Sunday's Birmingham News?

While it's great that money is finally being spent to upgrade several of them, there was no mention of Wind Creek.

Surely it is one of the most popular parks and though improvements still need to be made (additional sewage and electical upgrade), the new cabins that have been added plus a new bathhouse/laundry room are a good sign of more to come.

7/20/2008 12:59:36 PM
*wind creek to real island - old blue chair
in a pretty fast boat how long would it take to make the trip
7/20/2008 3:15:19 PM
*My Best Guess - Maverick
To Real Island at Following MPH

35 MPH - 38 minutes
45 MPH - 30 minutes
55 MPH - 25 minutes

7/20/2008 4:03:55 PM
*wind creek to real island - Freshwater Bay Girl
About 45 minutes with an average speed of 40 mph.
7/21/2008 12:03:06 PM
*wind creek to real island - 4PAR
Unless you have a pretty big boat I would plan for at least an hour. As rough as the water is most weekends it will be very hard to average 40 mph for a trip of any length. In a big boat it probably would be no problem.
8/23/2008 11:44:17 AM
*might be selling my lake home - Hero
and was needing input on a reasonable asking price. It's location in Madwind Creek on Point Windy Drive. It's 1.04 acres, approx. 575 foot of waterfront on a flat point lot with peninsula w/seawall. Seawall was build this year and includes a bar-b-que pit in the middle of the peninsula. Also a nice beach area. 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, living/kitchen, enclosed porch with a great view of the lake in three directions. Nice boat house. It's an older block house but in very good condition and solid as a rock.
This is a nice house and it's sitting on a GREAT lot. Most of the furnishing will stay with the house.

Committs will be appreciated.
8/23/2008 1:07:21 PM
*might be selling my lake home - Kizma Anuice
there was a house on Point Windy for sale for about nine months. The sign is gone. I don't know if it was sold or they gave up. I was told the asking price was $650,000.00. It was an older block house probably about 35 years old, but redone, added onto and redone with a nice boat house that included living quarters, I believe.

I suspect that it was built by that guy that built all of those block houses in the 70's. and was probably similar to yours.

You could probably find out what it sold for.
8/23/2008 7:38:27 PM
*I'll give you... - Blue Creeker
Reply dollar for it right now.
8/23/2008 9:03:25 PM
*You know it's worth.... - Freshwater Bay Girl
You know it's worth what someone will pay for it and what you are willing to accept for it. It sounds like $400,000+ based on what is on the market. It's just that it is a buyers market. The good thing about it is you can put it on the market and you don't have to sell unless someone offers you an acceptable price.

8/23/2008 9:50:41 PM
*You know it's worth.... - boataholic
I'm not familiar with the area but I would think a 575' flat point lot would be worth 500-600 even without a house.
9/15/2008 12:55:27 PM
*Canoe found in Madwind area - Marine Police
A camoflauge Red Hawk canoe has been recovered in the Madwind Creek area. To ID and claim call the Marine Police District Office at (256) 329-2268.
10/18/2008 10:08:10 AM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - wedoseadoo
Some of you know me as the Seadoo guy on hwy 9 at any rate several times a year I got to events that are specifically for Stand up jet skis,I realize that market is totally dead here besides a few of us diehards.Now enough of that and back to the reason for this post.This year we are putting together a freeride series for the Southeast,that will include points as far South as Pensacola Fl,and as far North as Maryville Tenn.

I have been asked to persue having one of those events at Lake Martin,Wind Creek state park has been chosen as the designated area for this event.For those of you that are not familar with the freeride events,they would be mostly contained in a small area of Wind Creek,and they involve riders doing tricks on their standup jetskis.I have already spoken with the Marine patrol about this and have been given a go ahead by them.An area is to be bouyed off and the event contained inside the bouys.Anyone outside that area is subject to all marine laws and enforcement.

What I want is some feedback and to see if there are any objections from the general boating public about having such an event here?I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the event if I can,thanks.
10/18/2008 10:24:21 PM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - twylafan
I am a stand-up rider on Lake Martin, and although I am not skilled enough to participate in such an event, I would definitely make plans to attend.
10/18/2008 10:58:33 PM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - GoneFishin
I do not own a jetski but you have my total support. Sounds like you have the right approvals.
Go for it. Get the signs in all the marinas and stores and magazines. Plan ahead and it will become an annual blast on the lake.
10/18/2008 11:00:20 PM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - GoneFishin
Talk to MAV about getting some info about it on the HOBO web site.
10/19/2008 9:20:37 PM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - wedoseadoo
I will do that but I am still working on dates and such right now ,there is a pretty tight schedule it has to fit into.
10/19/2008 10:08:57 PM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - Nick
I have 3 standups at the house that my boys ( now 33 & 35 ) & I use to ride. We get them out maybe twice a summer. We use to go to Logan Martin lake with 5 or 6 other riders & ride all day. Would love to do the same at lake martin. Maybe it your post happens we could get a group & ride some.
10/20/2008 9:37:25 AM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - Hawks Nest
Will the tricks we see want to make my child try them on a sit-down jet ski? Probably so. Sounds like a good time and I am definitely interested in watching.
10/20/2008 7:07:14 PM
*Jetski freeride on Lake Martin - wedoseadoo
You child may want to do these tricks but most are not possible on a sitdown type craft,some of these standup at this event are approaching $20,000-30,000 ,they are not for the weak at heart lol
1/3/2009 11:49:43 PM
*First post-Going out tomorrow - aufishman
Good evening,
I live in Auburn and fish Martin about ten times a year. My buddy and I are going out tomorrow and are looking for anything to catch. We can pretty much put in anywhere but would like to be on the Auburn side if possible. I have put in several times in Madwind Creek. Any tips to catching anything this time of year? What to target or use. Small 17ft aluminium boat, 35 horse. Thank you.
1/24/2009 11:59:38 PM
*Not as good as I thought - stripernut
House Boat Man and I fished through the rain and cold today. I thought the cloudy day would be outstanding, but we only landed two stripes ( a seven and a nine) and one spot. We found plenty of fish, but they didn't bite. I'm fishing tomorrow and the next day (charters), and hopefully the action will increase. The fish we found were all in the Wind Creek area and north of there. I'll post results on my web site.
Tight Lines!

1/25/2009 7:01:20 PM
*Not as good as I thought - mckaygmc
Yep...Forgot them Nanners didn't ya....LOL
2/1/2009 3:05:24 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - lakeplumber
Was in the Wind Creek area today and spotted a Bloodhound. Looked semi-healthy. Tried to call Mille, all she did was look. I did snap a photo if you think it might be her.
2/1/2009 4:55:26 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - Freshwater Bay Girl
I sent her an e-mail to get her attention quicker. She has an old post on the off-topic forum. It will connect you to her myspace page. There are many pictures of Millie there. It might help you to compare with your pictures. It would be wonderful to see this end good!
2/1/2009 5:36:07 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - lakeplumber
I do too...
2/1/2009 7:10:09 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - SALESREP
There are no pictures!!!!
2/1/2009 7:11:05 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - SALESREP
2/1/2009 7:34:47 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - SALESREP
IT'S NOT HER...but thank you so much for keeping an eye out....
2/1/2009 10:14:22 PM
*Attnetion Mille's Owner... - CAT BOAT
Wendy... Is that you????
2/8/2009 7:09:29 AM
*Great Day - stripernut
Had a good yesterday in the Wind Creek area. I posted the report on my web site.

2/8/2009 9:15:45 PM
*Another Good Day - stripernut
The schoolies are thick in the Wind Creek area. I posted are report on my web site about what we did today.

Tight Lines!

2/9/2009 3:11:51 PM
*Another Good Day - SCARAB MAN
Had a great time fishing aboard the Beba Re with our guide Wes Wood.He put us on the fish early and we had a limit befor lunch.
I'm a long time resident and fisherman of Lake Martin and I strongly recomend Wes for a guide.
Wes I fried those stripe up and they were great.Thanks for everything.Tyler
2/9/2009 7:21:54 PM
*Another Good Day - alahusker
Enjoy the posts...

Lake resident and love stripe fishing, (second to crapppie)..

After a bit of research about gave up on catching/keeping shad, but spoons and stripes work with this recreational fisherman.. Down riggers required, or how about jigging?

Couple of more feet of water and the bass boat is back in the boat house.. come APCO put the plug in..

2/9/2009 9:53:30 PM
*Another Good Day - AJsDad
Wes, Thanks for the updates! We are looking forward to fishing with you on the 28th... here's hoping they stick around until then!
2/10/2009 6:22:37 AM
*Another Good Day - stripernut
Thanks for the kind words - I had a great time with y'all as well. That chunked-up fried stripe is outstanding as is baked or grilled.

It is very difficult to control the depth on trolled lures without downriggers. Good sonar with a Navionics chip in combination with downriggers is a very effective technique.

I'm looking forward to our trip. The stripes may hold in the Wind Creek area for the next few weeks, but they may move into the creek mouths depending on the weather. We'll hunt until we find them.

BTW, so far I'm not booked this weekend.

Tight Lines!

3/8/2009 7:01:47 PM
*Fishing tip - Aardvark
This is something that I have long suspected, but only recently confirmed when I went camping at Wind Creek. I noticed that most of the bass boats left my end of the lake between 2:00 and 2:30. I thought that they might be tournament fishermen heading back to Wind Creek for a weigh in. Well, boy was I right! I sat on a bench in the campground at about 3:00 as dozens of boats raced to the marina. The tip is this: if you are not a tournament fisherman, plan on fishing later in the day after the tournament guys head for the weigh in. There won't be nearly as many fishermen on the lake, and with the early time change, you will still have several hours of fishing left. Besides, spring conditions favor late fishing as the water warms and fish start moving into shallow water later in the day.
3/9/2009 6:24:06 PM
*Fishing tip - Mack
Was there a Bass Tournament this past weekend?? I have never seen the number of fishermen/boats in my corner of LM??
3/9/2009 11:12:21 PM
*Fishing tip - Aardvark
Someone is probably having some kind of tournament up there every weekend. It may be a small club event or something larger up to the big buck circuits, but Martin attracts tournaments, and Wind Creek has the facilities to host the weigh ins. I remember that there was a big one out of Real Island many years ago, but I don't know if they still hold it, or if it is still out of Real Island. I do remember that on that tournament day, my favorite spots were stacked with boats.
3/18/2009 7:18:57 PM
*spots - bassmaster
Coming down next week for a little camping and fishing at Wind creek.
Does anyone know if the spots are bedding yet?
3/23/2009 7:10:00 PM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - SCARAB MAN
Guys I've trolled these Black Salty's to Im blue in the face.I start about a mile south of Jay Bird and I come up to the shoals and then go back down the other side.I use four Planers and a I free line a bait out the back(5 total baits).Twenty foot of line off the Planers with one to two #7 split shot and #5 Circle Hooks.I slow troll with the trolling motor as slow as I can.Am I in the wrong place,would Wind Creek or Dennis Creek be better.Any help would be great.Tyler
3/23/2009 8:56:43 PM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - Pontoonfisher
Are you marking any fish on your fishfinder? Are you marking any bait on your fishfinder? Sounds like you are doing the right things but the stripe may just not be there. They can move out of an area within minutes. I would only run 12-15' from the planers and use almost 2 oz. on your down-lines. A good quality fishfinder is a must to distinguish between bait, spots, and stripe. Any fishfinder that is less than $800.00 to $1000.00 is not good enough in my opinion. Some days we spend more time riding around trying to find the fish. Last trip we were out for 13 hours and maybe only fished for 4 hours.
3/23/2009 10:24:18 PM
*We,s and Lee Help!! - stripernut
3/23/2009 10:34:43 PM
*We,s and Lee Help!! - stripernut
You need to be in clear water. Last week I was in Orlando, but I understand we had big rains that muddied the upper end. Big fish were caught below Wood's and Young's islands. What makes stripe fishing tough is that they move around so fast. If the water is dirty up north you have to move south and look (like pontoonfisher said) until you find them. It's tough, but even tougher if you have paying customers on board. All I can say is look hard for the fish before you drop lines and move downstream from muddy water.


3/24/2009 1:36:02 AM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - SCARAB MAN
Thanks for the help guys,I'm a Stripe Fisherman in the making I hope.I will scout a little harder these next trips.I didn't mark a single fish in the river,that was a good sign I should have been else where but all these reports of stripes headen up river had me wanting a date with big mama at the shoals.Thanks again for all of ya'lls advice.Tyler
3/25/2009 9:37:04 AM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - Sandy Tiger
Well, now I know. I was up river allday saturday looking for stripe and didn't find squat. It was a crazy day. i needed a small screwdriver to adjust the new planer boards and didn't have one so that was a wash. Then I "think" I found stripe hanging real close to the bottom in Sandy and didn't have the gear to get the bait down! maybe next time
3/26/2009 8:41:18 AM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - SCARAB MAN
Sandy Tiger I had put in Sunday at the Alex City boat ramp and when I didn't catch squat I pulled out and put in at Sandy Creek boat ramp and went Crappie fishing closer to home and late that afternoon I went towards the boat ramp to pull out and a couple hundred yards from the ramp I started graphing a few stripes in about 20 ft of water.I was beat from fishing all day so I didn't drop a bait.Thats why I started this post because I thought Sripers just stayed up stream when they were trying to spawn.
Yesterday in the rain I tried again to locate some fish and found some in the back of Madwin Creek but had no takers planer boarding Black Saltys.Then tried the North side of Paces Point and graphed the points but didn't find any fish.Had a good time on the water but not much luck catching some stripes. Tyler
3/26/2009 12:32:34 PM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - Pontoonfisher
I would not limit yourself to just trolling black salties. If they are not biting the live bait then I would try throwing a bucktail or jigging with a large soft plastic jig. Keep the live bait out all the time and try some artificials while you are trolling around. There have been times when they don't touch the live bait and they hit the lures. Also remember that the black salties don't exactly match there primary food source, threadfin shad. The salties are much larger. Smaller lures (small sinking rattle trap) may also work when live bait won't. When the stripe are in a feeding they will bite anything, but you may have to try other techniques to get them to bite when they are finicky.
3/26/2009 3:14:15 PM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - SCARAB MAN
Thanks for your help with these stripes Pontoon.I've learned alot from Wes and others like yourself with the good advice. Tyler
4/15/2009 11:00:39 AM
*Wes and Lee Help!! - Sandy Tiger
over the past years I have a lot of stripe fishermen up in Sandy. Way back by the big right hand curve before you get to the bridge. I'm trying there this weekend first.

3/27/2009 8:23:04 PM
*Fishing on shore. - Bogy
Just moved to town, and I'd like to go fishing. I don't own a boat. I've tried wind creek, and there was just too much noise there. Are there any quiet places to fish from the shore around here? I'd like to catch some catfish or crappie.
3/28/2009 7:49:46 PM
*Fishing on shore. - Procraft176
Try fishing around some of the public boat ramp areas. Paces point landing and youngs landing which is in Manoy creek. Good luck. Keep your hooks wet...
4/15/2009 8:37:35 PM
*53 lb. stripe - Procraft176
A friend of mine said in the Tallasee Tribune, there was a 53lb. stripe caught off the bank in the Wind Creek area recently.Has anyone heard of this? That is about two pounds from the record.
keep your hooks wet...
4/15/2009 9:11:57 PM
*53 lb. stripe - electric chicken
this is true from what i hear,don't no who who caught it but the guy is from redhill that has got to be a hog. wish it was me he would be on the wall
6/15/2009 9:45:13 AM
*Eagle's nest- wind creek area? - baypiner
I'm aware of the nest near DARE park. I've heard there is one in the wind creek area. Does anyone know of other eagle nest locations of the lake? Thanks.
6/15/2009 2:19:17 PM
*Eagle's nest- wind creek area? - seminoled
I have been trying to find the nest in the DARE park area. I would like to show my kids. Can anyone give me some landmarks to find the nest? Thanks
6/15/2009 4:06:35 PM
*Eagle's nest- wind creek area? - Cobalt222
The Dare Park nest is on the south/east side of the gap into the park coming from Young's Island. Top of the tall pine in the center of the finger of land just back from the point. Easier to see if you stay back from the shore a bit. We haven't seen any activity in it the last several times we've stopped by.

The is another next down south almost to the dam. It's on the west side of the lake just before you get to open bay where Kowaliga and Tallapoosa come togeher. If you look on a map and find Ghost Hollow Point, it is almost directly west across the lake form there. We sat and watched two big eagles for about 30 minutes two weeks ago. Very cool.

I have not seen or heard of a next in Wind Creek.
6/15/2009 5:46:17 PM
*Eagle's nest- wind creek area? - baypiner
I'm not familiar with Ghost Hollow point, can you provide another clue? Thanks!
6/15/2009 9:46:27 PM
*Eagle's nest- wind creek area? - Little Talisi
It is on the east side of Dixie Island. If coming from Kowaliga Bridge, go past Dixie sailing club to the next island. Cruise about halfway up the east side of the island and you will spot the nest about 30 yards inland. The eagles normally are in some tall pines to the south of the nest when they are there.
6/16/2009 8:44:24 AM
*A Huge Thank You - jnrz
We were caught in the sunday storm right around the corner from wind creek. I want to thank the family that called us over to there dock and let us shelter. They invited us back whenever we are camping at the lake. They were a god-send!!! I have never seen rain rising up from the lake. We wre in the red interceptor and 2 ski's...if you are on this forum thank you again.
7/16/2009 12:01:48 PM
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The Signature Event is Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 11:30 am from 7:30 pm.

When will Alan Jackson be performing?
Alan Jackson will be performing on Saturday, July 25, 2009, at 6 pm at the Signature Event.

How much does a ticket to Alan Jackson's concert cost?
Alan Jackson's concert and AquaPalooza are free to the public. It can only be viewed by boat.

How can I attend the Alan Jackson concert on Saturday, July 25th?
The only way to view the concert is by boat. Only sponsors, volunteers and vendors will be allowed access to Kowaliga peninsula by land. Don't have a boat? Visit Russell Marine at or contact them at 866-355-8050 to learn about their selection of boats.

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Performances are planned from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm. Alan Jackson will be playing from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Check the Schedule tab on the Signature Event page of to find out who is performing and at what time.

What acts will be performing on Saturday, July 25?
Alan Jackson will be the headlining act. See the Schedule tab on the Signature Event page of to find out who else will be performing at the Signature Event.

Will there be a swimming area on Saturday, July 25?
There will be a large swimming area. Lifeguards will be on duty but it will still be swim at your own risk. Swimming will not be allowed in the boat lanes and only within 10 feet of your boat.

How much do the events cost?
There is no charge for attending the Signature Event and Alan Jackson concert on July 25th. On Friday, July 24th, there will be a Scavenger Hunt and concert at Lake Martin Amphitheater, and both events will have a charge. The Scavenger Hunt will have a fee and prizes. Tickets for the concert at Lake Martin Amphitheater on Friday, will be $15 (children 6 and under will be admitted free), and will be on sale through Ticketmaster until June 30. Performers will be Joey and Rory and Matt Stillwell at the Friday night concert. Coolers are welcome at the Amphitheater. Contact Terri Blackmon at 256-212-1479 for more information about any of the events.

How do I demo the newest Sea-Doo watercraft at the Signature Event?
The Sea-Doo® GTX Limited iS™ and RXT iS with iControl™, the world's most advanced watercraft technology, will be available for demos exclusively at the Signature Event. Click here to register to personally experience the latest PWC technology.

When and where can I get AquaPalooza t-shirts?
If you registered early to get your t-shirts, you can pick them up at the AquaPalooza Headquarters tent at Kowaliga July 23-25 from 9AM- 5PM.

Can I get additional AquaPalooza t-shirts?
While they last, you can purchase additional t-shirts at the Kowaliga Marina July 21-25. AquaPalooza t-shirts can also be purchased through

Where can I purchase AquaPalooza apparel?
Items other than registration t-shirts can be purchased at Russell Marine's Kowaliga Marina, at the Signature Event in the Russell Marine tent on July 25th and through

Where is Lake Martin?
Lake Martin is located in central Alabama just 45 miles north of Montgomery, Alabama. It is two hours from Atlanta and 75 minutes from Birmingham. Alexander City is located just north of Lake Martin. Visit to learn more about Alexander City.

Where can I stay?
Visit the Lodging tab on the Signature Event page of for recommended places to stay in Alexander City.

Are there any camping facilities on Lake Martin?
Wind Creek State Park spans 1,445 acres along the shores of Lake Martin. It is the largest state-owned campground in the United States. It includes a marina, campsites and camping cabins. For more information and a virtual tour of Wind Creek State Park, you can go to or call 256-329-0845.

Where can I anchor to attend AquaPalooza and view the stage?
The concert stage will be facing north next to Sinclair's at Kowaliga. There will be mooring buoys with lines at Kowaliga Bay on the west side of Kowaliga Bridge on Highway 63. We will have attendants on Sea-Doo® watercrafts directing traffic and helping with boat mooring.

Is there a No Wake area?
Yes, there is a No Wake area, so please be courteous of others. Please watch for buoys around the Kowaliga area and the bridge.

Will I be able to access the shore at Kowaliga?
Shuttle boats will be available to ferry people to Sinclair's and the vendors on the peninsula.

Where can I go if I have an accident?
There will be Marine Police on the water and officers on the land to direct you to the nearest first-aid station. An ambulance will be nearby for emergency situations.

Where can I launch my boat?
Go to for a listing of public boat ramps on Lake Martin. The Kowaliga boat ramp is the closest ramp to the concert. We expect a lot of congestion on July 24 & 25 at this ramp. We have been issued a permit to restrict parking at the Kowaliga ramp on July 24 & 25 to allow for better access to the ramp. We are providing additional parking at Lake Martin Amphitheater with shuttle service to a pick up area. We would also like to recommend Wind Creek State Park. It is a little further north but it has ample parking.

Will food and drinks be available?
Food and drinks will be available for purchase at Sinclair's restaurant and a variety of vendors on Kowaliga peninsula. Shuttle boats will be onsite.

When will I be able to moor my boat at Kowaliga Bay?
Mooring lines will be available on Friday, July 24, starting at 2:00 pm. You can moor your boat overnight on Friday and/or Saturday, but do so at your own risk. Shuttles will be running form 2pm to 8pm on Friday and 9am to 7 pm on Saturday from Sinclair's and there will be a limited amount of mooring lines available and will be on a first come basis. There will not be a charge for mooring overnight on Friday or Saturday. Contact Terri Blackmon at 256-212-1479 for more information.

How will the mooring process work?
Starting at 2:00 PM on Friday July 24 mooring lines will be available to moor your boat. We will have parking attendants on Sea-Doos that will help direct the boats. Most boats except pontoon boats will be moored at the stern. You will need a clip or a rope to moor. We also recommend that you throw an anchor on the opposite end and have plenty of bumpers. Anyone using the mooring lines will be asked to sign a release and waiver of liability. You must be 19 to sign. You can leave your boat overnight and take a shuttle boat back to land. When you come back the next day, you can park at the Amphitheater and we will provide a land shuttle to Kowaliga and a water shuttle to your boat. Kowaliga can not be accessed by land unless you have credentials. If you leave your boat on Friday, the shuttle drivers will ask you how many credentials you will need and they will provide as many as you need. This will be your only way to get back to your boat. Marine Police will be on the water round the clock during this time for your protection and safety.

Does registering my boat guarantee a mooring spot?
You do not have to register to attend the event and if you register it does not guarantee a spot on the mooring line. The moorings will be available at 2:00 PM on Friday, July 24, and it will be on a first come basis. The only exception will be row 1 which will be limited to Sea Rays.

Can I bring my Sea-Doo and use as a shuttle?
Yes, you can do this. We ask that you park your Sea-Doo horizontal to the back of the boat and no roamin
7/16/2009 12:11:22 PM
In case anyone does not read all the rules, here is the most important one:

We also recommend that you throw an anchor on the opposite end and have plenty of bumpers.
7/16/2009 12:13:54 PM
*Bumpers? - roswellric
7/16/2009 2:50:40 PM
I guess you can use fenders?
7/16/2009 6:36:49 PM
* You could..... - Ulysses E. McGill
but most of us prefer bumpers....unlike some, I'm OK with an assortment of bumpers of all sizes and shapes.
7/21/2009 9:30:28 PM
*Marine Patrol - Aquapalooza? - Maverick
Matt or Gary:

I think the event itself will be a controlled event. But my main concern for my family and friends is not the party, but is the after event potential chaos with lets say 2,000 or 3,000 boats heading out to try to beat the crowd, any plans here? Not worried about the congestion, just the unruly / inconsiderate captains. If no plans then might find a nice slough to hide out in for a hour or two, then cruise home later.

Also, are there any plans to have Marine Police Boats at key points heading out to The Ridge, Stillwaters or even up to say Bay Pines or Wind Creek to somewhat observe / control the flow and also to assist all the out of town visitors on finding their way home when they get lost? I would think if such boats were stationed at key points along the lake even the unruly and inconsiderate might have 2nd thoughts when the see the flashing lights ahead and make the journey home safer for all.

7/22/2009 6:27:10 AM
*Marine Patrol - Aquapalooza? - 4thelake
I rode the flame monster out there yesterday. They have every entrance to that area from every direction staked already with no wake floaters. My guess is that a good deal of them will be at those entrances enforcing the no wake as well as inside the area itself looking for idiots. It will look like 4th of July when all leave but the big difference is I think there will still be daylight, or not, what time does the sun go down?
7/22/2009 9:31:05 AM
*Marine Patrol - Aquapalooza? - Deckboat
Last weekend the sun set right at 7:30P. We had considered going by jet ski but that cuts it too close with sunset. I will be a wild ride home.
7/22/2009 10:28:52 AM
*Sunset Time - Webmaster
For Saturday July 25, 2009 - Alexander City

Sunrise: 5:52am
Sunset: 7:47pm

If the sky is clear it will stay daylight for about 30 minutes after sunset before darkness... Allowing most people go get to a destination. If it's cloudy or it's overcast then it obviously gets dark quicker.
7/30/2009 10:23:51 PM
*Internet Service - Zman
I am going to fire Charter for their limited HD service (No CBS in HD, weak HD line up) and go to the Dish. What are alternatives on the north part of the lake for Internet service? (we are 1.5 miles down river from Wind Creek)

Help, please.

Your opinions/suggestions severely appreciated.

7/30/2009 10:57:27 PM
*Internet Service - Maverick
I would bet if not in a Russell subdivision you are SOL. But that is just a guess.
7/30/2009 11:04:34 PM
*Internet Service - Nancy Christine II
I have satellite internet with Hughes Net. It's good service no problems that are on there end ever so far. However, Weather will pay a major role in reliability and you are bound by a daily Upload & Download restriction.

I think it's 80Gig a day.
7/31/2009 8:48:19 AM
*Internet Service - wix
CBS showed up on Charter HD last night. Seems they've swapped B'ham stations for Montgomery stations, at least in the Cadeville area. Haven't had a problem with Charter. You're right, they don't offer enough HD.
7/31/2009 12:57:15 PM
*Internet Service - bulldogus
No one offers enough HD stations.
We live in Dothan and have 3 different cable companies. Each company offers 2-4 stations at the most!
8/21/2009 3:20:03 PM
*Marine Police - Hadenuff
Just had my firt encounter with the Marine Police on Lake Martin. Wish I could say it was a pleasant experience but it was not. I was headed North toward Wind Creek and spotted the Marine Police boat headed in my direction, he turned and started directly toward me so about three to four hundred yards before we meet, I stopped and began the process of getting my drivers license and boat registration ready for review. He pulls up to my boat, circles once and stops. Of course he asked for my license and registration and I handed it to him. He then tells me that he is going to write a warning because "You were going to turn in front of me". I stated that I was not going to turn in front of you in fact I was stopped when you approached because it was apparent to me that you were headed my way and going to stop me. ( I was stopped when he turned on his blue lights) Long story short.. I was given a written warning for what I was "going" to do NOT what I did. This is a true case of harrassment and I hope a very isolated incident. I've never had anything but good to say about the job our Marine Police do however this youg man is a disgrace to his profession. Shame on him for not telling the truth!!
8/21/2009 3:29:29 PM
*Marine Police - CAT BOAT
Next time, tell us how you really feel.
8/21/2009 3:31:27 PM
*Marine Police - MrHodja
Suggest you email Gary (forum alias "Marine Police") with the details.
8/21/2009 4:53:43 PM
*Marine Police - Nancy Christine II
Aaaaa I would just let it go. The Game wardens did about the same thing to me one day. They get board to y'a know,,,they need something to do other than ride around the lake all day. I tell you, if he were harassing you, you would have a court date right now. Ya know?

Or, try not to look so suspicious next time :)
8/21/2009 5:00:22 PM
*Marine Police - CAT BOAT
Hadenough does kinda look like a hoodlem.
8/21/2009 5:11:35 PM
*Marine Police - Nancy Christine II
Yea that is what I meant by that comment.
Looking like a old thug chick as I do or a hoodlum like he does, well, that will get you stopped every time I think. LOL
8/21/2009 5:19:13 PM
*Marine Police - CAT BOAT
Marine Police might shoot you on site. LMAO... ROFLMAO.....

Heather, you know I am kidding you.
8/21/2009 5:39:58 PM
*Marine Police - Nancy Christine II
Awww gezzzz, I know you are Cat...

Humm, but for every jest, there is a hidden truth. So,I had better duck next time I am on the lake and see a MP cruiser go by. "Yikes"
8/21/2009 6:33:28 PM
*Marine Police - Ulysses E. McGill
I'm glad this guy didn't come up when it was pretending to drive your boat....I may have gotten a BUI for slurring my motor sound imitations.
8/21/2009 6:52:42 PM
*Marine Police - Nancy Christine II
No he would have got you on the "You delayed my flight charge" when your were his PIC on the last vacation he took
8/21/2009 7:44:13 PM
*Hadenuff>>> - Mack
good advice about contacting Gary.
8/21/2009 7:47:16 PM
*Mack - cstewa
Hey Mack...I sent you an email...just wondering if you received it?
8/21/2009 7:49:32 PM
*But a good story - alahusker
8/21/2009 7:56:36 PM
*Marine Police - Capt M Brooks
People are entitled to the expression of their opinions and for the most part we don't participate in bulletin-board discussions about individual stops conducted by our officers. There is a time and place for that and in my experience getting into such a discussion on an internet forum is seldom productive. Hadenuff, if you would like to talk to me about your experience with our officers please feel free to call me Monday at (256) 329-2268. I have already spoken with the senior officer present during the stop and I plan to review the video over the weekend.

I will say that neither of the officers that were present when you were stopped are a "disgrace" to their profession. In fact, both officers are consummate professionals dedicated to doing a job that is often difficult and thankless. The citizens of Alabama and Lake Martin are lucky to have them on patrol.

Captain Matt Brooks
Alabama Marine Police
District 3 Supervisor
(256) 329-2268

8/21/2009 8:12:46 PM
*Marine Police - CAT BOAT
I'll bet that is the end of this thread! :o
8/23/2009 9:17:43 PM
*Nope - roswellric
that's just begging for an argument. What a mistake....
8/21/2009 8:16:06 PM
*Marine Police - Hadenuff
Capt. Brooks, thanks for your reply. I agree that posting on the forum is not the best response but at the time I was a little upset. I welcome you to review the tape and may I suggest that you have the officer present when you do the review and if you think it would be productive, I would like to be present as well. If you determine that in fact I was guilty of ANYTHING I will be glad to make a donation equilivent to the cost of the ticket to your favorite charity. I will call you Monday and we can discuss.
Again thanks for your input.

8/21/2009 8:41:55 PM
*Marine Police - CAT BOAT
Hadenough....... You swimmin' in some dangerous waters. You got your life jacket on? I hope so, cause your kill switch d@mn sure ain't hooked up.
8/21/2009 8:51:43 PM
*Marine Police - Nancy Christine II
Man,,, I know Cat, Was trying to dis-arm this thread to.
Some like it hot I guess.
8/21/2009 10:13:41 PM
*Marine Police - Feb
Cat, your post is certainly deserving of a Bigfoot Award as a "Clasic".
8/21/2009 11:03:08 PM
*Kudos to Officer Brooks - Maverick
Have to say a very professional response on an open forum as Officer Brooks could have just avoided the issue entirely and keep it a private matter.

So all I have to say to Matt, is kudos and keep up the great work and if you ever see a maroon with tan interior Bennington pontoon boat flying down the lake please pull me over as I would like to personally shake your hand for a job well done and not just on this matter. I have met both Johnny and Mark, both on the water and off and have to say these are fine officers as well.

Do not get me wrong Hadenuff, I have to agree with you, always 2 sides to every story and also I think your offer for a charitable contribution is also a very gentlemanly offer to make if found in the wrong by Officer Brooks.
8/21/2009 11:52:49 PM
* Officer Brooks - GoneFishin
This is a very active forum and you and Officer Gary's paticipation is really appreciated by all of us. This incident can be a learning experience for all of us or a wake up call to you and your staff. Thank you for thinking outside the box and offering to conduct the review. There are always 2 sides and mediating the situation wil give a level of confidence that the laws are being enforced fairly on Lake Martin.

While I realize you may not be able to post the results, I certainly hope Hadenuff will.
8/22/2009 6:50:48 PM
*I agree, and thanks - Ulysses E. McGill
to Capt Brooks. I think he is running a tight ship and I believe he has listened to the reports of past problems. I witnessed some questionable issues with the mp last summer, but nothing this this year and most reports are positive (including my own experiences).

I'm not taking sides on this particular issue, but I have confidence that Capt. Brooks will handle it well.
8/22/2009 8:36:54 PM
*One experience at the rock.. - alahusker
Issued a citation for expired registration by polite Marine Police (my wife's fault, she was supposed to have paid it.) I called Coosa County courthouse to ask what the fine was. The clerk asked if I had renewed the registration.. I said yes, she said fax the current one to her and forget the citation. The trauma was horrible..
8/23/2009 9:22:19 PM
Confused. This is not the place to discuss law enforcement disagreements with forum posters. It degrades the authority of the police. They should stay out of forums.
8/29/2009 3:46:54 PM
I think communication between law enforcement and the public is a very good thing.
8/22/2009 3:46:03 PM
*Marine Police - alahusker
You guys/gals need to know that most residents on Lake Martin..

A. Realize it's a difficult job.

B. Appreciate the fact you are true professionals.

C. Recognize the level of competence.. Cite Aquapalooza, 2009. How Y'all controlled that 'goat rope' without serious injury/fatality is remarkable.

AB&C also applies to the county cops and DNR people that patrol the lake..

8/25/2009 11:50:23 AM
*Marine Police - jwh445
Agreed on all points A, B, and C; but, I will add, as far as Aquapalooza goes, the participants need to be commended also, a gathering of that size, with no real big problems is the sign of a real team effort.

8/21/2009 9:53:17 PM
*Marine Police - MartiniMan
I would say I have had two significant experiences with the MP's in the last ten years on LM. One was not pleasant as they were responding to a whiney neighbor with crappy docks that come loose with a 3-inch wake. They were not pleasant but not unprofessional. My second experience was when my 15-year old daughter and her friend who went canoeing without life jackets despite being told they should always take them. The MP's brought them back, explained the law to us and then turned the girls loose. I think the girls were more afraid of me than the MP's and it showed. When they left they requested that I not be too hard on them as they were 15 once. Message received in a professional and courteous fashion.
9/5/2009 10:49:28 PM
*This is why you don't ask why. - Nancy Christine II
My husband is home after 4 months away. We decided to head out to the lake in the NC2 and stay on the lake over night. Well,after we put in @ Wind Creek I rounded the light house point and noted steam coming from the indicator holes on the engine. Well you know this is a dying water pump. So I turn us around and chug chug back trying not to push the engine to hard. All the way crying and moaning about why this always happens when I want to do something special and all that stuff you know how it is..

I call River North and they don't have one. The engine is a classic fat4 no one has it in stock. So I take it out of the water and head back home, and then rains starts.

Long story short, we drove to Chucks for dinner tonight and it was raining when we left and all the way back home till now.

The moral of the story is. If the water pump had not failed we would have been on the lake all night in the ran and the cabin windows leak. We would have been miserable and complaining. It's better we cut it short and had a great night rather than have stayed and had a mess of a night.
9/5/2009 10:57:25 PM
*This is why you don't ask why. - Ulysses E. McGill
Fate has a funny way of expressing itself at times....have a wonderful and dry evening at home, and I hope you get the NCII up and running again soon.

9/6/2009 9:14:50 AM
*This is why you don't ask why. - mariah1
Sorry for your bad luck, but sometimes things just seem to work out for the best. Maybe next weekend?
9/6/2009 11:06:38 AM
*This is why you don't ask why. - CAT BOAT
I'll bet B.J. at Clearwater has an Impeller. You should call her.
9/6/2009 11:35:30 AM
*This is why you don't ask why. - Nancy Christine II
Bj's sick at home, But I did have Greg check for me last night while I was at Chucks. The didn't have one either :( Guess I'll order one off line from marine parts Tuesday I guess. I just replaced that thing last year. To much WOT and Too high a trim in the Poker Run I guess. LOL
9/6/2009 12:54:38 PM
*This is why you don't ask why. - CAT BOAT
We recommend replacing every year. That way, you should be good to go for the entire summer. Most wait until they go out before replacing though.
9/13/2009 9:27:26 PM
*NC2 was on tv for a moment. - Nancy Christine II
Any one by any strange change record APT's "Alabama State Parks" episode tonight?

When they went to the Wind Creek segment there was the NC2 chugging by in the intro.

I would like to have a copy of that show.
I think it was shot the day of the Poker Run.
9/14/2009 9:56:10 AM
*NC2 was on tv for a moment. - green,ed
That show will air again 9/27/09 at 7:00 PM
9/14/2009 11:21:04 AM
*NC2 was on tv for a moment. - Nancy Christine II
Thanks Green Ed!!! Will set the DVR.
9/29/2009 10:54:51 AM
*3 Lakes Law Update - Capt M Brooks
Now that the Supreme Court has made its ruling on the “3 Lakes Law” and with the recent round of posts on this forum regarding that law we thought it might be a good idea to provide an overview and update to our activities regarding this particular statute.

In a nutshell, the law prohibits the following on Lake Martin:

1. Any vessel longer than 30’6”.
2. Any houseboat.
3. Any vessel longer than 26’11” that is capable of exceeding 60 m.p.h.

Category 1 and 2 can be “grandfathered” in providing the owner prove to the Marine Police Division that the particular vessel was in use on Lake Martin prior to July 1, 2006 or offered for sale at an adjacent marina or dealer prior to that same date. The vessel’s owner is required to make application for a lake usage permit that is renewable annually and pay the corresponding fee.
When the law was originally challenged in Montgomery County Circuit Court the Commissioner of our department made the decision that we would not begin enforcement of the law until that particular challenge was decided. Once the law was upheld we began addressing several issues with the law that would make it more prosecutable in court. At the same time we were resolving these issues we had to develop the permitting process called for in the law.

Once we felt like we had the major issues resolved and our permitting process in place, we distributed the “grandfather” applications to all of the marinas on Lake Martin and then began routinely making enforcement contacts of boats affected by this law.

To date, we have issued approximately 24 warnings, which we are required to do by law on the first offense. Of those 24 vessels, 22 were found to be eligible for “grandfathering” by our officers. We issued the first offense warning to the boat operator and gave them an application for Lake Usage Permit.

As of this writing our office in Montgomery has received 14 applications and so far we have issued 6 Lake Usage Permits for Lake Martin.

Over the Labor Day weekend we also ran radar in an enforcement capacity for the first time. The fastest boat we clocked during that weekend was found to be traveling 43 m.p.h.

From our point of view, this particular law is going to have a slower impact than some people might expect. For example, a great many of the “big” boats that you see on the lake are going to meet the “grandfathering” requirements. Boats up to 26’11” in length can still pretty much travel as fast as they want as long as they are not endangering themselves or other boaters. A 26-foot boat traveling 55 m.p.h. looks a lot bigger and faster than it actually is. Some of what gets reported to us with the speed issue is mistaken identification on the part of the complainant.

That being said, though, we did notice a drop-off in the larger “go-fast” type boat and the few that we did stop were either visiting from another state or had just purchased the boat and was not aware of the law.

We look to increase our enforcement in the coming months particularly in regard to the boats that should be grandfathered but don’t display the Lake Usage Permit Decals. We are maintaining a database by registration number of the boats that have been warned and if we see that boat a second time without the permit then a citation will be issued. If you have a boat that you feel meets the grandfathering requirements, you can pick up an application from any marina on the Lake or from our office here at Wind Creek State Park.

9/29/2009 11:22:07 AM
*3 Lakes Law Update - NautiqueFrk
I mailed in my form on August 3, 2009, and have not yet heard back form anyone. Also the check I sent in has not been cashed. Just wondering what is going on, picked up the form at the marina, like I was told to do by the management.
9/29/2009 11:39:14 AM
*Oh dear? 3 Lakes Law Update - Nancy Christine II
Hummm, what constitutes any House Boat? Is the SeaCamper going to be ban?
9/29/2009 12:33:10 PM
*Disregard - Nancy Christine II
Per our phone conversation this morning.
Thank you for your help in this matter Captain Brooks.

Heather Babecki.
9/29/2009 12:36:22 PM
*Isn't it... - crappyattitude
a camper? Not a houseboat? Just asking. : )

What about these pontoon houseboat... I mean campers?

Crappy : )

(just outside of Nashville)
9/29/2009 12:38:14 PM
*What about visitors... - crappyattitude
from out of state. Do ya'll just not want the financial enflux from out of state? What are the fines?

Crappy : )

(just outside of Nashville)
9/29/2009 2:28:32 PM
*Big boat idea - Summer Lover
When we get a big boat, we will just have CAT repower it to drive sideways - I read nothing that says there is a limit to your boat's beam....
9/29/2009 2:37:49 PM
*Big boat idea - GoneFishin
You been thinking too long. Imagine a boat with a 30 ft beam that is 12 feet long. Can see a YOU TUBE with the wake from that baby. Talk about moving some shorelines.
9/29/2009 2:41:40 PM
*Big boat idea - Summer Lover
Everybody can have a front seat, I imagine CAT can come up with the horsepower to part the water. I will give you a call when we launch. :-)
9/29/2009 10:08:34 PM
*3 Lakes Law Update - realfast64
So now you and my legislators tell me that my to large boat will only be grandfathered if i pay a fee. Where the h--- did that come from. Can you tell me of another GRANDFATHER FEE?
9/30/2009 12:24:37 PM
*3 Lakes Law Update - Capt M Brooks
The fee is an annual fee that the law allowed us to charge in order to cover the costs of printing materials and processing applications. The decals only need to be placed once, the permit will expire 12/31 each year and need to be renewed annually.

9/30/2009 6:15:16 AM
*3 Lakes Law Update - NautiqueFrk
I am still waiting on an answer to my topic. If the Marine Police are going to step up checking decals in the next month, then, when are they going to send the decal I applied for. I sent all the information, they needed as well as proof by Marina operators, that was reguired with the form, that my boat has been on the lake and have not heard back. On the form it said the turn around time is 2 weeks, I am now going on 7 weeks. As far as the fee, I figured it was part of the cost of making and mailing the decal. I really am not concerned about the cost. It just makes me mad when you do play by the rules, and do, what you are supposed too, nothing happens. I see where Capt. Brooks said 14 have applied and 6 decals have been issued, what's the hold up on the other 8? Anyway this is just my two cents worth, after I get the decal, it will be the last one I buy, because then I will be grandfathered in, as long as the decal does not rot away. When I get it I may have it encased in plastic and framed, so that it will be with me for life, just kidding. Hopefully I do not get pulled over and checked in the next few months, due to lack of a decal, for I somewhat could get extremly mad, since I have done the reguired steps, but either the marine Police are the State of Alabama is draging around.
9/30/2009 8:40:21 AM
*3 Lakes Law Update - head
What can we do to slow down the bass boats. We need to have a 30 mph law for every boat on the lake. We also need to have a 350' buffer zone on all boats that are under power and 150'for boats at the rock . We also need to outlaw pwcs that run over 25mph. We need to start thinking about safety
9/30/2009 7:53:00 PM
*3 Lakes Law Update - realfast64
don't fret it is on the way i am for the electric boats now.
10/1/2009 4:26:09 AM
*Agreed - Summer Lover
Now lets go after the Gen X and Gen Y's who play motocross on the PWC, the rednecks who are making noise before dawn running their bass boat's outboard, the tattooed freaks and jlazc :-)... out making monster waves to wakesurf on, and lock me up because I play music while on the boat. The only downside I can see to the electric boat idea is the huge amount of lead and acid that are just a leak away from being a hazmat cleanup on the lake. I think we all need to be more eco-friendly - time to launch the rowboats guys.
9/30/2009 12:42:21 PM
*MSD Inspections - Capt M Brooks
If you have a boat that is required to have an annual MSD inspection, you may now have the inspection done at a number of marinas on Lake Martin: River North Marina, Wind Creek State Park Marina, The Ridge Marina, Anchor Bay Marina and Kowaliga Marina. There may be more that have completed the training but that's the most recent list I have.

You are no longer required to have an MSD inspection done by a marine police officer. Personnel at the above-mentioned facilities have undergone training and certification by our Division to conduct these inspections.

Please keep in mind that MSD decals expire on 9/30 annually and that a fee is now charged for the annual inspection.
9/30/2009 1:15:41 PM
*MSD Inspections - 4lakelivn
I haven't had my boat a year yet, so I don't know if I need a MSD inspection or not. I've tried to figure out the initials, but give up and ask "what does a MSD insprection inspect. Just so I know if I need to get the boat inspected or not.
9/30/2009 1:36:31 PM
*MSD Inspections - roswellric
That would be a Marine Sanitation Device. In other words the built-in holding tank for the potty.
10/31/2009 9:52:07 PM
*Thanks Cat Boat!!!!! - fishinwhits
We waited to the skys to start clearing this afternoon,and they did.My wife "Clita" and I left Wind Creek,and made a run up Elkahatchee Creek, as far as the bridge on #63.
Wind had laid,Blue skies breaking thru,and so peaceful.Just easing along looking at the Fall foilage.Very enjoyable evening.
That's Steve for the service I received from Cathouse Marine.
The Johnson run perfect.Hats off to you and your crew!! Tony in Opelika,Al.
10/31/2009 10:20:41 PM
*My pleasure.... - CAT BOAT
I am glad everything works well. Did you correct your cavitation problem? Also, I need to get with you and make an offer on your left over/old parts and items. We will talk soon. Thanks for the kind words. You are much appreciated. Enjoy yourself and your family.

12/9/2009 9:13:28 PM
*anyone catching stripe - Procraft176
around the wind creek area, or anywhere else? Not too much going on around the forum lately.
12/10/2009 12:06:48 PM
*anyone catching stripe - stripernut
Had a guide trip yesterday. Marked lots of fish in the Wind Creek and Camp Alamasco area in the a.m., but no bites. The wind was blowing about 20 and the water was muddy. We later fished mid-lake in relatively clear water and picked up 4 fish to 10 lbs. With yesterday's conditions I felt lucky to catch that many.

Tight Lines!

12/11/2009 8:49:55 AM
*anyone catching stripe - Mountain Man
Hey Wes,

The lake must have really been rocking on Wednesday! I went yesterday on the Kowaliga end and picked up three 10 pounders by trolling big plugs. I was using light tackle and didn't have a net man. Things got real interesting when I hit a double. Glad nobody was there to film that Chinese fire drill.

See later manos amigo.
12/11/2009 10:01:43 PM
*anyone catching stripe - Aardvark
By the Kowaliga end, do you mean Big Kowaliga, Little Kowaliga, or the basin?
12/14/2009 8:31:57 AM
*anyone catching stripe - Mountain Man
Contrary to everything we hear, not all the stripes head upriver at this time of year. Over the last couple of years we've been able to locate some 'lost tribes' in and around the Kowaliga basin. While their numbers are not nearly so strong as they are near Wind Creek, there are still fish to catch.
Since the schools are so scattered, I troll to cover a large area and locate them. Start near the golf course and use your electronics. Good luck.
12/14/2009 5:36:48 PM
*anyone catching stripe - Procraft176
Thanks for the input guys, I may get up that way this weekend. With all of this Christmas shopping and all,it makes it hard on a fellow to get out. :0
12/13/2009 9:46:16 AM
*anyone catching stripe - Procraft176
Stripernut, I come by your office Friday morning a little after 8,no one was in. I'll try to get back over there soon. I am an electrician and we have been swamped with work lately. I have been hearing alot about the Kowliga area lately, not only on the forum, but outside of it to. Is there anything to this? Klint
12/14/2009 12:33:03 PM
*anyone catching stripe - stripernut
Friday morning one of my Ph.D. students defended his dissertation, that's why you couldn't find me as I was in the conference room. I rarely fish the Kowaliga end, but I have buddies that do, and they catch fish (see Mountain Man's post above).

Fished on SCARAB MAN's boat yesterday in the fog, and the bite was pretty good up until about 11. We caught 7 (8-10 lbs) before noon and released all but 2. All were caught on mid-lake humps downlining shad. We also had a bunch of knockdowns and missed fish. Wish I was out there today, should be awesome.

Tight Lines!

12/14/2009 5:38:27 PM
*Little Kowaliga - Aardvark
I still want to hear some encouraging reports about stripes up my end of the lake. Surely they will occasionally stray up my way, or at least part of the way.
2/9/2010 10:40:27 AM
*Public Ramps - mikef61
My bass club is coming this weekend from Atlanta and we are looking for another public ramp since Wind Creek will be slammed by the BFL tournament. I heard there is another ramp up the river past the railroad crossing on the left. I cannot find it on the map and don't know the name of it. Could anyone give us some assistance. Thanks...
2/9/2010 11:04:33 AM
*Public Ramps - stripernut
I think you're talking about the Alex City Boat Ramp. I don't use this ramp, but from my map it looks like you turn off 280 onto Coley Creek Road, then turn right onto Stow Ferry Road. Alex City Ramp is at end of Stow Ferry Rd. Good Luck.

Tight Lines!

2/9/2010 11:25:34 AM
*Public Ramps - mikef61
Thank you guys. I looked on Bing aerial view and found the ramp. Appreciate all your I know the name and can alert the others to load into their GPS. STAY WARM and good fishing.
2/9/2010 11:11:52 AM
*Public Ramps - Maverick
The boat ramp you are talking about is called the Alexander City Boat Ramp and sometimes referred to as Coley Creek Road Boat Ramp. It is off Highway 280 on Coley Creek Road. Just go down Coley Creek road from Highway 280 and you will see a Boat Ramp sign about 1 mile or so from Highway 280 on your right. Proceed through the neighborhood, after you turn right off of Coley Creek Road about another mile or less and you will run into the boat ramp.

4/10/2010 10:56:19 PM
*If any one needs - Nancy Christine II
to chat, I shall be at the north end of the lake in the morning doing some boat to boat video of the finished and Restored SeaRay SRV-190 we just sent home. If you have some fiberglass repair needs or restoration questions maybe? Or you want to chat. Look for the NC-2 around the Bay Pines, Young's,Island- Wind creek area in the morning. Flag me down.... or 256-404-1330

Captain of the Nancy Christine II
4/17/2010 8:12:50 PM
*Very interesting thing happened today - Nancy Christine II
But it's all my fault. The NC2 has a old 1976 Evinrude 135 on her. I keep her tuned and listen by ear but I have no engine interments hooked up. So I never saw the engine temp coming up. By time I felt it the damage was done but the culprit made it decisive and unfix able on the water. And it was something I had never seen happen before.

I put in at Wind Creek today as I always do. I was rounding the light house and I saw steam coming from the pee holes. I thought What the Heck??? I just put that pump in the other week. I lift the drive and I somehow snagged a trash bag in the water had warped around my drive. This led to a dry pump, then a burnt water pump. I needed to get to shore for mine and my dads safety. I would let the boat sink if need be, but my dad is my priority in the boat and on the water. The wind was blowing us away from land and populated land at that. SO, I voluntarily blew a head gasket "Cooed it" to get to shore and make sure my dad would be safe and not adrift.

Long story short.

Watch for plastic jelly fish bags in the lake looking to snag your out drive. All ended up well, we made it home after some mechanical wizardy and the grace of God. I have milled the head and just need a impeller and a gasket and all is as it was.

Just a strange story that you cant make up I wanted to share with you all. Talk about a blind side-er.
4/18/2010 5:26:42 PM
Put the milled head on and a pump, Ran like a charm today As a mater of fact. I think it runs better than it ever did. Any way- watch for bags just below the surface in the water if you can.

4/18/2010 8:55:46 PM
*Very interesting thing happened today - Procraft176
Man.... that's a bummer.I try to keep an eye on mine ever now and then, but just like u said, turn away for a minute and wallah. I am thinking about putting a pressure gauge on mine so all I have to do is glance down to see whats going on. That sort of thing can happen anywhere at anytime. Glad to see u got her back going.
4/19/2010 12:14:01 AM
*Very interesting thing happened today - Nancy Christine II
Well you know, I have the temp alarm wires but I don't,, Or should I say "did not have them hooked to any thing". I put a buzzer in today, I need a guage. Fool me once shame on me thing you know.

But yea, It was just something I had never thought could or would happen. I had never heard of it happening before. It was crazy and weard... The north end of the lake is full of all kinds of trash logs and pollen in the main channels. Not sure about the south end.

4/19/2010 10:00:45 PM
*You keep on... - CAT BOAT
You keep cuttin' them heads on that 34 year old 135 and you gonna end up with a race motor! You'll have the compression so high Mav and Eullysista will be tryin' to buy it for the pontoon race! Truth be known, MAV prolly put that bag out there for John to find! :o
4/19/2010 10:23:27 PM
*keep on.. And CAT will fix it when I can't anymore - Nancy Christine II
I know Cat. It's punching 130-128 now. LOL Before long I will need your services to get the Air-Fuel right just to run. A 1976 Evinrude 135 Super charger Blown Police Interceptor Outboard,,,, I like the sound of all that in one breath!

And you know, you may be right about the Toon race & the trash bag. That is the area they were talking about running back from. On the way back it would have looked like a strange and unfortunate accident...

The question is. Who was it meant for and who laid it. And could I be a scout agent to look for boob-ey traps! Or was I a Guinea pig of the Toon race powers that be???

Dummm daaa dummm!!!!!!
4/19/2010 10:52:49 PM
*I told you before... - Ulysses E. McGill
that Mav was cheatin'!!

4/20/2010 12:24:42 AM
*I told you before... - Nancy Christine II
I think you did it Ulysses. I mean,,,, It was a Delta Airlines Barf Bag. But I could be mistaken. I was know to be wrong once. I think old Mav is getting setup here.
4/20/2010 1:18:30 AM
*I told you before... - Ulysses E. McGill
Proves my point...barf bags are made of paper. Only an impostor would try and make a plastic bag look like a barf bag.
4/20/2010 2:16:45 PM
*I told you before... - Nancy Christine II
Ummm now that you mention it, I did note the logo was done in Crayons and magic marker ink.
4/20/2010 10:11:15 AM
*I told you before... - Maverick
Cheating never competative advantage always. Watch out for the newly created sandbars and the underwater mines I borrowed from Feb. If I were you I would not go anywhere near Ulysses's slough.
4/20/2010 10:47:04 AM
*I told you before... - BigFoot
>> Ulysses's slough<< ....hmmm..take out the Uly and lough and you have sses's s record for s's !
4/20/2010 3:14:32 PM
*Hey foot - Summer Lover
I thought the weather was good, and that you would be outside..... Get away from the computer, and no need to count - when the cold drinks stockpile hits "no more closed cardboard in the fridge" reorder point - order more.
4/20/2010 3:39:17 PM
*Hey foot - BigFoot
...point well taken, SL...I am now backing away from the 'puter...cold drinks secured...headed to the great outdoors...feel better already...wooo there goes a bird..
6/13/2010 3:37:31 PM
*waverunners!!!! - windcreekpolecat
we were camping at wind creek and this past friday and had the worst scare of our lives...a waverunner was out 600 feet from shore cutting doughnuts and acting crazy when the rider lost control, fell off and the jet ski DID NOT shut off (kill switch failed!) came toward the campground at approximatly 10-15 MPH and went right between small children swimming and anchored boats....i think waverunners are great, but please consider other people and their childrens safety whether they are swimming in the area or boating and make SURE the FREAKING kill switch works!!!
6/13/2010 5:33:06 PM
*waverunners!!!! - CAT BOAT
Part of normal maintanance and launch please check your kill switch.
6/13/2010 9:26:21 PM
*waverunners!!!! - willallie
and if killswitch is not attached to person, it will not work if you fall off. Not excusing behavior of people, but if you don't wear it...makes no difference.

Quite frankly, just came in from boatride....8:00 p.m., saw a boat with no lights towing a float. Before we docked, there was a red light on front but no back lights.

There are just some dumb idiots on the lake.

7/11/2010 10:20:24 PM
*USCG at wind creek this weekend. - Nancy Christine II
I got my USCG inspection on the Event Horizon and passed with flying colours YEAAAAAAAAAAAa!!!!!!!
I think this is a great service they do. Every one should at least see what they may need and get it done. You often think you think of every thing,  but some times we over look things.
 I had been wanting to get this done since this vessel is a new to me boat and I am still working out the bugs.

Talk about walking on cloud 9er yesterday!
I was told,  I was the most prepared skipper they had seen yet on Saturday.
:) Put a huge smile on my face for sure!

These 2 young men did a great and through inspection! THANKS, to the USCG Auxiliary
7/12/2010 1:52:37 AM
*USCG at wind creek this weekend. - Capt M Brooks

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary folks were at Wind Creek to participate in an organizational meeting for the Lake Martin chapter of the Sea Scouts that was held at our District office. The flotillas out of Columbus, Georgia and Montgomery have assisted us in the past and we have requested their help again at Aquapalooza on the 24th.

They are a super nice bunch of folks and we are glad to have them on Lake Martin.
7/12/2010 6:21:45 PM
*USCG at wind creek this weekend. - Nancy Christine II
Yes they are a great bunch of folks!
It's great to see them here and good to know they will be assisting you guys "Alabama Marine Police"
for the up coming event. 

11/7/2010 12:10:53 PM
*Is wind creek state park pier getting worse...? - hed

for crappie fishing?

One year ago, I went to the pier for crappie fishing. could catch at least 6-7 summer or fall. But this year, i went to the ppier several times ,  only bad results.......

Where can i still go for bank fising?? desperately fing fishing spots,,,,,,,  west point ,lake martin,  montgomery coosa reiver,   ---------------, small parks,..............., as an auburn fisher,   it's hard to find a nice spot nearby,  

----10-0  , tiger , go,   war damn eagle
11/7/2010 6:26:31 PM
*Is wind creek state park pier getting worse...? - HARRY
I was gonna volunteer my pier but you typed a few words too many.
11/9/2010 12:12:30 AM
*Is wind creek state park pier getting worse...? - hed

Oh, I don't konw words matter :)

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