Cherokee Bluffs Dam Railroad Trail

(Trail near Lake Martin)

Alternate Name(s): Forever Wild Trail









The trail follows the old railroad bed that was built in the early 1920's and used in the construction of Martin Dam. You can follow either the Highline or Lowline railroads and proceed to the highest point in Elmore County: Saddle Rock Mountain.

The old railroad bed went from Kent, AL to build Martin Dam. The railroad was built in 1923 solely for the construction of Martin Dam by Alabama Power Company. It connected to the B&SE Railroad that went from Tallassee, AL to Eclectic, AL. When the dam was completed in 1926, the railroad was completely dismantled and the land reverted back to the landowners.

The railroad consisted of a low-line railroad that was approximately 6 miles long and a high-line railroad that was approximately 1 mile long. The trail will eventually use 4.3 miles of the lowline railroad bed and about one half (1/2) mile of the highline railroad bed. The low-line railroad trail initially will be only 2.7 miles one way until a bridge can be built across Channahatchee Creek, then it will increase to 4.3 miles and a parking lot and trailhead at both ends.



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