4325 Al Highway 128
Alex City, AL 35010

Archery Range at Wind Creek Rules

  1. Use only target or field pointed arrows. (Broadhead, blunt point and razor tipped are prohibited.)
  2. Point a loaded bow exclusively at the target in your shooting lane. (Never nock, draw, or release an arrow when someone is downrange.)
  3. Always check to make sure downrange is clear before shooting. (Always be absolutely sure that the path to the target and beyond is clear.)
  4. Retrieve arrows only when the shooting line is clear and safe. (All archers will retrieve arrows at the same time.)
  5. There will be absolutely no intoxicants allowed at the range or surrounding area. (This applies to shooters or observers. Violators will be barred from the facility.)
  6. Absent specific rules all shooters will follow generally accepted safety standards, use good common sense, and treat fellow archers with RESPECT. (Shooters who endanger public safety will be prosecuted)
Latitude: 32.861067    Longitude: -85.935564
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