Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)

(Bridge at Lake Martin)









This bridge spans Blue Creek on the east side of Lake Martin. Because of the height of this bridge, boat travel is limited east of Highway 49 into blue creek.

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7/28/2011 1:13:34 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - kdietz

Can anyone tell me the average clearance for the Blue Creek Bridge.  Need to know if my 23 ft. Chapaarral Sunesta will fit under.
7/28/2011 1:41:14 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Kizma Anuice
My 22 foot Scarab will with a foot to spare, so your 23 footer should go. 
If it does not pull the plug until it rides low enough
7/28/2011 1:44:33 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Summer Lover
Be sure to stow your stern light before you go under, or it will assume a lower profile than is legal - watched someone do that from The Cove/BBQ Hut several years back...
7/28/2011 2:41:21 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - roswellric
If I were you I would put the boat in and.... You might try calling ALDOT since it is a state HWY. They should know...
7/28/2011 3:01:02 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Old Crappie

I believe there is a 52 inch clearance at full pool.
7/28/2011 3:29:16 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Nancy Christine II
I know a few pontoons that got decapitated going under.
7/28/2011 4:28:43 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - muddauber
Fomby's had rented pontoon boats for years withou problems.  Never rented one, so don't know if they put the top down or did not have a top. 
I've had numerous clients get thru with no problems. Obviously a fixed top, ski pole, etc is a problem. 

Just glad this is an issue at all and the lake is pretty full. 
7/28/2011 6:56:06 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - mckaygmc
I have a chapp. 20ft. It will fit without the Tower...Anything above the windshield wont go under.
7/30/2011 10:43:01 AM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - greycove
Grab a measuring tape. High water stain is quiet visible on all the pillars. Of course, lake rarely at full pool, as everyone knows. I can almost always count on the lake being down at least foot or so for most of the summer. Think the 52 inch height mentioned above at full pool is very close. I an emergency, I always have the option of inviting few fat friends (me and other men of course) to join us if there is a question.
1/14/2016 9:31:48 AM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - yarbroughtiger

Good morning,

I've got a 233 Chaparral Sunesta which I need to be able to get under the bridge routinely this summer. The boat manual specifications indicate a bridge clearance of 5'-3", which is completley empty, i.e. no people, equipment, or gas. I've measured 5' myself - that was with 3 adults on board - not sure how much gas at the time. I've been told that the bridge has approximatley 5' of clearance - I've not measured it myself yet. Might anyone be able to tell me whether or not I'm going to clear the bridge? If not, has anyone ever considered using water ballast to lower this size boat to make it under? Thanks in advance for any insight!


7/18/2016 4:25:44 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Blue Creek

I have a 21 ft Caravelle deck boat and we have to put the top down and take the flag pole down but we have never had a problem with the lake as high as 4 inches below full pool.  A word of caution; watch for waves from other boats!!!  You need to time it so you can get all the way through before the waves hit you.  That would be heartbreaking.  I've had a few close calls with waves.  I have seen older pontoon boats go under it also.  I'm trying to get in touch with my state representative to see what the chances are that they would replace the bridge with an arch-type bridge giving us more clearance.  This would obviously increase the property values of the lots east of the bridge.  I'm sure there are no plans for this but maybe if enough people were to contact state reps it might happen.  The only problem is the bridge does appear to be in good condition.  Also, some of the property owners east of the bridge may not want it higher because it does limit the boat traffic on that part of the lake.

7/18/2016 5:26:00 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - MartiniMan

We had a friend with a house near the bridge and I think you might be surprised how many people like the restricted traffic in that area, maybe more than one would think.  Having said that, I agree having better access to that area would iprobably ncrease property values somewhat.  We could never get in there with our boat and had to park at the nearby marina when we visited them by boat.  Most often we just drove to their house.

7/18/2016 5:54:21 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Samdog

Little Steele bridge go replace with a higher one which benefitted only one property owner. So obviously it is who you know.

7/18/2016 6:20:07 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Aardvark

Getting through the culvert pipe that used to be Little Steel Bridge.  Now THAT was an adventure!  

7/18/2016 6:30:58 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - rwells82

I thought the same thing about property values when I moved in to our lake place east of the bridge 8 years ago. Now, I would probably scrape and paint any rust spots on the bridge to keep it in great shape. I enjoy the lighter traffic on our side of the bridge, and don't want it changed. I would only write the congressman to tell him how many other road/transportation issues need to be repaired long before this bridge. 

7/18/2016 8:20:52 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Lifer

I have written about that bridge a couple of times.  It has a very storied past.  Search the site for 49 bridge and gas tax, maybe gasoline tax. I can't cut and paste on the forum or I would search it for you and post the link.  Maybe goofy will see this and do it.  He is known for dragging old posts out.  Anyway that is history, as to the present and immediate future  I seriously doubt anything more than last year's upgrades to the guard rails will be done in the forseable future. It was declared deficient back I  the 80's. I have been under that bridge and would not say it is in good shape. I was shocked when they added the extra concrete to the guard rails. I hope they used light wight concrete because after going under it I hold my breath every time I go over it. 

7/18/2016 8:46:01 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - HARRY

That bridge will be there just as it is when we are all gone.

7/20/2016 8:29:49 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - Jester

I live on the east side of the Highway 49 bridge. It has always been nice over here until last year when we seem to hae been deluged by big waves coming from unnamed boats.  This year is worse because Skiers now launches their boats behind the lodge and most of these people using/testing these boats have no idea what they are doing and don't care if they are throwing up BIG waves.  Over the last two holdiay weekends we were getting waves over the seawall. Many of the boaters will come as close as 20' to our floating pier. I guess it is a part of living on the water (as some say).  I wish the water would go back up.

7/18/2016 8:48:35 PM
*Hey Lifer - GoneFishin

Is this it??

If you ever pay attention to the bridge as you go under it, you will never want to go over it again!!  It is in really bad shape.  Back in the late 80's or so, our benevolent politicians got a report on about 75-80 bridges (can't remember exact number) that were in poor shape and a threat for catastrophic failure.  Politicians being what they are immediately set about using that scare tactic to increase the gasoline tax by 5 cents.    One of the most remarkable propaganda ploys was of course, "think of the children crossing these unsafe death traps on school buses".  They made grandiose promises of all the new bridges complete with spectacular architectural drawings of most.  Coincidentally  there didn't seem to be a single area of the state that didn't have one of these bridges.  That was important because the new tax had to go to statewide vote for approval.  The HWY 49 bridge was on the list.  It was to be replaced by a beautiful raised bridge that all boats would go under.  Of course property values skyrocketed on the east side and a lot of new development sprung up.

Well politicians being what they are, the ink was barely dry on the ballots when they put out a 'revised' list.  Revised all the way down to about a dozen or so.  Once again, coincidentally I'm sure, it seems the most unsafe bridges were all near where the most powerful politicians called home.  So here we are 25-30 years later still paying the nickel a gallon tax, and children still crossing these death traps in school buses all over the state.

As Paul Harvey would say, "that's the rest of the story".

7/18/2016 9:10:42 PM
*I knew you could do it. - Lifer

Did you only get the one hit?   I think I have related that story twice but that says it all.  But of course that was about the same time that the Alabama Highway Dept was rated the most corrupt government agency I  the country.  Wanna hear about the interstate lights? 

7/19/2016 5:03:45 AM
*Hey Lifer - Blue Creek

I hear ya about the gas tax.  It seems they only raise taxes.  Never heard of them lowering gas taxes.  I guess I'll just learn to get along with the bridge.  I can get under it in my boat and that's what matters to me.  I can access the lake from my property but I would just like to have a little larger boat to ride around the lake.  I too enjoy the low amount of boat traffic.  The nice thing about the bridge is you don't see very many wakeboard boats over there.

7/19/2016 1:00:10 PM
*Hey Lifer - realfast64

 These stories amaze me!!  The most corupt gov agency? In the country? The defence. rating?  All new to me and i am a 30yr aldot vet. 

 The 49 bridge at blue creek was and prob. still is one of the safest in this division/region.  I am interested in some of your back ground in bridge inspection.

  Think about the price for replacing this bridge. Two marinas one resturant and the first Condo/ multi famly home. Which two bussinesses are you suggesting the state purchase? When this brige is raised the the ROW increases. Why, because the roadbed prisim will increase. That means more ROW ( right of way) will be requred to replace the bridge.  Then you have the price for improving the detour that will be required during construction.Which will mean total rehab of barrons bridge road from 50 to 34. Then improvement of 34/49 intersection. 

  I'm betting it aint gona happen for a long time. 8-10 years would be the soonest it could/would happen if it did.

7/19/2016 2:19:23 PM
*Two names - Lifer

Butte and Billingsley.  Your 30 years puts you starting at the end of their rein. Google may not go back far enough to find all the ink used to write about them.

7/20/2016 10:26:34 AM
*Two names - realfast64

 The name is Butts and yes the wallace administration.  We dont have to go back 30yrs to find coruption. Just travel a few miles up 280 to co road 40 the travle to alexander city hall 125,000.00 missing there.

My point is man can and will never be able to govern theirselfs!

7/20/2016 11:43:15 AM
*Two names - Lifer

Nobody said you had to go back 30 years it's not been 30 days since Hubbard was convicted of 12 felonies.  I made the point that at one time the AL DOT was rated MOST corrupt,  not the only corrupt.  Yes Jimmy was the guy in charge but his buddy/partner randy was right there with him,  not to mention his son,  the racing team,  and the highway lighting company(I forget it's name),  just to name a few of the major players.  I grew up in Childers burg and knew them well. Your response made it seem like you were refuting the assertion of their dubious record. I didn't make the claim just restated it.

Now do tell,  if man can't govern themselves who the he'll is supposed to?  A nice benevolent dictator I suppose.  Did you vote for Obama both times?

7/30/2016 1:15:44 PM
*Comment on "Hwy 49 Bridge (Blue Creek Bridge)" - krtracker

forget it..... it was tried about 25 years ago, not going to happen. people who live in that bay like it that way. its a great jet ski area. state claimed it was way too exspensive to justify the cost just for boating.


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